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Morton Ill.
March 29, 1885
Mrs. Sarah Smith
Portland Oreg.

Dear friend

I recieved your letter a short time ago. Was glad to hear from you. But was sorry to hear that you had so much snow out there. I dont think I want to go to Oregon but I would like to go somewhere where it is warmer than it is here. We came pritty near freezing this winter. You must excuse mistakes. Lesley has a sty on his eye and he is awful cross. Well I have the best health this spring that I have had for a long time. I just work all the time and it dont hurt me. I have 10 little chickens and will soon have lots more. Well Sarah our neighborhood is increasing fast. Bill McColly have a boy. George McColys a girl and Pete Millers a son and I will tell you dont let Len see this what john Shafers have in my next letter. Aunt lib Shrieves is just about the same. She thinks she is better but I cant see any difference. old Mrs. Shafer is still alive but the doctors have no hopes of her. Mary Hamptons is haveing a serious time with her breasts. She has weaned Harry and she took cold. her breast is terribly caked. She is afraid it will gather. Wess mashed his finger yesterday. He was loading hauling wood and a stick fell on his finger and mashed it terribly. I suppose you know that George Pratt is married.

 You knew Will Robison of Dogtown dident you. He is dead. They had just sold their place and bought Asa Bitters when Mr. Robison died. His son Billy was married a short time ago to Sue Clay. I suppose you have hear that Mr. Bitters has gone west also John Shay and family. And Joe (illegible) and family. joe hated to work by the month or some other way. Lydia is going to get about a thousand dollars from her fathers estate. But they wont get it before next fall. Sam John Eli and (illegible) have rented the (illegible) farm. They pay $7.50 and fix up all the fences and get the place in good shape to sell in the fall. Becky keeps house for Sam; John Lewis is at home now. Fred is going west as soon as he can sell his horse and buggy. He doesnt know yet what part of thew west he will go to. Well Sarah I heard that your father had got his pension. I suppose now that he will be rich enough to get out and see you. Molin O'Harrow is dead. His family are left very distitute.

tell Len that he ough to have been out here to help us butcher this year. We butchered about the last of february. (Pule ?) and (Lente ?) and Fred came down early on Monday morning and they comenced then and we finished up late Saturday knight. The commenced that morning and they killed one and it was so cold they had to quit. Then they commenced again Wednesday morning and killed another and quit again till Friday. They were here for dinner every day and I had just about as much (illegible) the first two days as the last. We dident rander the lard or make sausage till we got through. You can guess about that a time I had that week with lard and sausage meat setting around. It was from 20 to 30 degrees below zero and some days more all that week. Wess says he will butcher in warm weather next time. I am shure I will be willing.

I expect you are haveing (illegible) weather out there and are makeing garden. It is almost as cold as ever here; the farmers cant do anything yet not even the ditch. I went to town yesterday and wass all wrapped up and (illegible) got awful cold. Well I guess I will close. I guess Wess wants to write some. I will write more next time. Write soon. Do you have any more dances out there. The have been haveing a good many around here this winter. But we have not went to any. Wess is afraid to take baby anywhere. He is the biggest old grammie you ever saw. We havent been to father but once this winter. Well good by. Write soon. Kiss Dora for me.

Rose Lewis

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