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Ian Loxton

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Loxton Family in South Australia family tree

An Apology

I have a big job to do with the tree and I have procrastinated for almost 2 years on doing it.

Getting a stack of data from the Lintern side of the family I merged the two databases. I then made a large number of updates to both sides of the tree.

What I didn't realise till later was that the tree software I use, Personal Ancestral File (because it was free) will only give me a listing based on an Ancestor or a Descendant. My problem now is trying to divide the tree so that the Lintern folks can follow their line without too many extraneous Loxton lines and the Loxton folks can follow theirs without extraneous Lintern lines so I need to split the tree. In South Australia the Linterns and the Loxtons spent their early years in close contact because the couple that came out first were a Loxton male and a Lintern female. In a couple of other places the Linterns and Loxtons intermarried so the dividing line is very hard to find.

I have all the data available on the new web sites so if there are some particular facts you might be looking for please feel free to ask about them.

Update: October 2007. I have begun completely revamping our tree site using the Joomla Content Management System. Joomla is really great and it has allowed me to create a great site running phpGedview which gives us a complete Tree running from the website. The bonus is that other family members will contribute direct to the site with their own pages and sections.
The new site is at and I urge you all to drop by and see just what can be done for a family web site.

Also note that Barry Lintern, a distant cousin, has been working with me to make a new Lintern Family Tree web site at If you are researching that side of the family please head to Barry's Lintern Family Tree.

If you think you would like to work with me on the site and updating the database then please contact me through the Webmaster address below or through our Loxton-Lintern Family Tree Group on Yahoo Groups.

Webmaster. 14 August 2005 Updated: 21 Oct 2007 - major changes