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Family tree for Guillaume Longpré I.

Guillaume de Longpré, also known as Guillaume de Lompré, is 'our' first ancestor in North America. Guillaume married Jeanne Allard in 1694. The following year, Guillaume II was born while Guillaume and Jeanne were living near Deerfield, Massachusetts. Life at this time focused on the fur trade with constant movement and interaction with a host of different First Nations tribes. Some of these tribes were friendly to the "Canadien" traders and some were not.

Guillaume I and his wife were massacred during a raid in August, 1703 by an enemy tribe and their child, Guillaume II, was taken captive to live in the tribe's village. You will need to click on the link above to find out what happened next.

Below is some information about Jeanne Allard's family who were already in residence in New France at the time of Guillaume's arrival from Europe.

Francois Allard, the father of Jeanne, arrived in Quebec from France in 1666. In 1667 he worked as a laborer for Anne Ardouin. Francois married Jeanne L'Anguille on November 1, 1671 in Notre Dame de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. She is the daughter of Michel L'Anguille and Etiennette Toucheraine. Jeanne was born in 1674 in Village d'Artainek, Diocese of Tours, Tours, France and died March 12, 1710/11 in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. Francois Allard and Jeanne's children:

  • 1. André Allard
  • 2. Jean-François Allard
  • 3. Jean Baptiste Allard
  • 4. Marie Allard
  • 5. Georges Allard
  • 6. Marie Renée Allard
  • 7. Marie Anne Allard
  • 8. Thomas Allard
  • 9. Jeanne Allard
The marriage of Guillaume Longpré and Jeanne Allard