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Joshua Pettingill Blanchard

Joshua Pettingill Blanchard was born in Vermont and served in the U.S Mounted Riflemen Regiment from Illinois in the Mexican War. He married Rebecca Jane Race of Ohio in 1851. On 1 April of that year they started over the Oregon Trail. With Joshua Noland as the captain of their train, they arrived in Oregon City on 14 Sept. Joshua and Rebecca  settled in Canemah, the old section of Oregon City, and they and several of their ten children are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery there.  Joshua (J.P.) died in 1884, but his wife lived until 1921.

source - This biography was generously donated by Albert Belanger, who had the following comments to add:

This BLANCHARD line has been traced back to 1637, and several branches of descendants have been collected.

Twenty-five diaries and recollections having been consulted, the only mention of NOLAND in any 1851 Overland Journal found to date is an entry in the Zieber journals where it was reported that the Noland group rejoined the Zieber party.  The sole reference to any BLANCHARD pioneers of 1851 is a reference by journalist, Lawrence Johnson, to a Mrs. Blanchard having fallen down the embankment into a river, attempting to circumvent a campfire. The search for other references to NOLAND and BLANCHARD in journals and recollections continues in an effort to flesh out the bare bones details of this 1851 Oregon Trail trek across the continent. All assistance in this project is heartily welcomed. Please contact Albert Belanger if you would like to assist with this project.

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