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Treasured Family Photos

Generation 4 - No. 12:
Wiley Frieland Boyer - G Grandfather

Parents: Father - (Name Unknown)
Mother - (Name Unknown)
No Photo Available

Life Events:
 Birth:   19-Feb-1849 - Bates Co, MO Death:   19-Sep-1930 - Altoga, Collin, TX
Burial:   Stiff Chapel Cemetery, Altoga, Collin, TX
 Married:    26-Aug-1869
                     - Altoga, Collin, TX
                     - Justin Louvenia Williams

Gravestones: Although they are not visible in this photo, I am told by Lance Hall that the graves of Wiley and Justine are just to the right (out of the photo) of the gravestones of John Williams and Mary Burris (Justin's Parents).
  1. Mary Frances Boyer (Gerron)
  2. James Monroe"Bud" Boyer
  3. Laura Ann Boyer (Streetman)
  4. Sarah Margaret Boyer
  5. Miles Burris Boyer
  6. M. Effie Boyer
  7. Tomas Benton Boyer
  8. Linnie Culver Boyer
  9. John Leslie Boyer
  10. M. Effie Boyer
  11. Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer
  12. Dottie Boyer
  13. Lettie Boyer

Siblings: (Unknown)

Lance L. Hall


       I grew up hearing family references (My Mother, Jean Boyer; Grandmother, Angie Whitson and Great Aunt, Rachel Whitson) of "Aunt Linn, Uncle Bud, Uncle Tom, Uncle Les" as refering to some of the Brothers and Sisters of Ballard (Big Daddy) Boyer.

       Stiff Chapel Cemetery is where a great many of the Boyer Ancesters are burried. Justin and Wiley's graves are marked by stone piles, and according to reports the entire cemetery has now fallen into disarray and is grown-up in weeds.