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Rumgay: The name is currently used in Fife, perhaps local from the place name Rumgay, earlier Rumgally, in Kemback parish. (from Black's "Surnames of Scotland") Variations include: Ramgay, Rumgey, Rumgray, Rumgary, Rumgie, Rungay, Gay and many others.

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Who could resist researching a name like Rumgay?! I certainly couldn't. I started researching the Rumgays when I found my great-great-grandmother, Ann Rumgay and couldn't stop. So here's a one-name study on the Rumgay surname!

This website covers all variations of the Rumgay surname. Rumgay descendents are included for one generation after the surname changes, i.e. the children of Rumgay women are included, but usually not grandchildren. Occasionally an additional generation will sneak in, especially if Rumgay is used as a middle name!

Church records for the Rumgay surname go back to the beginning of Scottish parish record keeping in the 1500's.

Where did the Rumgays go? Rumgays have travelled throughout the world. Information can be found on Rumgays in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, and the United States.

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