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with related families of:  Wagoner, Wooden, Dammann, Baker, Sherman,
Huster, Carroll, Bixler, Tracy, Albaugh, and Wells

By:  Alice L. Luckhardt

         There are different spellings for MUSSELMAN -- some being Muspelman, Mupelman, Mupselman or Musseleman. My branch of the Musselman family I have only been able to trace back to my great, great, great grandfather - HENRY MUSSELMAN.  I am still in search of his parents and siblings and when the original Musselmans of this branch first came over to America from Europe.  The original meaning for the surname MUSSELMAN maybe ... "One who has fought the Moslems".
            From Carl T. Musselman (in his Musselman research) is the following Musselman Family Crest(s):


         Based on our Musselman Family Bible, Henry was born January 23, 1782 in and around the area of York County, Pennsylvania.   As was the typical occupation of the times, Henry was a farmer.  Sometime around the age of 25 years old he married SARAH WAGONER, who was also of the York County area.  Sarah was born February 16, 1790.  She married Henry around 1807, when she was about seventeen years old.
        The following is a list of their children, their names and when they were born (source: Musselman family bible).  Further into this web site more details on the individual Musselman children will be written.

  1. CHRISTIAN MUSSELMAN  --  born June 5, 1808 in the York County area of PA
  2. ELIZABETH MUSSELMAN  --  born January 6, 1810 in the York County area of PA
  3. MARIA MUSSELMAN  --  born November 26, 1811 in the York County area of PA
  4. DANIEL MUSSELMAN  --  born December 20, 1814 in the York County area of PA
  5. JACOB MUSSELMAN  --  born January 26, 1816 (possibly 1817) in the York County area of PA
  6. ANNIE REBECCA MUSSELMAN  --  born January 1, 1818 in the York County area of PA
  7. WILLIAM HENRY MUSSELMAN  --  born March 3, 1820 in the York County area of PA
  8. SARAH JANE MUSSELMAN  --  born April 22, 1822 in the York County area of PA
  9. GEO. WASHINGTON MUSSELMAN (called Washington)  -- born Nov. 22, 1825 in the York Co. area
  10. JACKSON MUSSELMAN  --  born December 23, 1827 in Baltimore Co. in Maryland
        Henry and Sarah Musselman had a large family (six boys and four girls) and all but Daniel Musselman survived into adulthood.  He died March 30, 1820 at the age of five. The Musselmans were also a farm family in the south central area of Pennsylvania in the early 1800's. Sometime after 1825 the family moved to Woodensburg in Baltimore County in Maryland.  It was not a great distance from the York area and the reason for the move is unknown.  But the Musselman family would make this area of Baltimore County their permanent home throughout the 19th and into the 20th century.
         The family had only been in the Woodensburg area a few years when Henry died on April 19, 1834 at the age of 52 years old.  His cause of death is unknown.  He was buried at the Mt. Gilead Church Cemetery near Woodensburg.  Now Sarah had to carry on to raise her children, she was a widow at age 42 years old.  A couple of the older children were able to help, Christian being nearly 26 years old, Elizabeth at age 24 years old and Maria at age 23 years old.  All the children stayed there on the farm with their mother, none even leaving to marry.
          Even before Henry's death the family had done well economically.  There were two individual hand drawn portraits of Henry and Sarah which have been handed down to their descendants, also a photo of Sarah taken about 1850.  NOTE: I believe these are Henry & Sarah but I'm not 100% sure.

        Sarah Wagoner Musselman, Henry's widow, continued to lived in Baltimore County, near Woodensburg for the rest of her life.  She died on March 8, 1858 and was buried next to her husband at Mt. Gilead Cemtery.

 Christian Musselman

        The eldest son and first born remained with his mother in District #1 in Baltimore County for many years.  He helped on the farm but he was also a teacher.  His given name was also shorten to "Chris".  In September 1850 he did marry.  It was to Keriah (Kezia) Wooden, who was from a well known family in the county (Benjamin Wooden and Mary Kitting).  She was born about 1805 in Baltimore County.  Their wedding was sometime between September 18 and 21, 1850.  I don't believe they ever had any children.  In the 1880 census, none were listed, only a child named Lizzie Smith, age 9 years old who was living with them.  It was in the 1870's and 1880's that Christian was a general merchant and even served as Post Master in the small Woodensburg community.  It was 1881 that Keriah died at the age of 75 years old.  Christian lived until December 7, 1887 reaching the age of 79 years old.


            Gathering the information on Elizabeth has been difficult.  In several of the census records she is listed as "single" with no mention of a husband or children.  She was born January 6, 1810.  In 1850 she was in District #1 in Baltimore with her mother and siblings.  This remained also with the 1880 census and June 1900 as single, living with her brother and her last name being "Musselman".  She lived with sister-in-law (Mary M. Musselman) and her brother, Jacob in Dist. 4, Woodsboro, Baltimore, MD.   She did live to the age of 92 years old and died February 14, 1902 in Baltimore County.


                Maria remained with the family in Baltimore County all through her short life.  She never married and died of unknown causes on November 4, 1844, almost reaching the age of 33 years old.


              He may have been one of the first to marry in the family.  He married Margaret Baker on June 20, 1844 in Baltimore County.  It is not known how old she was, maybe born about 1825, but Jacob was 28 years old.  They had their own place and did not live with his mother in the 1850 census.  Jacob listed his occupation that of a carpenter.  But there is not listing of any children.  By the 1880 census, Jacob is a widower, living with his sister, Elizabeth and his sister-in-law, Mary Musselman (William's wife) in Baltimore County.  By June 25, 1900, Jacob was living with William H. Musselman, JR., his family and a couple of his siblings.  Jacob died on January 27, 1908 in Woodensburg just after celebrating his 92nd birthday.

The following are two of the well wishes he received for his 92nd birthday.



            Annie led a very interesting life with a great deal of heartache.  A good deal of the documents on the Musselmans come through her.  She was born January 1, 1818 in Pennsylvania.  In the 1850 census she was living with her mother and siblings in Woodensburg, MD, a single female.  She listed her age on that census as 24 but it would have been more like 32 years old.
            It was the following year on June 23, 1851 that she married a widower, John George Wagoner (Waggoner or Wagooner) in Carroll County, Maryland.  John was born March 13, 1822 in Pennsylvania but had lived between Carroll County, MD and York County, PA for years.  His first wife may have been Sarah Ann Bricker.  I'm not 100% sure on her name.  If it was, they married August 31, 1843 in Gettysburg, PA.  Sarah was born September 12, 1823 in PA.  They had a son, named Lenard Wesley Wagoner, born about 1843 in Carroll County, MD.  Sarah died April 17, 1849 in York County, PA.  John then remarried to Annie Musselman two years later.
            Annie and John settled in Hanover, York County, PA where he was merchant.  They had a son born in 1853, whom they named Harry E. Wagoner.  A daughter arrived in February 22, 1856 and she was named Lizzie Ann E. Wagoner.  The second daughter arrived on June 3, 1857 and she was Sally S. Wagoner.  But tiny Sally only lived two months before dying on August 13, 1857. She became the first of the family buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hanover.  Five months later Annie and John lost their son, Harry, when he died on January 9, 1858.  This left Annie's step-son, Lenard (known as Wesley) who was about 15 years then and the small daughter of Lizzie, age 2 years old the only children in the family.  Wesley worked as a store hand with his father.  The family even lived next door to Annie's brother, G. Washington Musselman and his family.  The families lived now in West Manheim, with a P.O. Box in Hanover.
            By 1861 things were about to make a great change, not only for the Wagoner family but for the nation.  Read on this link about Wesley's entrance into the Union Army.
         Wesley Wagoner - Civil War

While Wesley was away at war, another death in the family.  Lizzie died on February 11, 1863, just short of her 7th birthday.
Between the horrors of the country at war, fighting even in the streets of Hanover and all her children's deaths, life had become very hard for Annie.  When news arrived of the death of Wesley in Belle Isle Prison (as a POW) in November 1863, it became too much for John also. 
        He tried in vain to have his son's body returned to Hanover but without any success.  A year and half later, the stress had become too much for John.  He died on March 18, 1865.  Article (to the right) from Hanover newspaper, November 1863, about Wesley's death:
In Mount Olivet Cemetery was now buried John George Wagoner and three of his young children.  His oldest son, was buried with other prisoners on Virginia soil.  Annie was now alone, only having been married less than 14 years.
            The following is an example of some of the many documents passed down through the Musselman generations.  This one had Annie's brother, Washington Musselman, finalize the estate of her husband, JG Wagoner in 1866.

              Sometime later (January 1870 in MD), Annie remarried.  Her second husband was Edward Carroll.  His birth was about 1805 in MD and his first wife was named Margette, she died before 1870.  But by the 1880 census Annie was listed as a widow,(Edward had to have died before June 1880) living with her sister, Sarah Musselman Huster and her family in Baltimore County, close to the area she had grown up in, near Woodensburg.  On the 1880 census she listed her age as 68 years old but she really would have been 62 years old.  It was there she remained until her death on January 6, 1882.  She was buried with her family back in Hanover, York County, PA.


               On March 3, 1820, a son was born to Henry and Sarah.  He was a farmer and was not listed as living with his widowed mother on the 1850 census.  He married Mary Margaretha Huster October 31, 1854 in Baltimore Co.  Mary was born September 16,1822 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Her parents were Gettieb Huster and Elizabeth Bush.   Mary and William had three children.  In 1857 was born Etta R. Musselman.  Then in December 1859 along came William Henry Musselman, Jr.  The third child was Mollie (Mary) C. Musselman, born in 1860.  William Sr. died at age 60 years old on May 24, 1880 in Baltimore County, MD.  Over the next twenty plus years, Mary remained with the farm and ran it with the help of her son, William, Jr. and her two daughters.  By 1900 Census, even her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Musselman and brother-in-law, Jacob Musselman were living with the family on the farm in District 4, Baltimore County.
                Mary died sometime between 1910 and 1919, because in the 1920 Census, William, Jr. was living with his two sisters ( Etta and Mollie) on Gilmor Street in Baltimore, MD.  Each of the siblings never married.


            On April 15, 1822 in Pennsylvania, Sarah was born.  But as a young girl she would go to Woodensburg, Maryland with her family to live.   On November 13, 1851 she married a man from Baltimore County, George Charles Huster.  George was born about 1828 in Maryland, his parents being Gettieb Huster and Elizabeth Bush, and was a farmer.  Based on later census records, Sarah stated she had three children.  First child was Sarah Elizabeth Huster, born Oct. 1853.   She married Alexander W. Wooden in 1878.  They had a son, Ernest E. Wooden in 1886.   Then was William Elwood Huster, born May 1856.  He married Elizabeth V. Bitzer in December 01, 1881 in Woodensburg, MD. The last child was for Sarah and George was George Huster, born 1859 to 1860. In each of the census reports while she was an adult, Sarah made her age two years younger.  With the 1900 Census, Sarah was listed as a widow, so her husband, George had passed away before 1900.  Sarah was also living with her son, William and his family by 1900.  The Huster family even lived right next door to Sarah's siblings, sister-in-law and nephew.  William was a farmer and had married Elizabeth V. Bitzer on December 1, 1881 at the Mt. Gilead Church.  They had two children, a son, named Carroll Elwood Huster, born May 4, 1884 and a daughter, born August 14,1899 and named Georgia L. Huster.  Carroll E. Huster married Grace Tracey about 1911 and they had a son, Carroll T. Huster in 1919.   Georgia Huster married Charles Fenton Sullivan about 1926.   Sarah Musselman Huster died December 26, 1903 in Woodensburg and buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery.  By January 1920 her son, William's family lived on Old Hanover Road in Baltimore County, owning their own home.


             Author's great, great grandfather

                Throughout his adult life he was known as Washington Musselman.  He was born November 22, 1825, the last of the children born in Pennsylvania. He too remained with his mother in Baltimore County and farmed.  He did not marry until September 6, 1857.  Sometime before 1857 he had gone to live in York County, PA.  This was where SAVILLA SHERMAN and the Sherman (Scherman) family lived, West Manheim, York County, PA.   Savilla (also spelled Cybilla, Sybilla) was born April 18, 1840 in West Manheim.  The following link tells of the Sherman Family in Pennsylvania.
                                       Sherman family - Berks and York County, PA

Washington was a successful farmer.  He lived near his sister, Annie Musselman Wagoner in West Manheim.  He settled there with Savilla ( age 17 years old) to raise their family. Savilla in 1869 in photo bottom left side. The first child was born June 22, 1858 and named Henry Sherman Musselman.  Both Washington's and Savilla's father's given name was HENRY.  Then on April 29, 1860, another son, George Washington Musselman, Jr. was born.  Two years later came Lizzie Catherine Musselman on November 18, 1862.  But Lizzie only lived until January 2, 1863.  This was the time the country was at war with itself, during the American Civil War (1861-1865).  In Hanover was born Mary Jane (Molly) Musselman on March 7, 1864.    The first four children were all baptized at  St. David's Church, also known as Sherman's Church in York County.

Then between mid-1864 and mid-1869, the family moved to Manchester, Carroll County, Maryland.   Again, Washington was a successful farmer in the Manchester area.  Another son was then born, Jacob Elwood Musselman, on August 14, 1869.  Savilla and son, Jacob in 1869 in Manchester, top right photo. The last child to Savilla and Washington was Annie Rebecca Musselman, so named for Washington's sister, Annie Musselman Wagoner, who by 1872 had lost her husband and all her children.
                Six years later, Washington died in Manchester.  His death was on October 17, 1878, leaving his widow wife at the age of 38 years old to care and raise their five children alone.

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children, grandchildren and additional descendents.


                The youngest child of Henry and Sarah was Jackson Musselman, born December 23, 1827 in Baltimore County, MD.   He lived with his mother as listed on the 1850 census and worked as a saddler.  Before 1859 he married Josephene (maiden name unknown).  She was born January 1838 in Maryland.  They had four children, Joseph D. Musselman, born April 1860, then Morris Musselman, born March 1872, next Carroll Musselman, born August 18,1873 and last known was Howard Jackson Musselman, born August 1, 1875.  There were several other children (based on the statement by Josephene in the 1900 census.  She had given birth to 8 children but only four were still living in 1900).
                Prior to 1900 the family lived at 631 West North Avenue in Baltimore around 1890 and by July 1896 they lived at 2248 Eutaw Place in Baltimore.  Jackson died suddenly on July 12, 1896 at the age of 68 years old.  Staying with his mother was Joseph Musselman, who in 1900 was single, age 40 years old and the manager of a fishing tackle shop.  Also in 1900 in the household was Morris, single and age 28 years old working as a clerk.  Howard at age 24 years old was also single and lived at the family home on Eutaw Place.  He occupation was that of a broker and manager of general insurance.  Carroll had married around 1898 to Martha W. (maiden name unknown).  She was born February 1875 in Pennsylvania.  The young couple lived as boarders in 1900 on Newington Avenue in Baltimore.  They had a child in 1899 but it had died.
                By mid-1900, Howard Musselman marries Eleanor (Nellie) Shaw.   They have two daughters, Eleanor Shaw Musselman born 1904 and Anna Musselman born 1910, both in Baltimore County.  By 1920 they live at #81 Woodlawn Road in Baltimore.

WOODENSBURGH,   Maryland   1878

Is 1 1/2 miles from Glenn Morris on the W. M. B. B. Land, mostly cleared, 'with some oak and chestnut yet remaining, can be bought at from $20 to $100 per acre, and produces 10 to 85 bus. wheat, 20 to 80 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 70. Christian Musselman, Postmaster.
Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights General Merchandise
Reigler, Fred Musselman, Christian
Reigler, George                  Wooden, Frank  Slade, William
Butcher Justice of the Peace
Abbott, Hanson Shipley, A F
Carpenters and Undertakers Miller
Clark, J W                         Deice, John Stambaugh, Henry
Lesfe, Jacob                       Spearnase, Gustus               Physician
Carriagemaker Wilson, J H
Morrison, William Shoemaker
Belt, Alfred


                The Musselman family surname is very recognizable today due to the MUSSELMAN APPLE SAUCE AND APPLE BUTTER, produced in Southcentral Pennsylvania.  The following is information researched by Jan Hall about the development of the Musselman Company.

From:  Jan Hall and research done in 2002
"Later Musselman families and the Fruit Industry:
    The coming of two later Mennonite families of Musselmans from Lancaster Co stimulated fruit, canning, and packaging industries, the Mennonite congregation, and many institutions of Adams Co.  In 1905 John S. MUSSELMAN, Sr, and sons purchased a small failed mfg plant in Biglerville, a short distance north of the Rock Creek and Monocracy drainage. John's son CHRISTIAN HIGH MUSSELMAN and his wife EMMA GOOD [SWIEGART) had been farming in Lancaster Co but they agreed to join in canning fruit on the factory site as it was less strenuous than farming.   They arrived by horse and buggy at Biglerville, PA in 1906 where they made their home. They attended the nearest Mennonite Church at Mummasburg. When a community Sunday School was organized at the Mummasburg Church in 1907, John S. MUSSELMAN, SR, was elected Asst. Supt.    Also attending this church were C. H. and Emma G. Musselman, as well as Fannie {Musselman) FLORY.
    John, Sr, had operated a small fruit canning plant in Lancaster Co., which was helpful.  However, Christian H. (1880-1944) and wife Emma G. (1880-1966) soon were leading the canning of apple products at Biglerville and became cofounders of the Musselman Co.  John Sr and John Jr sold out their interest to them.   Emma G. was said to have worked longer hours than anyone else. Their hard work and wise management led to success not only at Biglerville; in 1912 a second plant for apple products was opened at nearby Gardners, Pa (later managed by Emma G) and a branch fruit industry was developed at a whole new region at Inwood WV, in 1922.  About 3,500 acres were acquired.  Besides apples, the Musselman Co. added apple butter, tart cherries, peaches, and later tomato juice to their products.
    With advice from Ilton S. Hershey of chocolate fame, in 1939, C. H. MUSSELMAN set up a philanthropic foundation. Before he died in 1944, C. H. had provided a building for vocational education for Biglerville High School. Thereafter, his wife Emma G. and the new company president,  John A. HAUSER, continued to expand the company and by 1950 they acquired 15 farms. In 1955 she established the Emma G. MUSSELMAN Foundation, which has continued to give unparalleled support  to Adams Co. institutions.  Gettysburg College, Annie Warner Hospital (now Gettysburg Hospital) and the YWCA of Gettysburg have each received more than a million dollars.  Other substantial support has been given to churches, Scouts, Historical Society, Library, and Rescue Mission of  Adams Co.  At the dedication of the Musselman Stadium of Gettysburg College, distinguished guests included Pres. and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Musselman Library of Gettysburg College was dedicated in 1962.
    After the Mennonite church was founded at Fairfield, C. H. and Emma Musselman became members there. In spite of her strenuous life, Emma Good (Sweigart) MUSSELMAN lived to age 86 and outlived her son, S. Lester, born 1908.  Mary Luella Musselman (1910-1978), daughter of C. H. and Emma G., graduated from Biglerville HS and from Gettysburg College. In 1931 she married Ralph E. Arnold and had children: Thomas Edward, born 1935, with wife living in Devon, Pa, and Nancy Lou, born 1939, living in California.   After divorce  in 1942, Luella became more active in the canning business. She was VP and secretary of the C. H. Musselman Co in 1955. In 1958 she married Lt. Gen Willard Stewart PAUL  (1894-1966), who was president of Gettysburg College from 1956 to 1961.

    Another Mennonite church and another fruit canning company were founded by another related Musselman family from Lancaster Co. The church was at Fairfield, Pa and the canning factory further north at Orrtanna, near the north end of the Carroll Trace, formerly believed to belong to Maryland. In 1913, I. Z. (1886-1963) MUSSELMAN and wife Cora Yoder MUSSELMAN of New Holland, Pa, founded the Orrtanna Canning Co. Their son, Howard Yoder MUSSELMAN, graduated from Goshen College in Indiana and married Ruth Miller. He was a leader in canning and sales of the Orrtanna Co and its successor after 1949, Knouse Foods Inc. (which acquired the Musselman Canning Co of Biglerville in 1984)." ADDITIONAL NOTES (as of July 2005) - research found that CH Musselman's birth was March 19, 1880. He and Emma married in 1902. Christian H.Musselman's family dates back to Lancaster Co., PA to the mid-1770s.

The Musselman web site was written by Alice L. Luckhardt
Written:  September 2002 - Updated April 2006
Sources included:  family bibles, vital records, original documents,
census records, photos, and newspaper records.

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