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Normandy - Flanders
Richard II the Good of Normandy - Judith of Brittany Fulbert of Valaise - Doda Baldwin IV the Bearded of Flanders - Ogiva of Luxemburg Robert II the Pious Capet of France - Constance Taillefer of Arles
Robert II the Devil of Normandy Herlève of Falaise Baldwin V of Flandres Adela of France
  (1) Adelaide (1) Baldwin   

William the Conqueror

Guillaume le Conquérant
Guillaume II de Normandie
William the Bastard
William I of England

(2) Born 1027/8 in Falaise. Died September 9, 1087 in Rouen after falling from his horse during the siege of Mantes. He lays buried in the Saint-Stephen's abbey in Caen.

The castle in Falaise where William was born

William became Duke of Normandy as his father's will had stipulated. He was only eight however and as he grew up lost several of his guardians through attempted coups.

He was supported by Henry I of France who knighted him when he was fifteen. By age nineteen he was dealing with rebellion and invasion. He secured Normandy with Henry's help and backed by the Church through the Truce of God in 1047.



He married Matilda against the wishes of Pope Leo IX as the union was considered incestuous due to the couple being distant cousins. In compensation for this William donated Saint-Stephens church (Abbaye-aux-Hommes) and Matilda donated Holy Trinity church (Abbaye-aux-Dames), both in Caen.

Mathilda of Flanders

Queen Maud of England

(2) Born 1032. Died November 2, 1083 in Rouen. Buried in the church of l'Abbaye-aux-Dames in Caen.

Maud was reputed to be England's smallest queen. Her bones were measured to determine her height in 1819 and again in 1959. She was found to have been 152 cm or just under 5' tall.

P'tit Maude
Legend has it that when William initially sent his emissary to ask for her hand she responded that as a descendent from Alfred the Great she was too high-born to consider marrying a bastard. On hearing this William rode from Normandy to Bruges, found Maud on her way to church, dragged her off her horse by her braids and stormed off.

Maud's grave in the 19th century

Maud has been thought to be responsible for the famous Bayeux Tapestry of which three panels are shown on this page. This is not believed to be true as it was probably created by an English weaver.

She is an ancestor of all sovereigns of England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom, past and present.

Duchess Consort of Normandy Queen Consort of England 1066-83.

Threatened by the increasing power this marriage brought to Normandy, Henry I attempted to invade in 1054 and 1057 without success. After his death William met no further opposition.

Three interpretations of William

William invaded England at the head of an army of Norman, Breton, Femish and French fighters to beat Harold Godwinson at the battle of Hastings in 1066. He fought in the front ranks and had three horses killed under him.

Coins of the Realm

His reign introduced Norman-French culture changing the face of England and its language forever.

Duke of the Normans 1035-87. King of the English 1066-87.

The Dominion in 1087

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Married 1053 in the Notre-Dame Chapel of Eu Castle.
(1) Robert. Born 1054. Died1134. Married Sybille Conversano before 1102. (2) Adelheid of Saint-Léger. Born ca 1055.
(3) Cecilia. Born 1056. Died July 30, 1125. (4) Richard. Born ca 1058. Died 1081. (5) William Rufus. Born 1060. Died by an arrow August 2, 1100 in a hunting accident. (6) Agatha. Born before 1062. Died 1080.
(7) Adela. Born ca 1062 in Normandy. Died March 8, 1137 in Marcigny-sur-Loire. Married Stephen of Blois. (8) Henry Beauclerc. Born 1068 in Selby. Died 1135 in Gisors, France. Married Edith (Mathildis) of Scotland before 1101.