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Absalom Y. Barker

A.Y. was born in Indiana, September 13, 1840. Then his family moved to Missouri when he was 6 weeks old and lived there until 1859. In the spring of 1859, A.Y. crossed the plains and was hired to drive a herd of cattle to Sacramento Valley CA. In the spring of 1860 he located in Douglas Co., Oregon, where he worked on a ranch for several years. In 1863 he took up a homestead claim of 160 acres. He acquired more land and took up stock raising and farming. He was considered one of the most successful dairy men of his time. August 8th 1861 A.Y. married Mary E. Duncan. You know her as Emily Duncan. Emily's father was John Riley Duncan and her mother is unknown. Her grandfather was among the earliest settlers to Oregon. Emily was from Platte Co., MO. She was born May 3rd 1844. She came to Oregon in 1852. She died October 1910 in Roseburg OR. They had 6 children: Mary, Rosa, Lee, Frances, Ollie, and Xury. Absalom died January 31, 1913.

source - generously donated by Jessy, who is a descendant of Lee (a child of Absalom Y. and Emily Barker). Thank you, Jessy!!!

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