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Are you a descendant of JAN LUCKEN, one of the founding fathers of Germantown, PA in 1683?

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Did you know that more than 95% of all LUKENS in the United States today can be linked as a descendant of JAN LUCKEN?

Our active family association has regular reunions and has already been documented quite extensively in Jill Hurd's 'The Ancestors and Descendants of Jan Lucken'.  Although none of the original books are available as of March 2007, a summary of the contents and two book reviews are available.
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Volume II is in the works and we're looking forward to updating our records as much as possible before our future publication deadline.  The primary focus of Volume II will be from 1850 to present.  Currently, all World War I draft cards are being reviewed and linked as applicable.

Here's a small glimpse of the first four generations of Jan LUCKEN's descendants. The format of the linked pages is strictly a genealogy descendant format chart by individual family. You'll be able to jump back to the main LUKENS screen by clicking on the links at the end of each family's page. You'll find links to the sources of evidence and can return to your place in the family document by clicking on the source number that you were viewing.

We're always looking to update our records with good names, dates and places. Many of the dates that you see are from valid sources while others have been estimated to keep the children in order. You'll notice many 'unknown place' and 'unknown date' events - we need your help with these critical items and eagerly await your changes and additions!!

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Visit the latest addition to our Lukens Family Home Page. You can start with a SURNAME listing or with an INDEX and jump right over to the family and pedigree charts of four generations of Jan Lucken's descendants.

The birth orders of some children have been estimated in order to preserve the integrity
of vast amount of research done by Herman Tyson Lukens (HTL).

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September 2010

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