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Arlington Ore.
Thr, Feb 6, 1902

Dear mother

I will write you a few lines. This morning I started to sew but made every thing ass backwards so I thought I would try to write. The children are nearly sick with bad colds and the baby is cutting teeth and is a little cross. She has 2 and 2 more nearly through. She is sitting alone and is trying to creep. I got yours and Daisys letter a few days ago and my I was surprised to get the pictures. Soon as good weather comes I am going to have the babies pictures and will send you one.

It has been awful cold here. 12 degrees below zero and about 20 mile from here it was a 20 below. I tell you I dont want to be where it is any colder. But it is raining today. The first rain this winter that has amounted to much. Well it is time to go and get dinner. All I do is cook and wash dishes. I am rocking the cradle and writing on my lap. I dought if you can read it at all.

NOTES: This letter was written by one of Sarah Smith's daughters who, unfortunately, didn't sign her name.
               According to a fellow Smith researcher, this letter was written by Dora Belle, and the baby referred to is Dora's daughter "Muriel".
                    (Thanks for this valuable info, Darlene!)
               "Daisy" probably refers to Sarah's daughter-in-law, Daisy Mary (Shattuck) Smith.

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