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Morton Oct 26th 1884
Mrs. Sarah Smith

Dear freind Sarah

It is Sunday and has been raining all day. I dreamed of seeing you all last night. I saw Dora just as plain as could be. I have been thinking of you all day and so concluded to write to you. I wrote you a letter about two weeks ago. Wess carried it in his pocket untill a few days ago and then finding it one day in town he posted it. I had started at least a dozen before that but Sarah I was feeling so bad that I just couldent write. I am getting well now though. The only trouble is that I cant get enough to eat. (illegible) Hamptons folks are all well. I was up there the other day for the first time but Aunt Lib Shrieves is no better. I saw Mr. Shrieves yesterday. He is terribly discouraged. He cant speak of her without crying. She has no appetite and the Dr. says that he has done all that he can for her.

Wess went to Pekin to a rally Teusday night and I went out and stayed with Becky (illegible). It was the first time I had been there since the funeral and oh how different it seems to what it used to. They are going to have the sale of their personal property in a few weks. They are having lots of trouble. All but Joe. He wont come home to make any arrangements but the rest make up for it. Mr. Steward has been out and appraised the household goods and the stock. He told Becky that she could by law keep all the household goods. But some of the family objected. And she said she couldent keep them for she felt as if she had all the trouble (illegible) she could bear. Sam wants (illegible) not to sell the farm for another year but rent it to him. They havent made up their minds yet what they will do. Becky feels awful bad. (illegible) is staying there and has been ever since Mr. (illegible) death but I dont think him and Becky will ever marry. Joe is not going to live where he does now another year but is going to move a mile this side of Washington. John thinks of going west, I guess we will go west or somewhere in another year. We would have gone this year if we had known how it was going to be. Lewises have got John to come home and he is going to farm the home place. Leaving Wess only what is down here and part of that is in meadow. So you can see it doesn't leave him very much to farm. I dont know what Fred intends doing. He says he (illegible) but I guess he will have to. Things have changed since I have been sick so much. Mrs. Lewis never comes here and sometimes dont speak but that is just what I expected (well they say that experience is a hard school but fools learn in no other). Well I started to write this letter to Dora. Well Dora my boy is getting as fat as a pig. He is eight months old and he weighs 20 pounds. I weigh 115. Dont you think we are doing pritty well. Now Dora I want you to write to me and send me your picture and tell me all about what you and Homer and Oscar are doing and tell me how you like new Oregon and if you ever think of Wess and I. I am raising two pet pigs Dora and they are just as mean as any pigs you ever saw and we have another pup now that is ever so much prittyer than Pedro was. Our boy likes to play with him. Well Dora it is getting dark and I will have to bring my letter to a close. Tell your mother she must write to me soon and you must too and I will try and answer more prompt in the future. Hopeing to hear from you soon. I remain ever your friend.

Rosa Lewis

To Dora Smith

Good by

NOTES: Envelope postmarked: Oct 28, 1884 Morton, Illinois
Nov 3, 1884 Forest Grove, Oregon

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