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                          This site is dedicated to my family, which seems to be larger than I ever imagined




                         The way I started this project is when my husband & I bought an old 100+ year  old farmhouse in Knightstown, Indiana on the Old National Road, which was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to run east & west from one coast of the United States to the other.  I was trying to find out the history of our home.  We did find a hand drawn picture of what we believe to be our house, in the local library of New Castle.  The research is still ongoing to find out exactly who built it & when.


Anyway, during the course of this research, I began researching our families’ ancestries.  I’ve always been interested in ancestry and the past.  So, naturally I was intrigued when I saw that so many other people were also doing research and sharing information. 


I am particularly grateful to James O. Davis, Jr. for so kindly sharing so much of his information with me. 


My mother, Mildred Lanette Davis Stanley and father Guy Stanley, Jr., have also been very helpful with sorting out some of the erroneous information which I mistakenly published.  They are both helping a great deal to assist in the ongoing research.  I am very thankful to both of them for so much.  They instilled in me the importance of honoring family, this is why I have chosen to share with anyone who is interested what others have shared with me.


As I am researching, it amazes me how many times our family lines have crossed through the ages.  The Stanleys, Davis’,Hardys, Hawthornes, Wests, etc… going back to the 1st century! 


The pattern I see is a migration through the ages with the same families who continue to merge with one another. I have to wonder if this is true in other families, as well.


I thank you for visiting & encourage any feedback or comments which would help to improve this site. 


Since this is my first real website, I hope you take that in consideration when scrutinizing it. 


I also want to thank my husband, William(Bill) Sayre for all his help when I “crash & lose the information” & he bails me out.  Without him, there would be no website.


Again, many thanks for visiting & I hope you return often, as I will continue to research & share what I have.


Lea Stanley Sayre









                                   Our house today in Knightstown, Indiana







                                   Middle picture -As it was in