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April 14th, 1884
Morton Ill.
Mrs. Smith

Dear friend Sarah

I recieved your welcome letter a long time ago. I guess began to think I had forgotten you. But when I tell you that this is the first time I have been able to sit up all day for two months, I know you will excuse me. Our boy will be two months old tomorrow and I haven been outside the door yet. I think that I have suffered everything that anyone could suffer and live.

But we have just got one of the sweetest boys you ever saw. I suppose you will hardly believe me. But he is real pritty. He has black curly hair and black eyes (I dont see how it was that he dident have red hair). I have had time with any breast gathering. I had to have it lanced four times. Then he used a probe once and you can just imagine how it felt. Then after that it gathered again and I was so afraid of the lance that I let it gather and break and that was the worst of all. I dident sleep sleep any for almost a week. For three weeks I had fever and dident sleep any for almost a week. For three weeks I had fever and dident know anything. Mother staid with me when I was so bad and then gene came. I dident have any neighbor but Mrs. Shrieves, but she was as good as a dozen. My mother in law called once. Anna was starving at home and is there yet I believe but she dident come (illegible) at all. I tell you Sarah I used to just lay in bed and look up at your house and cry. I would think if I could just send for you I would be allright. Oh I would just like to see Dora and give her a good shakeing.

We have lots of fun with our Duch neighbor. he calls his wife, she. I bet you can't guess what he did the first day they came and it was raining all the time. Why he built a little house about two steps from the north door. Wasent he thoughtful. They are going to have things handy.

They get water to drink here. He asked Wess what he was going to charge him for it. I suppose you have your garden all made and forgot about it. I havent made any yet. But our neighbors have long ago. Wess has his oats sowed and is plowing for corn. We havent planted any potatoes yet. Wess is a good deal behind with his work. He had to stay in the house so much. Sarah I know you would laugh to hear Wess talk to the baby and see him carry it around. Baby he is pritty badly spoiled. But I will soon break him in when I have to do the work alone. We got your washing machine and I havent done a washing since. Joe (illegible) have a daughter. It is just a week younger than our boy. Old Mr. (illegibale) has been very sick. They dident think he would ever get up again. He is able to be up now. But he is still very feeble. They dont think he will last much longer. They sent for his son Dan and he was here about a week.

George McColla and his wife have gone to housekeeping. His wife wouldent live in that little house by John (illegible). She was afraid John would lead George into bad company. They live in that old house on the corner. I tell you they are having some lively times.

Frank Hampton was here a few minutes yesterday. He looks awful bad. They have all had the hooping cough. I guess the baby was pritty bad. Mrs. Shrieves was here this morning. She is just selling lots of butter and eggs and getting lots of nice things. The girls arnt going to take music lessons. She says they are learning just as fast as the can without the teacher and..."

NOTES: Partial letter, believed to have been written by Rosa Lewis.

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