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Henckel/Hinkle Family Photo Album


Luther Thomas Watson (my great grandfather) born July 09, 1892 in Grant County,Kentucky, died July 27, 1961 in Boone County,Kentucky. Son of John & Lucy (Powell) Watson, Luther had one sibling Frank Watson.
Lewis Hine, a professional photographer, the man who took my great-grandfather's picture, took 5,000 photos of young children working in coal mines, cotton mills, and other places.
"Child Labor" (employing children, often illegally) was a common practice in the US from about 1860 to 1938, when it was finally outlawed. It is common now in China and other countries that make products that are sold in the US and other rich countries. Most of Lewis Hine's photos are in the Library of Congress and can be seen on the Library of Congress website.

The article written under the picture I am assuming is by Lewis Hine. {"167", Corinth Kentucky Nov. 1907 Luther Watson, of Corinth,Ky., 14 scratched out 10 years old, Dec.30, 1906. Right arm was cut off by a veneering saw in a box factory. On Nov. 14, 1907. He used a board to throp belt operating was no apparatus to do this. Now attending school. Mother intends to give him an education "so" he won't have to work."} Now Luther was actually 15 years old in this picture he turned 15 on July 09, 1907. Where the picture was taken I have no clue. I wish Lewis Hine had recorded where the picture was taken. My great grandfather was a very hard worker. He built his home in Kentucky very well to do in those times. Home had running water a bathroom several rooms. Back in the Depression 1938 to 1947 I do believe....please correct me if I am wrong. I know the depression went on for 9 years. Anyway people came to his home an knocked on the door for a hand out. When he opened the door and they saw he had only one arm. They would drop their head and walk away never saying a word. Luther was a Switch Tender Operator at Cincinnati Union Terminal Railroad in Cincinnati,Ohio, he retired from there.

Joesph Manning "Joe" contacted me through Needing to get information on my great grandfather Luther Thomas Watson. He will dedicate two pages in the book writing on my great grandfather and all the child labor's pictures. Problem is locating members of the families who are related to the children, of the children Lewis Hine took pictures of. However, Luther Watson's photo is not in the Library of Congress collection. It's in the collection at the University of Maryland. That's where Joseph "Joe" Manning first saw the photo.

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Lewis Hine "Child Labor" Collection

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