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Generation 2 - No. 3:
Alla Gene (Jean) Boyer - Mother

Parents: Father - Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer
Mother - Angie Whitson
photo 1981
Life Events:
 Birth:   19-Dec-1912 - Altoga, Collins, TX Death:   19-Mar-1994 - Corpus Christi, Nueces, TX
Burial:   Rest Lawn Cemetery, Altus, Jackson, OK
 Married:    28-Nov-1937
                     - Home, Kingsville, Kleberg, TX
                     - Louin Weldon Roberts

Children: i L. W. (Bob) Roberts

Siblings: Calvin Layfette Boyer
Charles Hudson Boyer
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Kleberg Co., TX - Court records
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L. W. (Bob) Roberts


          Jean Boyer Roberts (as she was known) was a "Housewife" most of her life. After moving to "the farm", (family lands owned by Louin W. Roberts, and the Roberts Family) in the early 1950s, Jean was very active at her church, The Blair United Methodist Church, where she taught Sunday School and was a member of the church choir for many years. She did not work outside the home until the early 1960s. She worked for S&H Green Stamps in their Altus, Oklahoma store.

          When Louin retired, he and Jean relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to be near family there, and in California. Jean had suffered multiple "strokes" by that time, and had declared, "I don't want to be die in a hot desert!" Louin then moved them to Corpus Christi, Texas. Near the family home of Kingsville and also near to one of Jean's (still living) brothers, Charles Hudson Boyer.

          Jean's health slowly deteriated and she and passed from this life on 19-March-1994 in a nursing home in Corpus Christi, only 40 miles from her childhood home in Kingsville, Texas. Jean was laid to rest in a perpetual care cemetery in Altus, Oklahoma (The Rest Lawn Cemetery just north of the town of Altus). She was the only Daughter of Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer and Angie Whitson, who made their family home in Kingsville, Texas from the time that Jean was born, until their deaths.