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Passenger List for the "Aleppo" - part 4

This steamer left Liverpool, England and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in July 1871
Captain: Michael Murphy

(photocopy of original passenger list obtained from the good folks at the Massachussetts State Archives)

Marie Muller infant Child Germany
Jean Reus (?) 17 Mechanic Germany
Niel Wagner 26 Mechanic Germany
George Velklich (?) 29 Mechanic Germany
Jean Faust 26 Mechanic Germany
Christian Stabeuer 21 Mechanic Germany
Jean Mathis 19 Mechanic Germany
George Phillippi 20 Mechanic Germany
Chretien Baumann (?) 30 Mechanic Germany
Jacob Helf 18 Mechanic Germany
Catharine Flock 24 Spinster Germany
George Koling 20 Mechanic Germany
Philipp Schneider 24 Mechanic Germany
I. E. Follsten 33 Mechanic Norway
Christian C. Svensson 20 Matron Sweden
Yuz P. Petersson (?) 25 Mechanic Sweden
Fritz Brorman (?) 20 Mechanic Germany
T. Peter 47 Mechanic Denmark
Anna Peter 59 Matron Denmark
J. Stecherhoch 20 Mechanic Germany
T. Jansonius 24 Mechanic Poland
Martin Breutzel (?) 20 Mechanic Germany
Joseph Breutzel (?) 18 Mechanic Germany
Joseph Dietrich 18 Mechanic Germany
Adam Dietrich 16 Mechanic Germany
Ludwig Rupper 19 Mechanic Germany
Anna Rupper 21 Spinster Germany
Edmund A. Harigan 25 Mechanic Germany
Touetta A. Hermes (?) 25 Spinster Germany
Oleanna C. Olare (?) 18 Spinster Germany
Bernz O. Stegge (?) 49 Mechanic Germany
Rughild Stegge 36 Matron Germany
Ingeberg Stegge 11 Child Germany
Paul Stegge 9 Child Germany
Oluf Stegge 3 Child Germany
Pauline Stegge 2 Child Germany
Johann Stegge infant Child Germany
Alexander V. Tapperell 18 Mechanic England
Louisa Andrews 19 Spinster England
Ellen Sullivan 19 Spinster England
Caroline Slater 24 Spinster England
Ann Todd 24 Spinster England
Clara Heard 17 Spinster England
Edward Lawrence ? ? England
Martha Lawrence ? ? England
Isaac Chomel (?) 40 Mechanic England
John W. Hardy 16 Mechanic England
Grace McKoue (?) 24 Matron Ireland
Sarah A. McKoue (?) 3 Child Ireland
John O'Brien 21 Laborer Ireland
Margaret Donoghue 18 Spinster Ireland
Margaret Driscoll 16 Servant Ireland
William Driscoll 19 Laborer Ireland
Mary O'Brien 5 Child Ireland
Hannah Mullone 24 Servant Ireland
Eliza Calnan (?) 31 Servant Ireland
Jeremiah Driscoll 50 Laborer Ireland
Ellen Driscoll 40 Wife Ireland
John Driscoll 15 Laborer Ireland
Thomas Driscoll 11 Child Ireland
Jerry Driscoll 7 Child Ireland
Minnie Driscoll (?) 5 Child Ireland
Bridget Ray 28 Servant Ireland
Michael Ray 6 Child Ireland
Jeremiah Mooney 48 Laborer Ireland
Margaret Mooney 34 Wife Ireland
Mary Mooney 11 Child Ireland
Bridget Mooney 9 Child Ireland
Margaret Mooney 8 Child Ireland
James Mooney 6 Child Ireland
Hannah Mooney 5 Child Ireland
Ellen Mooney 3 Child Ireland
John Mooney infant Child Ireland
Edward Mooney ? ? Ireland
Catharine Fury 42 Matron ireland
Maggie Fury 8 Child Ireland
Nicolas Fury 6 Child Ireland
Susan Tunstead (?) 58 Matron Ireland
George Tunstead (?) 18 Laborer Ireland
Henry Tunstead (?) 14 Laborer Ireland
John Sullivan 28 Laborer Ireland
Edward Sullivan 50 Laborer Ireland
Johanna Healey 41 Servant Ireland
Honorah Doyle 33 Servant Ireland
Margaret Cohen 20 Servant Ireland
Ann Carrig (?) 27 Servant Ireland
Mary Farranz (?) 55 Matron Ireland
Margaret Farranz (?) 23 Servant Ireland
Mary Farranz (?) 21 Servant Ireland
James Barry 27 Laborer Ireland
Ellen Daley 15 Spinster Ireland
Margaret Higgins 17 Servant Ireland
Nellie Higgins 15 Spinster Ireland
Julia Mahoney 26 Servant Ireland
Ellen Mahoney infant Child Ireland
Martin Morris 24 Laborer Ireland
Kate Lally 20 Servant Ireland
Patrick Herron 50 Laborer Ireland
Margaret Herron 44 Wife Ireland
Catherine Herron 8 Child Ireland

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