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Passenger List for the "Aleppo" - Part 1

This steamer left Liverpool, England and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in July 1871
Captain: Michael Murphy

(photocopy of original passenger list obtained from the good folks at the Massachussetts State Archives)

Benjamin Harrison 25 Mechanic England
Abraham Levy 29 Mechanic England
John Martin 34 Mechanic England
Sarah Martin 33 Wife England
Daniel Dennison 38 Mechanic England
Mary Dennison 36 Wife England
Peter Connor 32 Mechanic England
Walter Lee 32 Mechanic England
Julia Sullivan 21 Spinster Ireland
Catherine Field 40 Spinster England
Margaret Sawyer 26 Spinster England
Mary Smith 7 Child England
James Smith 5 Child England
Thomas Blackley 23 Mechanic England
Hugh Kinder 19 Mechanic England
Esther Martin 36 Spinster England
John Connolly 19 Mechanic Ireland
Thomas Watkins 21 Mechanic England
Thomas Harrington 32 Mechanic England
Stephen D. Carteret 51 Mechanic England
Thomas R. Drews 40 Mechanic England
Annie Drews 40 Wife England
Annie A. Drews 14 Child England
Thomas G. Drews 12 Child England
Henrietta Drews 10 Child England
Walter Drews 7 Child England
Alfred E. Drews 5 Child England
Henry Bell 24 Mechanic England
Anna Lalbot 52 Spinster England
Henry Bull 23 Mechanic England
Patrick Ryan 30 Mechanic Ireland
Daniel Brosnan 27 Mechanic Ireland
Francis Cassidy 20 Mechanic Ireland
Margaret Rice 25 Spinster England
Patrick Connor 21 Mechanic Ireland
May Malhoney 24 Spinster Ireland
Thomas A. Ross 19 Mechanic England
David Ross 18 Mechanic England
John Ross 47 Mechanic England
Mary Rowe 30 Spinster England
Mary McManus 24 Spinster Ireland
May Silvester 28 Spinster England
William Gunthorpe 24 Mechanic England
Priscilla Gunthorpe 24 Wife England
Emily Gunthorpe infant Child England
Isaac New 46 Mechanic England
Ann New 44 Wife England
Charles New 18 Mechanic England
William Osborne 23 Mechanic  England
Frederick Osborne 21 Mechanic  England
Charles Hooper 24 Mechanic England
John Sairenet (?) 19 Mechanic England
Hubert Baverstock (?) 20 Mechanic England
August Hofflamayet 29 Mechanic  Germany
Eliza Hofflamayet 21 Wife Germany
William Payne 50 Mechanic England
Margaret Payne 50 Wife  England
Richard Allen 37 Mechanic England
George R. Portch (?) 42 Mechanic England
Richard Wadge 25 Mechanic England
Thomas Gorman 25 Mechanic  England
John Brown 54 Mechanic  England
George Stevens 73 Mechanic  England
Mary A. Goodchild 25 Spinster  England
Benjamin Arnold 25 Mechanic  England
Francis W. Hooper 15 Mechanic England
John Foley 30 Mechanic England
Noah Wright 21 Mechanic  England
Edward McCaffery 24 Mechanic  Ireland
Thomas Houker 40 Laborer England
Julia Rafferty 16 Spinster Ireland
Andrew Madden 30 Laborer England
John Brown 26 Laborer  England
George Smith 21 Laborer  England
John Collier 33 Laborer England
Elias Taylor 27 Laborer England
John Ashroff (?) 31 Laborer  England
Thomas Gettings 50 Laborer  England
Mary Gettings 50 Wife  England
Patrick Gettings 18 Laborer  England
Mary Gettings 21 Spinster England
Ann Gettings 19 Spinster England
Ellen Gettings 17 Spinster  England
George Glasson 32 Farmer England
Elizabeth Glasson 21 Wife England
Mary Glasson 50 Spinster England
John Flynn 19 Laborer  England
Annie Mackin 41 Spinster  Ireland
Robert Hasted 20 Mechanic England
Walter Byron 52 Mechanic England
Ann Byron 45 Wife  England
Mary Byron 10 Child England
John Bruce 39 Mechanic England
Herbert Ainsworth 23 Mechanic Scotland
John Bakenell (?) 38 Mechanic England
Henry Hayes 33 Mechanic England
William Dyche (?) 50 Mechanic England
George Bishop 31 Mechanic England
Ann Bishop 24 Wife England

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