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The Ancestors & Descendants of
Jan Lucken

by Jill J. Hurd

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            This genealogy, published in 1989, is on the descendants of Jan Lucken, founder of the Lukens name in America. Jan Lucken came from Krefeld in 1683 and was one of the founders of Germantown, Pa. The book follows Jan’s descendants down through the generations with some lines being carried into this century.

• 620 pages
• hardbound
• extensively footnoted
• fully indexed
• Contains photos, wills, and deeds



We’re sorry, but all copies of Jill’s wonderful book have been purchased as of March 2007.

Please return to the LUKENS Home Page and contact Deborah Lukens Whittaker for help in locating your place in this family.  We’re still looking for additions and corrections for Volume II.


            ... a thorough and well-researched account of the one of the thirteen original founding families of Germantown... the exceptional thoroughness of documentation is outstanding... this work identifies a substantial number of Germantown descendants, into contemporary generations... It is a valuable addition to our stock of knowledge of the "original thirteen."

.... Germantown Historical Society Bulletin, July 1990


            .... the first comprehensive genealogy published on the Lukens family. This is a beautiful book, not only to see, but to use... Easy to follow to check descending lines ... strongly documented ... a formidable bibliography.

.... Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants

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