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Sunday April 25th

Dear wife

I receved your very kind leter 15 minite agoe and hasten to answer it. We are all well and glad to here you were all well. I am glad to here that the weather is fine down there. We are having fine weathr here. It rained here Monday and Tuesday so we did not work much. You wanted to now how we liked the country up here well I dont like it one bit here but up the river further I like it fine. We were on Hood River before we came here. They farme up there bye irigation and it is fine but down here there is no farming nothing but wood cuting. There is some goverment land here but it is hills and rocks (half breeds and nigers). We have got a nice place here u can see the trains on the railroad and the boats on the river an see Oregon and it makes me home sick. I have seen lots off country since we left home and have not see anything that will beat the Willamet Valey. Were out in Sherman County Oregon and the country is fine but no water no wood nothing but wind. There is some fine farmes out there some off them have 2000 acers off wheat. There is one house on every section of land. I did not see enyboddy plowing with less than 6 horses. We were over in Clicatat County Washington and that is a nice county but they can not raise eny fruit there so I dont like that. I guess if we stay here till harvest we will goe up in Sherman County to harvest. We are not dooing as well as I wood like to but we will do beter after this. Well Sally dear I can not send you eny money this time but I will send you some in a few days. The boss is going away tomorrow for a few days and when he comes back I will get som money. The woman work for name is A.E. Benans. She will pay 200 a week. She wants a girl 4 or 5 months. I am glad to here that my litle pet is going to school. How does she like to goe. I will close. Wright soon.

From yours truly

A.L. Smith

Kiss for you and (illegible)
If Dorra comes let us now in time to meet her in Portland. We get our mail Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

NOTES: Author of letter was Sarah Smith's husband - Arther Leonard Smith.
               "Dorra" is probably a reference to Sarah and Arther Leonard's daughter, Dora.

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