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New Pine Creek Ore.
March 31, 1902

Dear Mrs. Smith and children

It is with such a sad aching heart and so full of sympathy that I write you today. I only learned of Mr. Smiths death a few days ago. Oh Oh How sorry I am for you. How well do I know and realize how sad and lonly you are. Little did I think when you were so good and kind to me and shed tears of sympathy for me...that you would be called to pass through the same terrible sorrow so soon. Would that I could see you if I could only do something to comfort you. But I know too well how vain and useless to try to comfort when there is no comfort.

How often the children speak of poor Bert, Myrtle and Hattie. They know what it is to be without papa.

I wrote you a letter oh so long long ago but no answer after watching and waiting a long time. Concluded you did not get it and just the day I got Mrs. Spencer's letting telling me the sad news. I had said "I will write to Mrs. Smith again and send in Homers care."

I want to go back to Medford oh so bad but it seems like I can't leave mother. She just breaks down and cries like her heart would break when I talk about going. And it seems like it will kill me or I will go crazy, if I have to stay much longer. I am so nervous now I can hardly bear it and sometimes I don't know what I am doing. It is harder to bear today than it was one year ago. It just seems like it has been so long since I saw Ed that I must I must see him or die. Seems all the time like he is over there and I must go to him. Oh oh god why do such seperations have to be. If I could only see and talk to you. I must stop for I am shaking like a leaf.

Please write to me if you can. I know it is awful hard to write, but I would like to hear from you and the children. Give my kindest regards and sympathy to Homer and Daisy. And accept the same for yourself and children. I hope Hattie wont forget me and I don't think Myrtle will.

Yours lovingly

Mrs. E. Land

Please excuse the pencil and poor writing.

NOTES: Several of Sarah's children are referred to in this letter:
                        Bert    (Albert Smith)
                        Myrtle (Myrtle Zula Smith)
                        Hattie  (Hattie Smith Allen)
                        Homer (William Homer Smith)
                        Daisy   (Daisy Mary Shattuck Smith...William Homer's wife)
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