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Please see the
Hathaway Family Association where some information and maps/crests were obtained.  The first three generations on this chart are "speculative".  Nicolas below is the first Hathaway in this country. 


The HFA is aware of a Thomas Hathaway website, which takes the ancestry of Nicholas back several more generations. Our books speculate about such an ancestry, but to our knowledge, there is no proof of the previous generations.




First Generation

Robert Hathaway. Robert died in 1545.  Robert married Catherine.

They had:



Thomas Hathaway (-1588)

Second Generation

Thomas Hathaway. Thomas died in 1588.





Thomas Hathaway (-1609)


Third Generation

Thomas Hathaway. Thomas died in 1609.  Thomas married Margaret ?. Margaret died in 1630.




Nicholas Hathaway (1595-)

Fourth Generation

Nicholas Hathaway. Born in 1595 in Gloucestershire, England. Nicholas died in MA? Early records of him in England spell Hathway without the "a" between Hath and way. He was the progenitor of the largest branch of the Hathaways (Hathways, Hatheways, etc.) in America, and was the probable son of Thomas and Margaret Hathway of Kingscote, Gloucestershire, England. He was probably born about 1595, at perhaps what is known today as Binley Farm in Kingscote, England. His death record has never been found either in New England or Old England, where some descendants believe he returned.

There is proof that he arrived in New England between 24 February 1638-1639, and lived in Braintree (Suffolk Deeds 1/28: 14.5) In 1642, adjoining lands were described as "between the lands of Hattaways and Daniel Lovell". He was not on the list of men of Plymouth Colony able to bear arms in 1643. He may have had several children, including Jacob and Joseph, but certainly had son John, probably b. 1629 in England, and probably d. 1705, in Taunton, MA.


i John Hathaway (1629-1705)
ii Elizabeth Hathaway. Born on bap Nov 25, 1621 in Kingscote, Gloucester, England.
iii Deborah Hathaway. Born in 1623 in St. Saviour's Parish, Southwark, London.
iv Jacob Hathaway. Born in 1631.
v Daughter Hathaway.  Daughter married William Shepard?.


Nicholas Hathway's Original Land Purchase Present Freetown and surrounding towns


Fifth Generation

John Hathaway
was born circa 1629 and died in 1705, he was 76.  John married Martha Shepard? who was born circa 1629.  He was probably born in England, and died probably in Taunton, MA. He lived in what was called "The Farms", then part of Taunton, now part of Berkley. His children were all by his first wife, probably Martha, and probably two more to make eight in the family. He married (1) about 1649, Martha; she died between 1683-1692 . He married (2) Ruth, widow of Christopher Dyer, December 25, 1692 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. She died, at age 62, September 10, 1705 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.  More About MRS. RUTH DYER:  Burial: Fox Cemetery, Berkley, MA.


They had the following children:


i John Hathaway, Jr. (1650-1730) b. 16 Aug. 1650; d. June 1730, MA. He m. Hannah Burt, also called Anna. She was still alive 28 June 1705 (Taunton Deeds, 4-474); she and son Jacob mentioned in James Burt's will (Plymouth 4-76). He m. (2) Christian, probably Maxfield.
ii Abraham Hathaway (1652-1727) b. 11 Sep., 1652; d. 23 Aug. 1725, in Dighton, MA, buried Fox Cemetery. He m. Taunton, 28 Aug. 1684, widow Rebecca Pierce (O.C.H.S. Private Records, p. 233), dau. Shadrach and Mary (Dean) Wilbore.  Children of ABRAHAM HATHAWAY and MRS. PIERCE are:  i. ELEAZER4 HATHAWAY, ii. REBECCA HATHAWAY, m. JOHN CLARK, March 26, 1726, DIGHTON, MASS., iii. ABRAHAM (CAPTAIN) HATHAWAY, b. September 11, 1685, TAUNTON, MASS.; d. Bef. 1754, iv. THOMAS HATHAWAY, b. January 26, 1686/87, TAUNTON, MASS.; d. September 20, 1738, DIGHTON, MASS., 18. v. SHADRACH HATHAWAY, b. 1688, TAUNTON, MASS.; d. March 25, 1721, SUFFIELD, CONN, vi. EBENEZER HATHAWAY, b. May 25, 1689, TAUNTON, MASS.; d. February 16, 1768, vii. SAMUEL HATHAWAY, b. 1690; d. April 14, 1765, viii. JOHN HATHAWAY, b. 1695; d. September 15, 1733, DIGHTON, MASS, ix. BENJAMIN HATHAWAY, b. 1699, DIGHTON, MASS.; d. April 21, 1762, MORRISTOWN, N.J.
iii Isaac Hathaway Sr., born c1655 in Freetown, MA; d. 17 Dec., 1722, age 67: gravestone Fox Cemetery. He m. Mary Pitts, daughter Peter and Mary Andrews Hodges Pitts, March 17, 1686/7 in Taunton; she d. 14 Nov., 1727, age 59 1/2.
Children of ISAAC HATHAWAY and MARY PITTS are:  i. HOPESTILL4 HATHAWAY, m. RICHARD WOODS, ii. ISAACHATHAWAY, JR., b. 1688, iii. MARY HATHAWAY, b. Abt. 1691; d. August 15, 1729; m. ELKANAH (CAPTAIN) BABBITT; b. April 22, 1690.
iv Ephraim Hathaway. b. 8 Dec. 1661 in Taunton, now Berkley, Bristol Co., MA; d. 20 Dec, 1716; m. 1690 Elizabeth Talbot, daughter Jared and Sarah (Andrews) Talbot, b.14 Dec 1671.  Children of EPHRAIM HATHAWAY and ELIZABETH TALBOT are:  i. ELIZABETH4 HATHAWAY, b. May 28, 1690; m. JOHN WHITE, December 10, 1716, DIGHTON, MASS.; b. September 03, 1683; d. 1753, ii. EPHRAIM HATHAWAY, b. December 08, 1692; d. 1771, iii. NATHANIEL HATHAWAY, b. February 1693/94, iv. JOSIAH HATHAWAY, b. May 18, 1694; d. 1778, v. JOSEPH HATHAWAY, b. May 21, 1698.
vi. MERCY HATHAWAY, b. November 18, 1701; d. October 16, 1754; m. DANIELKING, JR., January 11, 1727/28, DIGHTON, MASS., vii. SARAH HATHAWAY, b. June 09, 1704, 27. viii. SETH HATHAWAY, b. March 08, 1706/07; d. June 1748, ix. REBECCA HATHAWAY, b. November 15, 1710, x. JOSHUA HATHAWAY, b. February 28, 1711/12, DIGHTON, MASS.; d. July 14, 1804, DIGHTON, MASS., xi. ABIGAIL HATHAWAY, b. April 12, 1715.
v Abigail Hathaway, b. 1667; d. 1690. She m. 9 Feb. 1685/6 James Phillips, son of James Phillips, b.1661.
vi Rebecca Hathaway b. 1669; d. 31 Dec. 1742; m. Jared Talbot, son of Jared Talbot, b. 20 Mar. 1666/7; d. 21 Jan., 1733/4.
Rebecca married CAPT. JARED TALBOT, JR. May 04, 1687 in TAUNTON, MASS. He was born April 01, 1664, and died January 21, 1733/34. 
i. JOSIAH TALBOT, m. MARY HATHAWAY, April 02, 1747, BERKLEY, MASS.; b. April 03, 1727.


Some Hathaway/Makepeace Marriages from Taunton, MA

Abraham Hathaway & Rebekah Wilbore m. 28 Aug 1684

Ebenezer Hathway & Hannah Shaw m. 8 Mar 1710/11 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

Isaac Hathway & Mary Pits m. 17 Mar 1686/7 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

Isaac Hathway & Sarah Makepeace m. 22 Feb 1710/11 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

Jacob Hathway & Phillip Chase m. 28 Jan 1696 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

Thomas Makepeace & Mary Burt m. 10 Jan 1697/8 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

W[illia]m Makepeace & Abigail Tisdall m. 2 Dec 1685 by Maj. Thomas Leonard

Sixth Generation

John Hathaway
. Born on 16 Aug 1650 in Taunton, Bristol, MA. John died in Freetown, MA in Jun 1730, he was 79.  In 1668 when John was 17, he first married Hannah Burt, daughter of James ? Burt. Born in 1655. Hannah died in 1705-1726, she was 50.  John second married Christian Maxfield.


They had the following children:



i Isaac Hathaway (our line, more below)
ii Jacob Hathaway.  Jacob married Philipa Chase.
iii John Hathaway, died 1718. He married MARY WILBORE June 28, 1697. More About MARY WILBORE:  Burial: FOX CEMETARY, BERKLEY, MASS.  Child of JOHN HATHAWAY and MARY WILBORE is:  i. HANNAH HATHAWAY, b. March 30, 1718, FREETOWN, MASS.; m. ISAAC MERRICK, February 25, 1734/35, TAUNTON, MASS.; b. 1712; d. 1766.
iv Thomas Hathaway.  Thomas married Margaret Maxfield.
Children of THOMAS HATHAWAY and MARGARET MAXFIELD are:  i. CHARITY5 HATHAWAY, m. JOHN BRIGGS, December 10, 1739; d. Abt. 1799.  ii. RICHARD HATHAWAY, b. February 14, 1722/23; d. Bef. 1740. iii. RACHEL HATHAWAY, b. May 26, 1725; m. DAVIDBRIGGS, JR., February 22, 1748/49, BERKLEY, MASS.; b. February 28, 1724/25.  iv. CHRISTIAN HATHAWAY, b. January 01, 1725/26; d. February 07, 1784; m. SAMUEL RICHMOND, December 10, 1762, BERKLEY, MASS. v. JOHN HATHAWAY, b. November 1728; d. June 1731, BERKLEY, MASS.30. vi. JERUSHA HATHAWAY, b. September 28, 1729. vii. HEPSIBAH HATHAWAY, b. September 01, 1731; m. THEOPHILUS CLARK, July 14, 1757. viii. THOMAS HATHAWAY, b. May 27, 1733; d. July 14, 1819, NO. BROOKFIELD, MASS.; m. (1) PHEBE HUDSON, May 15, 1755, BERKLEY CONG.CH., MASS.; b. July 19, 1733, BERKLEY, MASS.; m. (2) HANNAH RICHMOND, September 15, 1763, BERKLEY, MASS. ix. SAMUEL HATHAWAY, b. March 22, 1734/35; d. Bef. 1756. x. MARGARET HATHAWAY, b. April 10, 1737; d. November 24, 1821; m. EDWARD BABBITT, JR., November 17, 1757, BERKLEY, MASS.
v Emphraim Hathaway married Abigail Davis.
vi Hannah Hathaway married John Simmons, Jr..
vii Martha Hathaway married Capt Hosiah Winslow.
viii Sarah Hathaway married Rev James Haile.
ix Abigail Hathaway married David Sherman.
x Experience Hathaway married Elnathan? Sherman.

Seventh Generation

Isaac Hathaway.  Born in 1711 Isaac married Sarah Makepeace, daughter of ?.  In Hathaway's of North America, p. 47 it indicates that Isaac Hathaway married Sarah Makepiece, d. of Thomas and Sarah (Chase) Makepiece. Listed children are Sarah, Anna, Rebecca, Abigail, Thomas, Nicolas, Peleg, Phebe and Martha. See the Makepeace/Makepiece genealogy here.

Children of ISAAC HATHAWAY and SARAH MAKEPIECE/Makepeace are:


i PELEG HATHAWAY, d. Bef. 1753; m. LUCY PETERSON, June 12, 1748, ROCHESTER, MASS..
ii MARTHA HATHAWAY, m. SIMEON RANDALL, November 13, 1745, FREETOWN, MASS.; b. May 26, 1718; d. June 13, 1790.
iv SARAH HATHAWAY, b. November 14, 1712, FREETOWN, MASS.; m. (1) JOHN KING, July 19, 1735; m. (2) MELETIAH HATHAWAY, November 20, 1758, TAUNTON, MASS.; b. June 22, 1714.
v ANNA HATHAWAY, b. December 07, 1714, FREETOWN, MASS.; m. JOHN CANEDY, November 07, 1734, MIDDLEBORO, MASS..
vi REBECCA HATHAWAY, b. March 01, 1715/16, FREETOWN, MASS.; m. SETH RANDLE, March 10, 1739/40, ROCHESTER, MASS..
viii THOMAS HATHAWAY, b. March 23, 1720/21, FREETOWN, MASS.; d. Abt. 1798.
ix NICHOLAS HATHAWAY, b. April 01, 1723, FREETOWN, MASS.; d. November 11, 1793, FREETOWN, MASS.; m. REBECCA MERRICK, September 08, 1744; b. 1724; d. February 13, 1800.  More About NICHOLAS HATHAWAY:
x PHEBE HATHAWAY, b. Aft. 1724; m. (1) SAMUEL RANDLE, February 16, 1744/45, ROCHESTER, MASS.; b. July 25, 1724; d. Abt. 1766; m. (2) BENEJAH DAVIS, August 18, 1774.



Eighth Generation

Nicholas Hathaway. Born in 1722 in Freetown, MA. Nicholas died in 1793, he was 71.  On 8 Sep 1744 when Nicholas was 22, he married Rebecca Merrick, daughter of Isaac Merrick & Dighton Bird. Born in 1723/24 in Taunton, Bristol, MA. Rebecca died in Taunton, Bristol, MA on 13 Feb 1800, she was 77.

They had:


i Stephen Hathaway (1745-1819)

Ninth Generation

Stephen Hathaway was born on 4 Sep 1745 in Assonet, MA. Stephen died in Freetown, MA on 30 Apr 1819, he was 73.  On 12 Feb 1767 when Stephen was 21, he married Hopestill Pierce, daughter of Ebenezer Pierce/Peirce & Mary Hoskins. Born on 8 Jul 1748 in MA.

They had the following children:


i Ebenezer Hathaway (1779-1845)
ii Nicholas Hathaway
iii Leonard Hathaway  Born on 15 Nov 1767.
iv Alden Hathaway
v Stephen Hathaway
vi Anna Hathaway
vii Elias Hathaway
viii Frederick Hathaway
ix Anson Hathaway
x Hope Hathaway
xi Polly Hathaway
xii Erastus Hathaway


Tenth Generation

Ebenezer Hathaway was
born on 21 Aug 1779 in Bristol, Taunton, MA. Ebenezer died in OH on 14 Mar 1845, he was 65. He is buried in Hathaway Cemetery, Bokes Creek Twp., Logan Co., OH.  On 22 Sep 1805 when Ebenezer was 26, he married Betsy Crane, daughter of Ebenezer Crane & Silence Pitts, in Berkley, MA. Born on 15 Mar 1786. Betsy died on 7 Jun 1853, she was 67.


They had the following children:


i Ebenezer Crane Hathaway (1808-)
ii Betsy Hathaway- Born on 24 Aug 1809 in Bristol, Taunton, MA. 
iii Elmira or Lemira Hathaway (1813-1904) Hathaway. Born on 6 Mar 1813 in Dighton, Bristol, MA. Elmira or Lemira died in Worcester, MA on 2 Apr 1904, she was 91.  In 1832 when Elmira or Lemira was 18, she married John Dennison Baldwin, in Dighton, Bristol, MA.  They had the following children: i. Ellen Frances. Born on 19 Jan 1833 in Dighton, Bristol, MA.  ii. John Stanton. Born on 6 Jan 1834 in New Haven, New London, CT, iii. Charles Clinton. Born on 4 May 1835 in Woodstock, Windham, CT, iv. Mary Jane. Born on 6 May 1836 in Woodstock, Windham, CT.
iv Nicholas Hathaway, MD. Nicholas married Anna.  They had the following children:  i. Elias, ii. Leonora. iii. Ebenezer. Born on 21 Jun 1813 in OH. Ebenezer died in San Francisco, CA on 2 Nov 1850, he was 37.


Eleventh Generation

Ohio Map Showing Location of Logan CountyEbenezer Crane Hathaway. Born on 12 Jun 1808 in MA.  Ebenezer Crane married Almira/Elmira Loring, daughter of ?  She was born on 3 Nov 1811.

They had the following children:




i Carolyn Augusta Hathaway (1842-1914)
ii Elmira/Almira Hathaway Born on 27 Sep 1832 in Taunton, Bristol, MA.
iii Nicholas Hathaway (1836-)
iv Henry Hathaway Born on 17 Jan 1839 in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH.  Henry first married Lydia A. Henry second married Elizabeth Power.
v Elias Hathaway Born on 14 Jan 1841.
vi Charles Loring Hathaway (1844-)
vii Ebenezer N. (Nicholas?) Hathaway Born in 1846 in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH. Ebenezer N. (Nicholas?) died in 1925, he was 79. Buried in Hathaway Cemetery, Bokes Creek Twp., Logan Co., OH.  On 12 Nov 1874 when Ebenezer N. (Nicholas?) was 28, he married Annie Bates.
viii Evert Loring Hathaway  Born in 1850 in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH.
ix Betsy Hathaway Born in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH.

Twelfth Generation

OhioCarolyn Augusta Hathaway. Born on 1 Oct 1842 in West Mansfield, Logan Co., OH. Carolyn Augusta died in York County,OH on 29 Nov 1914, she was 72.  On 2 May 1872 when Carolyn Augusta was 29, she married Charles Wesley Smith, son of Charles Wesley Smith & Sarah Godfrey. Charles Wesley died in Sep 1919 in York Cemetery, York, OH.  See the Smith line here.

They had the following children:




i Emily Smith  Emily married Bitzer.
ii Nannie Smith married a Dr. McCLOUD.
iii Charles Hathaway (1878-1955)

From here see the Smith line.


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