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Generation 5 - No. 25:
Elizabeth Jane Allen - GG Grandmother

Parents: Father - Russell Allen
Mother - (Name Unknown)

No Photo Available
Life Events:
 Birth:   xx-Jun-1836 Death:   Unknown
Burial:  Unknown
 Married:    abt. 1856
                     - Place
                     - Saunders Whitson

  1. Louis Franklin Whitson
  2. Wilburn (Winz) Allen Whitson

Siblings: (Unknown)

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When Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Allen (Whitson)'s husband, Saunders Louis Whitson, died (just before the Civil War), she took the two boys and went to live with her Sister, Nancy Allen (Weaver) until the war was over. Nancy Allen (Weaver) was the Mother of John Weaver.

Later, Russell Allen (Father to both Elizabeth and Nancy) took Elizabeth and her boys into his home in Cleveland, Tennessee to live. The boys knew very little of the Whitson kin.

When the boys Grandparents (Saunders and Elizabeth) passed on, Wilburn and his Mother, Elizabeth moved to Collin County, Texas.