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Generation 5 - No. 24:
Saunders Whitson - GG Grandfather

Parents: Father - William Whitson
Mother - Delania (Unknown)

No Photo Available
Life Events:
 Birth:   1830, Cocke, TN Death:   "prior to the Civil War abt. 1861"
Burial:  Unknown
 Married:    xx-xxx-1850s
                     - Place
                     - Elizabeth Jane Allen

  1. Louis Franklin Whitson
  2. Wilburn (Winz) Allen Whitson

Siblings: (Unknown)

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Saunders, not shown in the 1860 census (died just before the Civil War), Married Elizabeth Jane Allen in the late 1850s. They had two sons, Louis Franklin Whitson and Wilburn Whitson.

Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Allen (Whitson) then took the boys and lived with her Sister, Nancy, where they remained until the war was over. Nancy Allen (Weaver) was the Mother of John Weaver.

Russell Allen, Father to Elizabeth and Nancy, took Elizabeth (Betty) and the boys into their home in Cleveland, Tennessee, where the boys grew up. They knew little of the Whitson Kin. Wilbur was called "Winz" Allen.

When the Grandparents (Russell Allen and his wife - unknown) passed on (abt. 1890), a copy of a deed, executed 30-Jun-1887, leaves a description of the property, and states as follows:

"This Indenture made and entered into, between Russell Allen, of the first part, and Elizabeth Jane Whitson, of the second part - witnesseth that for, and in consideration of the Love and Affection and other good and valuable considerations, have this day bargained and sold in fee simple unto Elizabeth Jane Whitson, 60 acres of land more or less, lying in Bradley County Tennessee -- (not to take effect until my death) , and that I have a right to convey the same -- unencumbered unto my Daughter Elizabeth Jane Whitson... I have here unto set my hand and seal on the day and date written" - Russell Allen (This deed was written in longhand.)