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March 7, 1902

Dear mother

I will write you a few lines to let you now that I got Homers letter. I cant hardly bear to think about father. Was he sick bfore he died or not.

Well I will come home as soon as I can. I will haft to sell my horses first.

How would you like to come out here and live. Have you got the team yet and have you got plenty of hay to do you.

I expect it will to weak be fore I can come but I will come as soon as I can. You had beter go and stay with Homer till I come. And is their any work over their now.

Well I will haf to close for it is dark and I haft to ride 5 miles yet.

So god by and write soon.

Oscar Smith

NOTES: Envelope postmarked: Mar 7, 1902, Bly, Oregon
                                                     Mar 9, 1902, Klamath Falls, Oregon
                                                     Mar 10, 1902, Medford, Oregon

              Oscar Arther Smith was one of Sarah's sons.

              This letter refers to the death of Sarah Smith's husband, Arther Leonard Smith. Oscar is suggesting that
              Sarah go and stay with one of her other sons, William Homer, until he can make the trip to Medford.

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