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Morton Ills.
July 8th, 1884

Mrs. Sarah Smith

Dear friend

I recieved your long expected letter yesterday. We were glad to hear from you. I began to think that you hadent got my letter. We are well except that I am a cripple and baby has a black eye. The result of out fourth of July trip. We went over to Mackinaw the 4th and in the evening as we were coming home the horses got frightened at something and upset the buggie, throwing us all out. We thought that baby was killed. I picked him up and the blood was running out of his nose and mouth and one of his eyes. We were about a quarter of a mile from fathers and I took him and ran all the way there, while Wess went after the doctor. By the time they got there, I found that I was hurt, baby was just bruised about the head and face. I had two ribs broken and my back and hip are hurt pritty bad. I expect I will be lame for a long time, but then I don't care. So my baby is all right. I wasn't able to come home for several days. I was getting about (illegible) enough to do any work. I am awful poor now you would hardly know me. I have the (illegible) sore mouth and can't ewat hardly enything. Well I am glad to hear that you have lots of fruit. I would like to have some of them strawberys you spoke of.

You wanted to know what kind of weather we were having here. It has been very favorible for so far. Wess says he never had a better prospect for a crop. We have cut our wheat and made some hay. It don't rain all the time like it did last year. I havent a very good garden for I havent been able to tend it. I have about a hundred and fifty young chickens. I have out up about 40 quarts of fruit.

Mrs. Shrieves has been quite sick but id better now. She was able to go to (illegible) yesterday. I have never met Mrs. Mosier (I guess that is the way to spell it) yet. She dont talk any English and I dont talk any Duch. Wess has seen her several times. He says he thinks it agrees with her to live here. I suppose you have heard of Becky (illegible) being so sick. I was up there one evening when she was pritty bad and (illegible) was there. I spoke to him and he began to cry and said oh my god Rose what will I do. Becky was out of danger then too. I don't know how he stood it - while she was at the worst. Joe (illegible) call their baby Daisy rebecca. They say it is real pritty I have never seen it. There is some talk of Hank McColla getting married. He is going with Jane Ahrent, old Mealys daughter. She is at McCollas nearly all the time. Well Sarah it is almost a week since I commenced your letter. Today is quarterly meeting at the church. I dident go but I had a housefull of company for dinner all the same. I have had from two to five men to cook for every day this week and baby has been awful cross. he has got two teeth. Violet is staying with me. I will sent Dora some scraps of baby dresses. I think you ought to have good (illegible) her hair. Tell her that. I have got Wess yet and that he talks about her and Homer lots. I expect Oscar is a great big fellow bythis time. How I would like to se you all and have a big romp with Dora.

I see some of (illegible) Hamptens folks almost every day. They are all well excep Thaddy. They think he has the consumption. He looks awful bad. Do you intend to buy a place where you are now or are you going somewhere else. You would be surprised to see us out there some of these days.

NOTES: I believe this letter was written by Rosa Lewis.

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