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Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Land and Buildings
Important to the Gardners



This old schoolhouse in Tyringham is now used as the Tyringham Town Hall.  Several generations of Gardners likely attended this school  near Church Street, or one very much like it, in the 19th century. 


On the way from Tyringham to Lee, along the main road, stands a home now known as the Gilder Palmer House.  It was probably built around 1840 for Dennis Northrup.  Later it was owned by cheesemaker James Gardner and his son George.  In 1908, the property was bought by Adele LeBourgeois Chapin, and her great grandson George Gilder now (2000) lives there.  From this angle, the octagonal wing added on to it in 1982 is not visible.



Just up the road, past some farm land, is where the James Gardner building used to stand.  James (or another Gardner) may have left the  home to the Shakers, according to a town history book in the Berkshire County Library (there was a Shaker Community in Tyringham, known as the Jerusalem Shakers - there is some question as to whether any Gardners were members of that community), and the home was eventually lived in by several families, then allowed to deteriorate.  In the early 1970s,  the fire department burned down the home because it was a hazard.  To the right of the barn in this photo is the land bordering the old Gardner property.



 In South Lee, at the border with the town of Stockbridge, stands a  house which used to be owned by a James Gardner.  The house is on the main  road from Lee to Stockbridge. 


In East Lee, there were several Gardner homes.  However, when the Massachusetts Turnpike was built, it went right through some of the property formerly owned by the Gardner family.  This photo, though, shows that at least one property still exists.  It was owned by F. Gardner then later sold to W.K. Gates.  This house is on the main road that goes through East Lee.


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