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"There are only two lasting bequest we can give our children
One is Roots; the other, Wings"


We have linked pages for the heads of the Bauer, GibsonLorman/Lowman, McClurkinNorton, Stevenson and Wickline families. Listed below are the many surnames related to these families through marriage and birth. Each surname is linked to it's own family tree page, just click on it to go there. Some of the names are repeated on all of the family tree pages listed here, this is my immediate family from my Grandfather & Grandmother showing how we relate back through Grandfathers and Grandmothers to Aunt's, Uncle's and cousin's. We are constantly adding and revising the information contained on these pages. If you have any information you can provide us, please contact us.

Bauer    Belu   Boyd    Broom    Costello    Davis    Dowart    Erdmann    Finney    Flynt    Forzly    Frey     Ganter    Gibson     Hamilton     Hamm    Horne    Howell    Hulderman    Klacsan    Knight    Kroffoth     Leavitt     Lorman/Lowman     McClurkin     McVaugh    Mills    Mongar    Mosemann    Norton    Peller/Pellar    Randolph      Reitle    Schaefer    Silva    Simon    Simpers    Snook    Stevenson    Stinson     Wickline    Zook    


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