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Ian Loxton
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Site News

Web Site Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site.
If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

2007 - October 22

2007 - January 7

  • Added news that the planning for the Reunion has been cancelled. Updated and corrected some pages.

2006 - April 1st

2006 - February 8th

  • Added back in the current tree lists for Loxton's and Lintern's in Australia.
  • Also updated some pages and some graphics.

2005 - August 14

  • Added Update page instead of the links to the databases coming up Page Not Found.
  • Removed outdated links to Pico Search and ICRA ratings.

1999 - October 20:   

  • completely rebuilt the site.
  • removed the Frames format
  • rebuilt the Menu so it is much clearer and each page is identified
  • added more information from the English researchers
  • added information about Wells and Loxton in the UK section

1999 - August 24:   

  • fixed up the Response Form to make selections easier,
  • added a page on Internet for new comers,
  • corrected the main page.

1999 - August 21:   Added a response form to our Feedback page.

1999 - August 14:   

  • Added many graphics to site
  • adjusted graphics, frames and text sizes to make it easier for those accessing with slower modem connections.

1999 - August 7:   Rebuilt the site.

  • Removed the background which was taking a long time to load and making some of the writing hard to read.
  • Added a top frame back into the layout.
  • Added a new directory so that folks who are coming to the site with old browsers or with frames and Java turned off can still negotiate through the site.
  • Rebuilt many of the graphics and icons to cut their size so make things load faster.

1999 - August 6:    South Afican Connection pages built. Frames adjusted.

1999 - July 28:   Changed date for Elgin Reunion. Added flag icons to the left-side menu.

1999 - July 25:   Added the start of the datafiles from my branch of the Loxton clan. Fixed up the Main page and other files. Started pages for the Canadian, South African, English branches.
The database program is Personal Ancestral File , a product of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1999 - July - 24:   Latest updates, still many pages to be added but most of the navigation works. Search page has been disabled for the time being.
New links added for Maritime Museum, Loxton's in Canada and other Loxton files.

1999 - July - 22:   the Xoom site locked while they corrected a server problem. All this site was trashed by this problem and needed to be fully uploaded. <sigh>

1999 - July - 14:   First pages hit the web. FrontPage 98 was used to build them and then it failed in a very big way. Into the silicon bin with that program and I started using Dreamweaver 2 to build this site.
WOW! What a great program.

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Updated: 6 Jan 2007 - minor changes only