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March 17, 1902

Dear friend Sarrah

I will rite you a few lines & I hope you will get it & answer it soon. You have mi sympathy in your late bereavement. I do feele very sorry indeed fore you, left with so many depending on you. How many have you now. I spose Oscar will stay with you & help you. I hope their will be some way to get along. Rite & tell me all about it. Was he sick long. Did he say anything about the future life that is the most important question for us to think about. Mother was so happy when she went. She just almosted shouted she was so glad to go. It was hard to give her up but I now she is out of her pain now & safe in her heavenly home. Where I hope Len is. Are you in town or the country. Was Dora their to see her pa. Wher is Homers folks. Give them mi regards. Well Sarrah I can only recomend you to the lord. He is our best friend in time of sorrow. I no he has been mi best friend in mi sorrow when I gave mi dear old mother up. I will not rite much this time fore fear you dont get it. Rite soon.

Maggie Smith

NOTES: Envelope postmarked: Mar 18, 1902, Forest Grove, Oregon
                                                     Mar 19, 1902, Medford, Oregon
This letter refers to the death of Sarah Smith's husband, Leonard A. Smith.
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