The Lohr and Fortun Families of Wisconsin

The Lohr and Fortun Families of Wisconsin

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Q: Who are all these people called "Living"?

A: My software automatically protects the privacy of any person who does not have a date of death by removing all information before it goes on the internet. It then replaces their entire name with the non-descript Living. While I do have information about many living family members, I will never share that information via the internet or any other correspondence without your written authorization. And because I have yet to ask anyone for a written consent to share or publish their confidential information, I most likely never will ask you for permission. I will always act in a manner that protects the privacy of those individuals who are still alive and if uncertain, I will make a conservative assumption that they are still alive if their birthdate is less than 100 years ago.

Q: But you published a family member's Social Security number. Aren't you putting them at risk for identity theft?

A: The only Social Security number (SSN) that you will ever find here is for deceased persons. That information is readily available through something genealogists call SSDI, the Social Security Death Index, which was created to prevent the theft of a Social Security number. While it is an extremely useful tool for genealogists, the SSDI is made widely available so that banks and other businesses can determine if a SSN is that of a deceased person. So while we should closely guard a SSN during our lifetime, it is actually advantageous to make it publicly available after death so it is not misused. If you still feel uncomfortable about having a deceased family member's SSN published here, please contact me and I will promptly remove it but please be aware that it will still be available at the link above and many other locations.

Q: So if my name isn't listed, where is my family?

A: Because there is only information about deceased persons here, the best way to find your family is to work backward from a known relative who is deceased. A good way to begin is by going to the Surname List and clicking on the last name of the family you're interested in. Next, scroll down to the deceased family member you know and click on their link. That person will have a clickable link after their name that takes you to their parents and siblings, and so on.

Q: Sprichst du Deutsch?

A: Natürlich! Hoffentlich Ihr seid meine Verwandter.

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