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Benjamin Corbin of Baltimore County Maryland
Benjamin Corbin was the father of Sarah Ruth Corbin, wife of Nathan
Greenland, Sr. What we know of Benjamin is from a letter that was written
by Keziah Greenland Shanafelt of Clairon, PA to her son Thomas wittten June
19, 1858.

" My mother's father was Benjamin Corbin; her mother Sarah Sias. I
think they both came from England. Their ancestors lived in England where
some of them still remain. My two grandfathers (Moses Greenland and
Benjamin Corbin), as I understand, lived about four miles apart. The children
of both families attended the same school just thirty miles this side of
Baltimore near Winchester. I never saw Grandfather Corbin. He died when I
was young. I often saw his youngest brother William. He came to
Huntingdon. While young he married Betsy Brown, sister to Mrs. Weaver's
father. He lived near Raystown Branch but died in Huntingdon. Many of his
descendants live there yet. He had a sister, lived in Ohio. Her family was
said to be very wealthy. I think her name was Marsh. He had other
brothers, too, but I am unacquainted with their history.
Grandmother had two brothers - Joseph and Benjamin Sias. I
remember seeing them many years ago. They moved to Ohio. She had a
sister named Keziah Sias. She was married to a Baptist preacher at
Millcreek, old uncle Samuel Lane. She was his third wife. He ws struck with
palsey while preaching in uncle Jacob Dean's house in Trough Creek Valley.
Father was present at the time. Grandmother visited her friends in
Huntingdon twice. I well remember when she came to Father's, and likewise
when she went away. She died in Maryland at her son Joseph's merely with
sickness, weakness and old age. She had eight sons and two daughters: one
son died in infancy, their names were Ezekiel, Asahal, Nichodemos, Elijah,
Mycja, Joseph and Benjamin, Sarah, and Keziah. Most of them came to
Huntingdon. Uncle Elijah and Mycajah married sisters, Sarah and Mary Kelly.
they both died in Cassville since I came to Clarion. Joseph married Nelly
Grover. He lived near Winchester till after his mother's death, then moved
to Bedford County until his wife's death, then went west. Nichodemas
married Mary Brown, moved to Ohio. Uncle Ezekial and Asahal married
sisters, Nelly and Lidaiu Corbin, Uncle William Corbin's daughters. They both
died at the ridges near Millcreek. Their widows are living yet as far as I
Aunt Keziah Corbin, mother's only sister, still remains in Baltimore
County near Winchester. She visited her friends twice. I remember well
seeing her. I think she never married. If traveling had been as common and
conveneint in my young days as it now is I could give you a more full
account of my friends. The only mode of travel then was on horseback, of
course not much of it done."

This letter gives us some clues about the family of Benjamin Corbin.
Many other researchers connect this family to the family of Nicholas Corbin b
bef. 1650 of Baltimore County. According to Dorothy Cooper Knoff, author of
Cooper, Corbin and Waite, the parentage of Benjamin is not proven as a child
of the Nicholas Corbin, b 1710 grandson of Nicholas, b bef 1650. One tie is
Samuel Lane. Lane was the husband of Jane Corbin, a possible daughter of
Edward Corbin (son of Nicholas b bef 1650). Keziah states that Keziah Sias,
her grandmother, Sarah Sias, sister, was the third wife of Samuel Lane.
Samuel Lane of Baltimore County and his first wife Jane Corbin did remove to
Another interesting point she mentions, Benjamin Corbin has one
sister, unnamed who marries a Marsh. There are two daughters of Abraham
Corbin, son of Edward who marries a Marsh. Sarah Corbin marries Thomas
Marsh, Jr., and her sister, Eleanor Corbin marries Beal Marsh. Both marriages
occur in the late 1790's. Both daughters move to Kentucky. Lastly, there is
record of a Sophia Corbin b abt 1725, who like Benjamin is an undocumented
child of Nicholas Z b 1710 who marries a Thomas Marsh. They are believed to
have remained in Maryland.
Since solid proof that Benjamin is a descendent of Nicholas b 1650 is
yet to be found I will not include the Nicholas Corbin family here.
The first record of Benjamin Corbin in Baltimore County records is his marriage to Sarah
Sye/Lye in St. John's and St. George's Parish the 9th of December 1755. BARNES,
Marriages, p40

January 1768 he is recorded as a signer of the Joppa petition which would remove the county
seat from Joppa to Baltimore County. Archives of Maryland, LXI. p 533

In 1773 her purchased 109 acres of the 750 acre tract, "Hickory Ridge," from Ethan Loveall,
Pipe Creek Hundred.

He is listed as a taxable in 1773, in Middle River Upper Hundred along with his son Ezekell,
who must have been over 17 at the time.

1783 he is lised on the Tax List for Pipe Creek Hundred. He is listed as having a household of
10 white persons, 1 male.

1790 Census, State of Maryland, p 33, Benjamin Corbin, 2 males over 16; 1 male under 16; 3
females, no slaves.

Deeds #139, pp 622, 623
Benjamin Corbin died intestate (without a will) in Pipe Creek Hundred. His property of 109
acres was divided in nine shares divided between his 9 children. Ezekiel, Elijah, Benjamin
Jr., Micajah, Joseph, Asael, Sarah wife of Nathan Greenland, Kazia, and Nicodemus.
The family of Sarah Sias, wife of Benjamin Corbin
Father: Benjamin Sias
Siblings: Benjamin, Keziah, and Joseph.
They lived in an area of Baltimore county that is now Carroll County.
Marriages recorded in St. John and George's Parish, per Barnes, "Baltimore County Families, 1659-
1759. page. 135

Corbin, Benjamin m Sarah Lye/Sye on Dec 9, 1755
Corbin, Elizabeth m Edmond Deadman on Jan 30, 1753
Corbin, John, was in Baltimore County by Aug 30, 1722 when he bought 100 acres of Beals Camp
from Archibald and Jane Edmonston.
Corbin, Leah m. Laban Welsh on Sep 3, 1761
Corbin, Nathaniel m. Sarah James on October 16, 1758
Corbin, Rachel m Solomon James on June 18, 1760
Corbin, Sophia m Thomas Marsh on Feb 10, 1745
Corbin, William m. Rachel Wright on Aug 11, 1745

It is thought that Benjamin, Elizabeth, Sophia and William are siblings.
1999 c Lorinda Greenland
Letters from Keziah Greenland Shanafelt to
her son in the possession of:
Laurel Shanafelt Powell