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Molalla, Ore.
Jan 26th 1896


I will try and write you a fiew lines today. I am well and hope this will find all of you at home the same. I have gained twelve lbs since I came over here. So you see I havant been very homesick yet. It rains about all the time here but does not snow very much. We had about one inch of snow over here and that is all. People are (illegible) when it is not rainy. How much snow did you have up their. What are you doing this winter. We have been getting up the summers wood and doing odd jobs around.

I have not herd of any place to rent or of any work they is have people here as well as over their. How is the schoolhouse geting along. They will be a school meeting here tomorrow to see about a new schoolhouse here. We are going to butcher tomorrow. We have eight hogs to kill. They are for our own use. How is granmom this winter. I have not herd since I came over here.

Tell Myrtle she ought to here me sing. I have joined the singing class. We sing every Thursday evening. Get twenty four lessons for one dollar. Daisy is working in Portland.

Well I will close for this time. Write soon.

Your son


NOTES: Envelope postmarked: Jan 28 1896 Molalla, Oregon
                                                     Jan 28, 1896 Oregon City, Oregon
                                                     Jan 28, 1896 Portland, Oregon
                                                     Jan 29, 1896 Glenwood, Oregon
              This letter was written by Sarah's son - William Homer Smith.
              William Homer's wife was Daisy Mary (Shattuck) Smith.
              Myrtle Zula Smith was one of William Homer's sisters.
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