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Hillsboro, Ore.
June 27, 1898

Dear mother

I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know that we have not forgoten you. We are well and hope you are the same. I went black berrying this morning. I got a five pound lard bucket full. Just in the fence corners. Homer says he looks for you and pa and Hattie and Frank and Dora and Bill down on the fourth. Are you coming. Please let me know if you do. I wish you would come. If you can put up with our fair. You would not hardly know Bug he has grown so. I believe he is larger than his mother. Homer killed a rabbit for him the other day and he eat every bit of it and would not let the kittys have a smell. Minnie gave us two gray kittens. Well I will haf to close as I wan to send this by the Heidel boy. He is hauling wood to town so please excuse poor writing and bad spelling.

Your truly

Daisy Smith

Come down on the 4 if you can.

NOTES: Envelope postmarked Jun 28, 1898, Hillsboro, Oregon and Glenwood, Oregon.
               Daisy Mary (Shattuck) Smith was the wife of William Homer Smith.
               Daisy was Sarah's daughter-in-law.
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