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Welcome    to the Archibald Family Website.  Although the main focus of this website is on Samuel Archibald*, our first known American-born ancestor, and ALL his descendants, any interested in the Archibald family are welcome.


*Samuel Archibald was born May 2, 1762 in Rowan County, North Carolina and was the son of Thomas Archibald. Thomas' first wife, Samuel's mother, is unknown.  Samuel married Eloisa Jannette Patton November 15, 1785. He died November 20, 1830 in Greene County, Alabama. Both Samuel and his father Thomas are documented patriots in the Revolutionary War.

"La liberté est la seule chose"

Some names that I have in my particular tree are Archibald, Harper, Colvett, Talley, Kelley(Kelly),
Phipps, Marcum, Forbess, Trull, Castleman, Bennett, Hinson, Andrews, Duncan, Means, Patton and Mayes.
There are many others.

Contact Information

Roy T Archibald

roy dot archibald at gmail dot com

Madison, Alabama

            Pictures from Crockett County, Tennessee.

The old gym at the former
Hamlett-Robertson High School
in Crockett Mills, TN.

Klyce, Angeline and
Johnny B Archibald, Jr.,
their grandson.  (ca. 1924)

The current Crockett Mills

             Pictures from the Fourth Creek Meeting House cemetery in Statesville, NC.

The headstone of William Archibald, @1700-1764

Thomas' marker, Williams' son

John Archibald's marker, William's son

An unknown emblem on William's headstone

DAR emblem on Thomas' marker for his
Revolutionary War service

Mary Hall Archibald's marker
John's wife

William Archibald and his first wife Margaret Borough

The Archibald graves location. The church is
to the right

4th Street Meeting House Historical Marker
Statesville, North Carolina
The cemetery is to the right


I understand there may have been a family bible in the possession of the family of Edwin (Edward)Addison Archibald, Jr. (1867-1937).

Some of the family may still be in Greene County, Alabama, but not sure.

Please email if you have knowledge of who might be in possession of this bible at this time.      Thanks.

Eight generations from William to present day.

A NEW!seven generation family register for William Archibald.   This is a little different format.

NOTE: If you're a member of this family and see errors or have additions, please email me so I can correct them. Thanks.

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