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Treasured Family Photos

Generation 3 - No. 6:

Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer - Grandfather

Proposed photo
Life Events:
 Birth:   19-Mar-1891 - (Unknown), Collin, TX
Death:   22-May-1945 - Kingsville, Kleberg, TX
Burial:   Chamberlain Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleberg, TX
 Married:    xx-xxx-1910
                     - (Unknown), Collin, TX
                     - Angie Whitson

Children:   i Alla Gene (Jean) Boyer (Roberts)
 ii Calvin Layfette Boyer
iii Charles Hudson Boyer

Parents: Wiley Freiland Boyer
Justin Louvenia Williams

Siblings: Mary Frances Boyer (Gerron) -
b. 31-Aug-1870 d. 1929

James Monroe"Bud" Boyer -
b. 20-Feb-1872 d. 28-Nov-1950

Laura Ann Boyer (Streetman) -
b. 06-Jan-1874 d 02-Oct-1931

Sarah Margaret Boyer -
Feb. 1876-Feb. 19, 1959

Miles Burris Boyer -
Feb 14, 1878-Dec. 3, 1938

M. Effie Boyer -
1879-1881 - died in infancy

Tom B. Boyer -
b.14-Oct-1881 - d. 16-Nov-1955

L. (Lennie) C. Boyer -
b. 28-Sep-1883 d. 18-Nov-1944

John Leslie Boyer -
b. ??-Aug-1887 d. 22-Dec-1971

M. Effie Boyer -
b. 19-Aug-1889-died at birth (Effie #2)

Dottie Boyer -
died at birth

Lettie Boyer -
died at birth

Collective Family memory

Currently researching data regarding
Ballard's siblings and marriage date. If you have
information to share, please contact L.W. Roberts


           The exact date of Ballard's marriage to Angie Whitson is somewhat in question. They "ran away" to be married. The Marriage did not have the approval of either set of parents, and there was "bad blood" over their union for several years. Angie and Ballard enjoyed approximately 35 years of married life before his early death (massive cardio-vascular infarct) at age 55, in 1945. Angie never remarried.

          Ballard and Angie lived in Kingsville, Texas during their entire marriage. Ballard owned a barber shop (on 5th Street) and worked as a barber until his death in 1945. They never owned a home during that time.

          Ballard Boyer had 11 siblings: James Monroe Boyer, Mary Boyer Gurren, Laura Boyer, Miles Burros Boyer, Sarah Boyer Rosten, Tom Boyer, Lennie Boyer Johnson, John Lesly(ie) Boyer, and three who died in infancy (Lettie, Dolly and Effie).