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Transcribed by Jerry (Harrison) Riggs

Thank You Jerry

I believe this is the guardianship bond although it isn=t titled as such that is what the content appears to be about.


Know all men by these presents that we Nancy Morris Andrew S Hines & Henry Shaw are held unto the people of the sState of llinois for the use James A Morris William L Morris Robeson B Morris Benjamin F Morris Margarete Emiline Morris Samuel T Morris John H Morris Minors in the penal sum of Three Hundred Dollars Lawful money of the United States for the payment where of will & truly to be paid we hereby bind ourselves our heirs & jointly and severally & firmly by these presents signed with our hands and Seals this 26 day of May 1837.

The condition of the obligation is such that if the above bound Nancy Morris who has been appointed guardian for said infant heirs shall faithfully discharge the office trust of such guardian according to law & shall render a fair & just account of the guardianship to this court of the Probate for the county of Hamilton from time to time as she shall be thereunto acquired by said court and comply with all the orders of said court lawfully made Relative to the good chattles & moneys of the said minors and render and pay to such minors all money good & chattle titles papers & effects which may be thereunto Entitled or to any Subsequent guardian should should such court so direct. Then this obligation to be void or ? To remain in full force & ?.

Nancy X Morris (Seal)

A S Hynes (Seal)

Henry X Shaw (Seal)

The above document came to me with a note copied sideways that reads as follows

Nancy Morris Bond Guardian of this Estate Of E. Morris Decd

Filed May 26 1837

On a separate page is this list I suppose it goes with this, it is dated the same.


Wm L Morris aged 18 of 30 May 1837

Jas A Do Do 16 of March Last

Robt B Morris Do 14 of Dec 1836

Benj F Morris Do 12 of Sept 1836

Margaret Emiline M Do 8 of 23 Sept 1836

Saml T Morris Do 4 of 30 Sept 1837

John H Morris Do 1 of October 1836

May 26 1837


Oath of Administrators

Oath of Administrators

State of Illinois Hamilton County

   We Nancy Morris Administratix & Isaac Clark Administrator of the Estate of Edmond Morris deceased do solumly swear that we will well & truly administer all & singular the goods & chattles rights & credits & effects of Edmond Morris deceased & pay all just claims & charges against his estate so far as his good chattles & effects shall extend & the law charges us & that we will do & perform all other acts required by Law to the best of our Knowledge & abilities.

Sworn & subscribed before me this 24

Nancy X Morris

Feby 1836 Isaac Clark


 The people of the State of Illinois, Hamilton County Illinois to John Averett, John Davis and Henry Shaw of the county of Hamilton and state of Illinois greeting.This is to authorise you jointly and severally to appraise the goods and chattle and personal estate of Edmund Morris late of the county of Hamilton and  state of Illinois deceased so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge. Each of you having first taken the oath a certificate where of you are to return annexed to all appraisement Bill of said goods, chattles and personal estate by you appraised in dollars & cents and in the said Bill of Appraisement you are to set down in a column or columns opposite to each article appraised the valuethere of.

Witnesses J C Lockwood Judge of probate for the said county of Hamilton at his office in M Goshen this 28 day of February 1836

J C Lockwood (signiture)

State of Illinois, Hamilton County

You and each of you do solumly swear that you will well and truely without partiality or prejudice value and apprsis the goods and chattles of and personal Estate of Edmund Morris deceased so far as the Laws shall come to your sight and knowledge and that you will in all respects perfom your duty as appraisers to the best of your skill and judgment. So help you God.

Sworn to before me this Feby 1836 Samuel Crouse (JP) this the 3rd Warrant forof March 1836 Appraisel

Filed March 1836

Note that there are two separate documents for the appraisel even though I put them together here, they were done on different dates.


List of Notes


Enos T Allen one Note John Clark 4.37 2

Lewis Lane & Thomas Cottingham 16.75

E H Morris & A S Hynes Note 21.50

Hiram Greathouse Samuel Crouse and John Trout Note 78.62 2

Wesley W Gholson & Reubin Emberson and Ely Gholson Note 12.00

Henry Boleman and George Basheim Note 24.00

Jesse Mabury & James Eubanks Note 10.25

Lysanders Eubanks & James Eubanks Note 11.18 3/4

Alexander T Kelsey John Averett and Jeremiah T F Lewis Note 19.06 1/4

Joel D Holloway and Christopher Hardister Note 3.56 1/4

James Yong & Alexander Swain Note 58.44 3/4

John Woods John Evelith Notes 106.02 2

Nancy Morris & Alexander Williams Note 148.62 2

George W Hice Theis Note 53.77 3/4

Cash ??? 3.62 2

571.81 1/4

Hiram Duff & others 20.00


The above is a statement of the amount of notes of principal & Taken for the Sales of the Estate of Edmund Morris dec=d on the

18 March 1836

Isaac Clark Administrator

On another page is the following

Amt brot over $591.81

A list of notes of the Estate of E Morris deceased .

Filed 18 March 1836

J C Lockwood





Appraisal List

March the 3rd day 1836

one lot of corn standing 38.00

1 lot of corn in a pile 60.00

1 Bay horse 20.00

1 Bone Mare 50.00

1 Black Mare 40.00

1 Bone colt 20.00

1 Red cow 9.00

1 Pided cow and calf  8.00

1 Red sided cow white face 9.00

2 two year old heifers 9.00

2 yearlings 5.00

1 yearling 2.00

6 head of old sheep and 212.00

1 lot of hogs 16 in number ? 9.50

another lot of hogs 20 in number19.50

1Waggon & hind gear 75.00

1 flour mill 20.00

1 lot of tobacco 70.00

1 Bull tongue & Cary plough 2.50

2 Cary ploughs & 1 horse 4.00

1 grindstone 2.00

3 bee gurns & bees 4.00

4 Barrels & 1 washing Tub 1.50

2 pots & 1 cittle 1 oven & 1 skillet 1 smoothing Iron & 1 fire shovel 5.00

1 Churn .25

2 Wheels & 1 check reel 2.50

4 Bells 1 without a clapper 3.00




1 cupboard and Cupboard weare 15.00

1 mans saddle & Saddle bags 21.00

1 womans saddle 14.00

1 Clock 10.00

3 beds and bedding 34.00

A small quantity of Feathers 2.00

2 clothes Boxes & 1 Table and looking glass 2.50

2 chopping axes 3.00

2 axes 1.00

1 grubing hoe and reaphook 2 swingle trees &

Cleves & 1 auger & 1 drawing knife & 1 Iron wedge 1 open ?

The whole 3.00

1 grubing hoe & 1 Clevis & 1 hand saw,

1 pare of streachers, 1 piece of chain

1 pare of sheepshears, 1 Hone 2.25

1 half bushel and 2 water pails .75

4 weding hoes .75

1 sythe & cradle 3.00

1 loom 4.00

3 Blind Bridles .25

5 cheers & 3 frames 2.00

13 geese & 30 chickens  4.75



1 stack of wheat 12.00

2 pare of geese 3.00

1 mans saddle     .75



1 stack of wheat 12.  2 pare of geese 3.

1 mans saddle .75





 This is a ?    of property appraised by          J Averett, John S Davis & H Shaw appraisers of Edmund Morris deceased

March 3 1836

John Averett (seal), John S Davis (seal),

Henry Shaw (seal);   Isaac Clark Administrator


This begins a group of papers that were turned in against Edmund Morris Estate, money due these people.


Edmund Morris

1834 To Alex Kirkpatrick D?

Dec 19 1 P Stirrups @ .75

7 2 Coffee @ .25 1.87 2

4? Sugar @ .12 2 .50

3 Knives @ .25 .75

1 Saddle from Pool 18.00

1835 2 horse collars 1.25 2.50

Jany 6 11 2 Sole Leather .28 3.22

10 Coffee @ .20 2.00

4 Sugar @ .12 2 .50

1 Side upper Leather 3.25

Mar 4 4 Sugar @ 12 2 .50

5 Coffee @ .20 1.00

7 2 DO @ .20 1.50

4 Sugar @ .12 2 .50

1 1/4 Tobacco @ ,25 .31 1/4

3 yds cord @ .33 1/3 1.00

6 Do muslim @ .16 2/3 1.00

Apl 2 4 yds Indigo @ .25 1.00

Shaving soap .06 1/4

1 pr cotton cards .62 2

8 sugar @ .12 2 1.00

23 3 Tobacco @ .25 .75

20 coffee @ .25 5.00

16 sugar @ .12 2 2.00

1 Saddle from Pool 19.00

$68.59 2

State of Illinois Gallatin County

Before the undersigned Justice of the Peace in and foresaid county personally James who being duly sworn reposeth and saith that he was a clerk in the store of Alexander

Kirkpatrick and that the charges in the above account up to April 1835 are correct and Melton Sep to being duly sworn says that he is an acting clerk in the store of Alexander Kirkpatrick and that the charges in the above account since the first day of April 1835 were made by himself and that he belives the same to be correct. Given My hand and seal this 1 st day March 1836.

Thomas F Vaught JP

Equality 23 Dec 1834

Due to Wm Hewitt on order Ten Dollars Payable in 12 Months from date for Value recd by me.

Edmond Morris (Mark)

Witness Emily Hewitt

Recd of Edmond Morris $.93 land tax for the S?? SW 12-78-78-79-62 Acres also $.37 2 his county levy also for the year 1835.

?? Lasswell Sheff of H C

$20.00 Hamilton Co IL 183?

One year from the first day of January next, for value received, I promise to pay Bliss,Williams & Co, or their order, Twenty Dollars. If one half of the above note is paid when due, then a credit is to be given on the other half one year longer. This note was given for a wind-mill; if the signer is not suited with this mill, he is to return the same by the first day of August next, at Bliss, Williams & Co=s Factory, in New Haven, and they are to furnish him a new mill at that place; provided the signer takes good care of this mill and keeps the same in his own barn. The above note is to be paid at P Slat??? Store in New Haven.

Witness my hand & seal this 2nd day of June 1835.

Edmund (Mark) Morris (seal)

Mrs Nancy Morriss

Pleas to pay Andrew Story Three dollars and this my order shall be your recpt in full obl??s

????? D Holl????

7th Nov 1836

Recd of Isaac Clark Administrator of the Estate of Edmond Morris deceased Five Dollars on my fees for said Administration

Jany 4 1836

J C Lockwood  Judge of Probate


May the 9th 1835 Due Daniel Sowell the sum of two dollars to be paid by the first day of next November as witness my and and

Edmund (Mark) Morris (Seal)

Nancy Morris & Isaac Clark  July 9th ?? W. H. Stickney Dr

1836 ?? Estate Edmund Morris $1.50

 Recd of Isaac Clark & Nancy Morris Administrators of the estate of Edmond Morris deceased the sum of Thirty one dollars on the part of one of the heirs it b being my wifes part hereunto called Sarah Caroline Morris May 16th 1837

James P Garrison

 Received of Isaac Clark 75 cents it being the full amount for service rendered against the estate of Edmund Morris this the 20th day of December 1836

John Averett

 Twelve months after date we or either of us promise to pay Paul T Summars thirteen Dollars 93 3/4 cents it being for value recd of him as witness our hands and Seals

October 18th 1835

Edmond (Mark) Morris (Seal)  John S Davis (Seal)

 Received of Isaac Clark one dollar & 62 2 cnts It being the full amoount of all amount against the estate of Edmund Morris this the 19th day of December 1836

S A (Mark) Kelsey

 Received of Isaace Clark the administrator of the property of Edmund Morris deceasedseventy five cents it being the full amount of all demands against said estate for services renedered by me March 28th 1837

Henry (mark) Shaw

 Received of Isaac Clark 75 cents it being a demand against the estate of Edmund Morris deceased this the 23 day of March 1836

Vatchel Davis

 Received of Isaac Clark 75 cents it being the full amount that I have against the Estate of Edmund Morris this the 2nd day January 1837

John S Davis

 Received of I Clark and Nancy Morris five dollars it being the full amount that I have against the estate of Edmund Morris this the 2nd day of January 1837

Ira E Riley

Received of Isaac Clark 25 cents it being the full amount of my claim against the Estate of Edmund Morris decsd this the 3 of Januaary 1837

Edward Hamilton  Shawneetown Jany 7th 1837

 Recd of Isaac Clark Administrator of the Estate of Edmund Morris deceas by the hand of I C Lockwood Sixty Eight Dollars 59/100 this being the amt allowed for my acc by the judge of Probate of Hamilton County

Alex Kirkpatrick

Edmund Morris Decd

On acct with G W Webb ??? 1835 Nov 25th 2 powder .50 1 lead .12?? 38 5 coffee .20 1 box lees pills .25 1.25


 Recd Carmi January 11th 1837 of Nancy Morris administratrix of the estate of Edmund Morris decd this amt in full of the above acct.

G W Webb ??

 Received of Nancy Morris the administratrix of Edmund Morris decd one dollar & 68 3/4 cents it being the full amount of my account against said estate this the 16th of January 1837

(Mark) young

 Received of Isaac Clark the administrator of the estate of Edmund Morris deceased one dollar the full amount of my claim against said estate for cring the sale of said estate this the 27th of February 1837

Henry Williams

State of Illinois

Gallatin County I do hereby certify that James Young presents his account on the day of trial for medicines and services render as physician in tending on Edmund Morriss in his last sickness Amt twenty three Dollars & 25 cents and sware to the same to be a just bill given under my hand ad seal this the 12th of May A D 1837

James Shain (seal or mark)

 Recd of Nancy Morris Thirty five Dollars & 46/100 the amt allowed by the judge of Probate of H C for my services as administrator of the Estate of Edmund Morris deceased. May 16 1837

Isaac Clark Administrator