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Lake City
July 13th

Brother Len

After a long delay I will try to ans your kind letter which came to hand in due time. I have had lots of work to do this summer. It seems as though I am always to tired to write. We have over an acre of sugar cane & lots of potatoes white beans mellons & other garden stufs & I have fun soing for other people a good deal. All put together kept me busy. We have commenced cutting hay but came near loosing one of our horses which stoped it for a while. He cant stand hard work as well as the bay one. He got fat at breaking. We had quite a dry spell that put him back. When the rain came the horse was not fit. He has near 25 acres broke. Evry body says an awfull big peace for two horses to do. Nobody breaks with two if they can help it. We have so few rock it is not so hard to keep plow sharp as for some. We have six acres of wheat. It looks pretty (illegible) since the rain. About 18 of oats most of which look well. Potatoes & garden are nice. We had the luck to loose our cow & calf this spring which makes it the hardest times I ever experienced. After that my neighbors threw in & gave me a start of chickens which was some help. I have some nice young ones that are growing nice. We have good neighbors. Two weaks ago today we wer at a Germans. Spent the afternoon & evening. They had a nice supper & 1/2 barrel of beer. About fifty were there when it got cool in evening & began to feel pretty good. They began to sing first in German then in English from that to dancing. I havent laughed as much since I was in D.J. as that day. Bit it was provoking for them that had to milk 6 or 8 cows after midnight. Alvin & boys have gone fishing. It is astonishing the amount of fish there is in the lake. It is worth $20 to every man, that lives within 6 miles of it. One week last spring we eat 15 pickeral. The smaller was as long as my arm to the elbow. I dident have enough then. The prarie is covered with flowers & nice grass. I hope you have bought a farm by this time & have got out of town. I have experienced working by the day untill I dread to here of any one else trying it.

I suppose mothers house is done by this time. Maggie did not say how large it was nor if Irvin was building it. Suppose he is. I will write to her soon. Carl says to tell you he is a big boy & for you to kiss Oscar 30 times for him. Millie cant walk much yet. She can say some words. You seem to insist you have the boss boy. So you must admit I have the boss girl. We got the paper you sent. Will send one in return. We get a good paper here for one dollar. You must vote early and often for Blain & Logan. Vote once for Al. Mabee if they are elected Dakota will be admited. Were you all satisfied with the nomination. I hope this will find you all well as it leaves us. Excuse this stylish paper. It is all I have at present. trusting that times are not quite as close with you as me. I will close by wishing you sucess health & happiness. I remain your ever affectionate sister, Ad. Write soon & often. Dont wait like I did. Give my regards to all. Your family especialy.

A. Brown

NOTES: Envelope postmarked: Aug 4, 1884 Forest Grove, Oregon
I believe this letter was written by Sara Adeline (Smith) Brown... Arther Leonard Smith's sister and Sarah Smith's sister-in-law.
Sara Adeline (Smith) Brown was my Great Great-Grandaunt.
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