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Generation 5 - No. 26:
John Williams - GG Grandfather

Parents: Father - (Name Unknown)
Mother - (Name Unknown)
No Photo Available
Life Events:
 Birth:   07-Feb-1811 - KY Death:   13-Dec-1888 - Altoga, Collin, TX
Burial:   Stiff Chapel Cemetery - Altoga, Collin, TX
 Married:    28-Jan-1847
                     - Jasper Co., MO
                     - (1) Rebecca (unknown)
                     - (2) Mary Burris

Gravestones: John Williams
                       Mary Burris
Children (1):
Rebecca (unknown)

Children (2):
Mary Burris
  1. unknown
  2. unknown
  3. unknown
  4. unknown
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. unknown

  8. Elizabeth "Bettie Williams
  9. Sarah Williams
  10. Justin Louvenia Williams
  11. Angeline "Anna" Williams
  12. Prudence "Prudy" Williams
  13. Miles Burris Williams
  14. Margaret Ellen Williams
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Siblings: Unknown

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          Both John and Mary had been previously married and had children by their previous spouses. John had seven children by his previous wife Rebecca (unknown), Mary had seven children by her previous husband Isaac Crabtree.

          John and Mary together, also went on to have seven children, making for a large extended family. They moved from Missouri to Collin county, Texas in the early 1850s, settleing about 8 miles northeast of McKinney, in a small town then called Altoga, Texas. They bought land in 1852 and kept the land until their deaths. John died Dec. 13, 1888 and Mary died June 15, 1892. Both were buried in Stiff Chapel Cemetery.