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Low Dutch
Kentucky Marriages


1782-July 14. Lincoln County
Houghlan, Isaac m. Hubbard, Martha.

1783-March 15. Lincoln County
Shively, Henry m. Bonta, Mary.

1783-July 1. Lincoln County
Bonta, Peter m. Vancleave, Rachel d/o John

1783-July 3. Lincoln County
Stafford,William m. Westerfield, Leah.

1783-July 29. Lincoln County
VanMetre, Isaac m. Hoglan, Martha.

1784-March 9. Lincoln County
Burrus, Nathaniel m. Threlkeld, Mary d/o John

1784-June 5. Lincoln County
Banta or Bonta, Henry m. Logh or Sogh, Sarah d/o Andrew Logh or Sogh.

1784-June 5. Lincoln County
Bonta, Daniel m. Duree, Ann
Daniel s/o Henry.

1784-June 14. Lincoln County
Cumpton, Augustine m. Threlkeld, Anne

1784-June 17. Lincoln County
Baxter, James m. Westerfield, Deborah

1784-June 17. Lincoln County
Riker, John m. Vancleave, Mary
con. by Benn Vancleave & Rachael Riker.

1784-July 12. Lincoln County
Hutton, Samuel m. Boghart or Bogart, Ruth

1784-October 25. Lincoln County
Harris, Samuel m. Vancleave, Elizabeth
con. by Ike V. or Vancleave

1786-January 11. Lincoln County
Banta, Peter m. Banta, Rachel

1786-February 5. Lincoln County
Banta, Jacob m. Vorhis or Vorbis, Kissa

1786-March 27. Jefferson County
Lucas,William m. Darling, Mrs. Catharine

1786-June 6. Lincoln County
Renerson, Barent or Barnet m. Banta, Anny
con. by Henry B. or Banta

1786-July 19. Lincoln County
Hite, Joseph m. Lewis, Sarah.

1787-July 24. Lincoln County
Knary, Christian m. Garshwiller, Barbara

1788-February 1. Mercer County
Norris, Francis m. Munfort, Catherine

1788-February 29. Mercer County
Voorhies, John m. Boneta, Hezekiah

1790-April 7. Lincoln County
Batiste, John m. Hannah, d/o Andres Shuch.
"[This man is probably the same as Jean Batiste St. Onge, who appears occasionally on the county records]."

1791-July 17. Mercer County
Vories, Cornelius m. Bruner, Mary

1792-January 9. Mercer County
Bonta, David m. DeMott, Mary

1792-April 25. Mercer County
Westerfield, Isaac m. Smock, Polly

1792-May 19. Mercer County
Vanneys, Isaac m. Bonta, Lydia

1792-August 2. Mercer County
Threlkeld, Wm. m. Gaines, Francis

1792-August 4. Mercer County
Shuck, Wm. m. Bonta, Mary

1792-December 3. Shelby County
Hogland, Moses m. Elgin or Egin, Sarah d/o Mary Montgomery
Henry or Joseph Warford

1792- December 25. Shelby County
Demaree, David m. Kerns or Kerne, Jane d/o Peter
Henry Montgomery

1793- March 11. Shelby County
Chenowith or Cheneworth, John m. Buskirk, Mary d/o Michael
Thomas Buskirk

1793- April 10. Shelby County
Boone, Jonathan m. Fullenwider, Catherine
Ralph Van Cleve or Vancleave

1793- June 18. Shelby County
Laugherty or Daugherty, Benj. or Benijah m. Van Cleve or Vancleave, Miss Ralph (?)
Ralph Vancleave

1793- June 18. Shelby County
Watts, Major (Mason ?) m. Ryker, Debora or Deborah d/o Rachel VanCleve or Vancleave
Hugh Adams    John VanCleve or Vancleave
[con. by mother and step-father, John Vancleave and Rachel Vancleave.]

1793-December 11. Mercer County
Brewer, John m. Sarter, Dinah

1794-January 20. Mercer County
Threlkeld, John m. Robertson, Jane

1794- March 4. Shelby County
Van Cleave, Aaron m. Van Cleave, Elizabeth d/o John

1794-March 7. Mercer County
Voras, Luke m. Bonta, Chissey

1794-August 1. Bourbon County
Maxwell, William m. Dorland, Peggy

1794-August 26. Mercer County
Voris, John m. Titsworth, Hannah

1794- September 22 or 23. Shelby County
Van Cleve or Vancleave, John m. Van Cleve or Vancleave, Eunes or Ernes d/o Benjamin
Benjamin Van Cleve or Vancleave or John Vancleave

1794-October --. Mercer County
VanArsdell, Abraham m. Vandike, Aule

1794- November 8 or 18. Shelby County
Van Cleve or Vancleave, John m. Kernes or Kerns, Maryah or Marjah d/o Peter
John Parker or John Ryker

1794-December 16. Mercer County
Lyster, Cornelius m. Bice, Lotty

1795-April 20. Mercer County
Threkill, Daniel m. Bronson, Betsy

1795-July 9. Mercer County
Brewer, Daniel m. Dorland, Dorothy

1795-November 26. Mercer County
Vanarsdell, Isaac m. Vanarsdell, Ann

1795 December 17. Shelby County
Weble, Adam m. Vancleave, Jane

1796- January 7. Shelby County
Chapman, Nathan m. Vancleve, Jane

1796-February 3. Mercer County
Shaw, Thos. m. Ripertson, Catherine

1796- March 18. Shelby County
Kephart, Abraham m. Thorn, Rebecah d/o Elizabeth
Samuel Thorn

1796- May 24. Shelby County
Goddard, William m. Duree, Winney d/o Daniel & Anna Bonta
Samuel Duell or Saml. Duree    Abraham Bull

1796-July 18. Mercer County
Duree, Samuel m. Walls, Anna

1796-July 28 or 29. Mercer County
Vorhies, Peter m. Vanarsdell, Larre

1796-August 28. Mercer County
Burgin, Christopher m. VanArsdall, Ann

1796-November 17. Mercer County
Vanhice, Cornelius m. Cozart, Mary

1796-December 19. Mercer County
Deniott , Peter m. Terhune, Mary

1796-December 22. Mercer County
Vannice, John m. Canine, Letty

1797-January 19. Mercer County
VanArsdall, Cornelius m. Vanderipe, Mary

1797-98- January 29. Shelby County
Boone, Enoch m. Goldman, Lucy
Josiah Boone

1797-February 27. Mercer County
Smock, Mathew m. Scomp, Tiney
D. Rice

1797-March 15. Mercer County
David, John m. Brewer, Catharine

1797-April 5. Mercer County
Buchanan, Alex. m. McAfee, Nancy

1797-July 18. Mercer County
Vanderipe, Cornelius m. Westerfield, Patty

1797-August 10. Mercer County
Cozat, Jacob m. Comingore, Peggy

1797-September 28. Mercer County
VanArsdall, John m. Voorhies, Jane

1797-November 1. Shelby County
Houghland, or Hoagland, Elias m. Wood, Sarah d/o Mary
James Wardlow or Wardlaw

1797- November 18. Shelby County
Smock, Samuel m. Robins, Rachel
Jerardis or Gerardus Ryker

1797-December 19. Mercer County
Threlkeld, Daniel m. Ransdell, Nancy

1797- December 25. Shelby County
Lock, William m. Teague, Elizabeth d/o John
Benja. Lock

1798- June 12. Shelby County
Shem (Sheno ? Shaw?), Cornelius m. Polyn, Nancy
Joseph Makin

1798- October 9. Shelby County
Maddox, Daniel m. Willis, Nancy
Thomas L. Gwyn

1798- October 23. Shelby County
Polan, William m. Shuck, Polly
Cornelius Shuck

1799- March 28. Mercer County
Vanarsdell, Christopher m. Collier, Lydia

1799- July 25. Mercer County
Britton, Samuel m. Smock, Anne

1799-.September 2. Shelby County
Bonta, Henry m. Adams, Nancy

1799- September 19. Mercer County
Smock, Henry m. Debond, Anne

1799- October 21. Shelby County
Monfort, John m. Mitchell, Nancy d/o James
Test. Francis Monfort
William Mitchell

1800- January 9. Mercer County
Smock, God--- or Gorhail m. French, Mary or May

1800 January 15. Shelby County
Monfort, John m. Saelburn, Mary step-d/o Adrian Kerr
Stephen Terhune

1800- January 21. Shelby County
Terhune, Stephen m. Montfort, Mary d/o Frances
Jacob Monfort

1800 February 26. Shelby County
Demaree, Abraham m. Stansberry, Nancy
con. by John Teague

1800- March 27. Shelby County
Bell, John m. Demaree, Mary
John Demaree

1800- June 2. Shelby County
Admire, George m. Lock, Mrs. Sarah
Andrew Gregory

1800- August 25. Shelby County
Threldkeld, Moses m. Weakley, Elizabeth d/o Thomas
Stephen Weakley    Abraham Dale

1800- October 28. Shelby County
Blanton, Jesse or Josse m. Cozine, Sarah
Sam'l Demaree or Samuel Demarec

1800-December 8. Shelby County
Hogland, Henry m. Monroe, Barsheva
Arther Monroe    Michael Monroe

1800- December 30. Shelby County
Van Cleave, Benj. m. Kearns, Sarah
Peter Kearns

Notes and Sources

Note: Abbreviations used on this page:

con. = consent
m. = married although the date given with each record is not always the actual date of marriage.
d/o = daughter of

Register of the Kentucky Historical Society; Kentucky Marriage Records Index by Eleanor Antoniak; Baltimore; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1983.

Some notes about these records:

   "Lincoln County Marriages, From the Formation of the County to the Admission of the State (1781-1792)", excerpted from "Lincoln Couty Records" by Lucian Beckner, Vol. 12 (May 1914), 77-88; (Sept. 1914), 89-99.
"The dates given are mostly the date of the issuance of the license, but in a few instances the date of the marriage ceremony is given; this being obtained from the few returns of the officiating ministers."

   "Early Marriages Records of Mercer County [1786-1800]," by Mrs. T. Henry Coleman, from Vol. 20 (Jan. 1922), 9-20. Compiled by Mrs. T. Henry Coleman, Jane McAfee Chapter, N.S., D.A.R., Harrodsburg, Ky. Pages 550-561.
Minister's names included. Editor's note: " There may some inaccuracies in this copy, due to the great difficulty in deciphering some of the names found in the original records."

   "Marriage Bonds of Shelby County 1792-1800." Copied from original records by Mrs. E. B. Smith, Shelbyville, Kentucky. Arranged for publication by Miss Nina M. Visscher, from Vol 23 (Jan.1925), 74-99 Pages 682-707.
Miss Visscher notes that when two dates are given it is probably due to the copiest giving both date of bond and return by minister; names following bride's name are bondsmen, witnesses or minister.

Ardery, Julia Hoge Spencer; Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages Copied from Court House Records by Regents, Historians and the State Historian, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, Records from Barren, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Daviess, Fayette, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Montgomery, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Scott, and Shelby Counties. 1926, 1932. Reprint, Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Publishing, 1969, 1972.

Some notes about these records:

   "First Shelby County, Kentucky, Marriages Bonds" was contributed by Mrs. Graham Lawrence and Miss Elizabeth V. Todd, Isaac Shelby Chapter. 1792-1798. It is noted on page 133 that "Very few Are Included in First Marriage Book - Spelling as in Bond." Lincoln County, Kentucky Marriage Records, 1781-92 . [database online] Provo, UT:, 2001. Original data: Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Marriage Records of Lincoln County, Kentucky 1781-1792. Chillicothe, MO: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, circa 1965. Shelby County, Kentucky Marriage Bonds: 1792-1800. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2001. Original data: Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Marriage Bonds for Shelby County, Kentucky 1792-1800. Chillicothe, MO: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, circa 1965. Dodd, Jordan. Kentucky Marriages to 1850. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1997. Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Kentucky.

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