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The Line Of Descent From Robert And Margaret {McCord} Foster An Early pioneer family of Adams County,Ohio

Many Prostestant Irish { Scotch-Irish } families migrated to America from Northern Ireland between 1700 and the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
Precise records of these families are to find. It is even more difficult to correlate these records with specific individuals.

Records to establish that Robert Foster emigrated from Ireland to the colonies about 1750. Foster Family Legend has him coming as a very young child with his extended family: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, and some Aunts and Uncles and their families. It is believed Robert Foster was born south of Belfast near the border between counties Armaugh and Monghan, Ulster, circa 1747.

There are substantial indicators that Robert Foster was a Revolutionary War Patriot. It is believed he served from June 1775-July 1776 with a Pennsylvania Line Battalion of Riflemen in the Boston, MA., area. Family records indicate he was at the "Battle of Bunker Hill". The Battalion was commanded initially by Col. William Thompson and later by Col. Edward Hand {See Vol. X, second series, Pennsylvania Archives, pp 1 - 42}. Robert Foster later had services with the Maryland Line.

Robert Foster married Margaret McCord, who was of Scotch - Irish decent, circa 1788. Initially, they resided in the Central Pennsylvania where their first children were born. In the fall of 1793 they floated down the Ohio River to Northeastern Kentucky { Mason County }.

Robert and Margaret {McCord} Foster were among the early pioneer settlers of Adams County,Ohio, arriving in the fall of 1797. They brought their family, which included five young children, north of the Ohio River into the Virginia Military District and settled in what today is Northwestern Adams County, Ohio.

Court and Tax records, Mason County, Kentucky show a "Robert Foster" residing there from about 1793 through 1797. The History of Adams County {page 91} shows "Robert Foster" among those comprising the Grand Jury convened at the Village of Washington, 11 June 1799. Records reveal their child #5 "Alexander Foster" {1796-1880}, was born in Kentucky; whereas their child #6, "James S. Foster" {1798-1880, was born in Ohio. The Tax Rolls of Adams County Included "Robert Foster" beginning in 1801.

The family initially located in the Eagle Creek Area. The History of the Adams County {page 496} indicates the "Robert Foster" family had homesteaded on the Fostr farm southeast of North Liberty {Cherry Fork} in Wayne Township. The "ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL ATLAS OF ADAMS COUNTY, 1880, pages 21 and 78" shows the location of the Foster Homestead. "Robert Foster" was educated and active in his community. His signature appears on a number od land deeds and in other documents.

Robert and Margaret's daughter Margaret Foster born Abt. 1799 in Adams County,Ohio, died Abt. 1840 in Adams County,Ohio. She married Joseph Smittle May 16, 1821 in Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio, Joseph born Abt. 1790 in Pennsylvania, died Abt., 1885 in Adams County,Ohio.

Robert and Margaret {McCord } Foster are both laid to rest in Cherry Fork Cemetery, Adams County, Cherry Fork,Ohio. Joseph & Margaret {Foster} Smittle is laid to rest in Cherry Fork Cemetery, Adams County,Cherry Fork

The children of Robert Foster and Magarget McCord are:

1. Thomas was born 1791 in Pennsylvania and died July 18, 1825 near Eaton, Preble County, Ohio. He married Nancy FLEMING February 22, 1815, in Preble County, Ohio. Nancy was born c1798 in Kentucky and died c1875 in Jeffereon Township, Preble County, Ohio

2. John born January 22, 1793 near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and died January 27, 1883 in Columbus, Bartholomew, County, Indiana. He married Sarah HENDRICKSON April 2 1816 in Johnson Township, Ripley County, Indiana.

3. Martha was born 1794 in Kentucky and died 1830 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. She married David SMITTLE May 5, 1812 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. David was born Februarey 22, 1781 in Pennsylvania and died July 28, 1859 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio.

4. Nancy Elizabeth was born c1795 in Mason County, Kentucky and died c1825 in Wayne Township,Adams County, Ohio. She married John SMITTLE, Sr. November 9, 1815 in Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio. John was born January 20, 1786 in Pennsylvania and died December 25, 1812 near Grove Spring, Wright County, Missouri.

5. Alexander was born c1796 in Mason County, Kentucky and died February 1880 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. He married Nancy SMITTLE December 11, 1821 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Nancy was born April 12, 1801 in Virginia and died January 22, 1876 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio.

6. James Stuart was born c1798 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio and died July 13, 1880 in Clay Township, Howard County, Indiana. He married {1} Margaret SMITTLE January 6, 1820 in Grant County, Indiana. Margaret was born c1826. {2} Nancy Jane BOATMAN April 9, 1827 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Nancy was born May 1802 in Kentucky and died August 11, 1876 in Grant County, Indiana.

7. Margaret was born c1799 in Adams County,Ohio and Died c1840 in Adams County,Ohio. She married Joseph SMITTLE May 16, 1821 in wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio.Joseph was born c1790 in Pennsylvania and died c1885 in Adams County,Ohio.

8. Samuel was born 1801 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio and died August 24, 1852 in Decatur Township, Brown County,Ohio. He married {1} Susannah SMITTLE March 8, 1827 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Susannah was born c1790 in Virginia and died August 1849 in Scott Township, Adams County, Ohio. {2} He married Susan GREGG November 8,1850 in Winchester Township, Adams County, Ohio. Susan was born 1824 in Jackson Township, Brown County,Ohio and died c1880.

9. Mary c1804 in Adams County, Ohio and died c1873 in Scott Township, Adams County,Ohio. She married Isaac WILEY October 10, 1829 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Isaac was born 1797 in Virginia.

10. Eleanor was born February 16, 1805 in Cherry Fork, Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio and died December 11, 1899 in Porthsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio. She married Alexander MITCHELL December 20, 1825 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Alexander was born c1804 in Adams County,Ohio and died June 4, 1835 in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky.

11.Sarah Ann was born 1807 in Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio and died July 12, 1879 in Oregon, Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri. She married Robert D. PARTRIDGE 1833 in Highland County,Ohio. Robert was born February 1, 1810 in Columbia Ohio and died April 21, 1873 in Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri.

12. Andrew was born c1809 in near Cherry Fork, Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio and died May 1, 1873 in Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri.Hwe married {1} Mary WILEY January 26, 1830 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio. Mary was born1810 in Virginia and died 1842 in Wilmington, Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio. He married {2} Sarah LEE 1845, Sarah was born c1818 inOhio and died 1880 in Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri.

13. Robert Jr. was born c1810 in Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio and died June 1849 in Union Township, Adams County, Ohio. He married Nancy Elizabeth WILEY June 10, 1830 in Wayne Township, Adams County,Ohio. Nancy was born 1798 in Kentucky and died June 1849 in Union Township, Clinton County, Wilmington,Ohio.

Robert Foster Homestead 1802

This is Adams County Map showing the Homestead where Robert & Margaret "McCord" Foster made their home and raised their children as is listed in ther above documentation. To this day there are many of the Foster/McCord's, Smittle & Siders Families still raising their family in Adams County,Ohio. Also you can locate the Cherry Fork Cemetery, Wayne Township, where many of Smittle/Nevil's & Foster/McCord's & Smittle/Foster's & Nevil/Eldridge's are laid to rest.Any CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS please email me Lisa! Source of this Adams County Map is from "The Adams County, Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 231, West Union,Ohio 45693

Col. James E. "Jim" Foster has been doing Foster & Smittle research for many years and is very knowledgeable on the families. His email address is & mailing address is 8006 El Dorado Drive,Austin, Texas 78737-1343



Eleanor Foster Mitchell was born at Cherry Fork in Adams County,O., on the 16th of February, 1805, the daughter of Robert Foster Margaret McCord, his wife. She was reared in that community,. on the 20th day of December, 1825, was married to Alexander Mitchell, by Adam Kirkpatrick, a well known magistrate of Wayne Township. Shortly after her marriage, she and her husband moved to mouth of Beasley's Fork, of Brush Creek, where he carried on a new saw-mill. Early June 1835, he and Dr. William Voris floated a boat down Brush Creek to its mouth, and thence to Maysville. The boat was ladened with lumber furnished by Mr. Mitchell and the hallow-ware, furnished by Dr. Voris.

While the boat was tied up at Maysville, Mr. Mitchell was taken with the Asistic cholera and died few hours. The following were the children of this marriage, Mre Margaret Burwell, wife of Samuel Burwell, of West Union; Mrs. Sarah Barber, wife of John Milton Barber, of Portsmouth, Ohio; and Mrs. Martha Mackey, widow of George Mckey, of Portsmouth,Ohio; William M., a son, died at the age of ten years; Robert Alexander Mithchell, of Portsmouth, Ohio, was her youngest son and child. After Mrs. Mitchell's husband's death, she and her little family moved to the farm of William Kirker, in Liberty township, Adams County, where she resided until 1862, when she removed to Ironton, with her family and resided there until 1855.

At that time, she removed to Portsmounth, which has been her residence ever since, though she has spent much time with her children elsewhere. Shw was a member of the Presbyterian church in West Union under the ministry of the Rev. John P. Van Dyke, and when she came to Portsmouth, she joined the First Presbyterian church by letter, and remained a member of that church until the organization of the Second Presbyterian church, when she became one of the original members of that organization, and continued a faithful one until her death.

Mrs. Mitchell was a remarkable woman. She possed great strength of character, and very industrious and energetic. She reared all her position in life to the best of her ability. All who had the pleasure of her acquaintance, esteeemed her for her most excelliant quailites and her pleasant disposition. As she did her duty in every respect in this world, there can be no regrets now that death has ended her career.

Source: BLADE newspaper, Published Twice Weekly, Portsmouth, Ohio. This From December 16, 1899, Edition. True copy {extracted}: Obit of "Eleanor {Foster} Mitchell" Child 10, "Robert & Margaret {McCord} Foster", Adams County, Ohio. Sent to Me Lisa! by Colonel James "Jim" Edenfield Foster.

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