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Lucy Barron's Genealogy Homepage

(Constantly  under revision!)        Last Updated      23 Jun. 1999

Welcome to my homepage!  I have created this genealogy homepage to assist other genealogists in ascertaining similar interests, to share with them some of what I know to date, and to allow them easy contact with me.  If you see a line that interests you, email me at

These are some of my paternal lines:

The following links are to my father's Ahnentafel ancestor chart and an index to it:

 John Barron's Ahnantafel
John Barron's Ahnantafel Index

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The following is a link to the genealogical software that I like (The Master Genealogist):

Wholly Genes, Inc.

These are some of my maternal lines:
These are some of my husband's lines: