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The History and Genealogy of four French-Canada's families.

Awarm welcome to all the descendants of the four Larocque ancestors (Laroque, LaRocque, Roque, Roch, Roc, Roquebrune, LaRock, Rockbrune, Rockbrun, Roburn, Célerier dit Roque etc.) and to those who may be interest by this family. The purpose of the Larocque History Book is to answer any question you may have relating to the Larocque family. You will find the story of the four Larocque families starting at their respective first ancestor. The site is divided in four sections.

Section 1. On this page, links to general interest subjects. 
Section 2. The ancestor Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune. 
Section 3. The ancestor Guillaume LaRocque dit Lafontaine.
Section 4. The ancestor Antoine Larocque. 
Section 5. The ancestor François Larocque. 

The section about Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune is further divided in seven subsections. One of these sections contains archive documents, marriage acts notary acts, excerpt of book and articles about the genealogy of the Larocque dit Roquebrune. 

Moreover, you will find a marriage list of descendants of the four Larocque ancestors. This list counts over 14,000 mariages of the descendants of these four ancestors. We also included the descendants of two more family, the Fuseau dit Roque and the Thouin dit Roque. This may help resolve some confusion that may exist with other Roque who are Larocque dit Roquebrune. You can use this list to trace your lineage and find who was your Larocque ancestors. If you, your parents, your grandparents are not already in the list let me know so your family is included in the list. There is an e-mail link on this page. 
You will find also many hand written documents and others pertaining to Larocque's in Canada or France. You can access thesee documents by goint to the INDEX under "Documents"
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This WEB site is in constant expansion. Since its beginning at the end of 1996 many articles have been added and if you were to read the entire content of the Larocque Story Book, it would take many hours. The complete WEB site is now on a CD. Also on this CD you will find a GEDCOM of the descendants of Philibert Couillaud and the marriage list in EXCEL format. There are also other information not found on the WEB site. Many old pictures of Larocque ancestors are on this CD. The purchase of each CD will help us pay for research and cover the cost of a paleograph for the interpretation of the documents. Research were also undertaken to identify the parents of Philibert Couillaud in France. Click on the image on the right for more information. 

    Get your certificate tracing your complete direct Larocque (Larock, Rockbrune etc.) lineage starting from you and your family to the first Larocque ancestor in North-America. Also, a printed version of this WEB site will be available soon for those who are not connected to the Internet. Click on the image on the right for details. Thank you 


Four ancestor are the author of most of the Larocque families in Canada and in the United States.

The Larocque de Roquebrune ancestor, Philibert Couillaud (dit Roquebrune) arrived in Canada in 1665 with the Regiment de Carignan. The French Canadian writer and historian Robert de Roquebrune (a descendant of Philibert) wrote that he was born in the old French province of Gascony while an other document would rather say that he was from the diocese de Nevers (Nivernais, FRANCE).
The second was Guillaume LaRocque dit Lafontaine of whom his descendants are found around the town of Chambly (Quebec). Guillaume Larocque was from the commune of Marssac sur Tarn near the town of Albi 
An other Larocque ancestor, Antoine Larocque was from the town of of Trie in France. His descendants are very few. Among them we find politicians and explorers.
The last Larocque on our list, François, settled in Acadia from France. The Acadian historian Bona Arsenault said of him that he was from the French province of Normandy.

Other Subjects

Larocque, the name, it's meaning and it's origins.
Address of Larocque family researchers who could help you with your genealogy if this WEB site wasn't able to answer all your questions. You will find also links to other family WEB sites. 
My ascendant and a family photo album, my great-grandparents, grandparents and their children, my parents who lived in St-Lazare (Vaudreuil, Quebec).
The first governor general of Canada under King François I was a La Roque, François La Roque de Roberval
If you are from FRANCE and a Laroque/Larocque we would like to hear your story. There may be a link between you and your North American cousins. Also, places in France bearing the name Laroque, Larroque etc.
Each time something new is added to the site, this item is updated. The subject and date are indicated. Return to see us to find the latest additions.
A Larocque Who's Who. People who have left their name in history and had some influence in their field of expertise.
You hit a wall during your research? You can post your question(s) on the billboard. You may also want to answer the questions posted on that page. 
A Larocque family associon ? Let us know if you are interested. 
Find your complete LAROCQUE lineage with our Marriage list. This list contains more then 14,000 of marriages (unions) of Larocque. You will be able to go back to the first ancestor. If you can't find anything, let us know! Also, contribute into this database the names of your parents, grandparents and yours to make this list complete.
The Larocque Metis project of Mr Robert Black. We would like to know more about the history of the first settlers of the North American West. 
Finally, the 1666 Montreal census. This Census was done twenty four years after Montreal foundation.

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