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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18-Mar-2009 09:05:03 MDT
Attention all Loys with Effingham Co., IL roots!--please help me identify these photos.

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This website, begun 9 September 1997, is companion to the January 1998 published book, "The Complete Loy History, featuring descendants of Martin Loy who migrated from Germany to America in 1741." Unlike the book, this site extends to other Loys as well as Martin's descendants.

Since 1982 I've come across many Loy branches, mostly from immigrants represented at left. After viewing success of the Gen-Web project, I began this page to link Loy researchers worldwide.

Links on left will give information on the immigrants' children and, in some cases, following generation. With hope, other researchers will have sites containing more detailed information, which I can URL link from this site. This not only includes these and other Loys who came to America, but those who stayed in Germany/other countries.


Know just the town but not county? Check here.
Rootsweb's TownCo Identifier


This will provide clues to the researcher, if only the county and state of an ancestor's residence are known from 1900 and prior. After 1900 census, more Loy branches shared areas of migration, but prior to this most stayed together in family groups. (There *are* a few exceptions, but even then, at least you can narrow it down to these branches sharing the specified area.) By 1900 census, these areas in the dropdown list were mostly settled by descendants of Loys given here. Select area from the dropdown list, then read info on the pertaining Loy branch(es) in box below.