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“Short” family

of Vining, Kansas and Aberdeen, Washington



Some time ago I also became aware that my already short-term memory was getting even shorter; and that my family video tapes, cassette tapes and photos were beginning to disintegrate. With these revelations in mind, I set out to create an online record of my piece of the “Short” family.

My goal is to compile a complete 5-generation family tree, and a digital record of as many photos, personal documents, and family stories as possible. (For everyone’s privacy I am only posting limited information here. I have a more detailed record for family members.)

As you can see, my efforts are uncovering pieces of information that pertain to other “Short” families, and I will post that here as well.

Most of my focus is on Burl Short (born to Reuben Short in 1882), who with Irene Preston had five children—all born in Aberdeen, Washington. Those children are Murl Short, Lyle Short, Fayne Short, Lynn Short, and Gene Short.

a "Short" Family Tree 

Snippets from The Clifton Review

a "Short" Timeline (Reuben Short, Burl Herschel Short)

 Members of Company G

 Company G of Aberdeen Answers “Ready!”

 Cosgrove to Calexico is a Long Hot Ride

 Company “G” Scrapbook

Online Books

 Watching and Waiting on the Border, by Roger Batchelder

A Short Line Across America: descendants of John and Mary Hansford Short, by Pauline Williams Wright

History of the State of Kansas, by William G. Cutler


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