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Geoff and Lorraine's Family History



This site is about ancestors and the history of our house. We hope you will find at least parts of it interesting.

We live approximately 8 kilometres from the centre of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We have been married for over thirty-four years and have two children, 26 and 29 years of age.

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Family History

Geoff's Ancestors

Chart of Geoff's Ancestors

My Father's family came to Australia from England around 1840 and settled west of Goulburn, New South Wales in the Gunning, Jerrawa, Dalton area. Many of their descendants still live on the same properties. My father was raised at Rye Park, some 20 kilometres east of Boorowa, N.S.W.

My mother's parents also migrated from England, they arrived in 1911 from Nottingham. Their surname was Bonsor.

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Lorraine's Ancestors

Chart of Lorraine's Ancestors

My paternal Great, Great, Grandfather and Grandmother both came to Australia from Kilkenny, Ireland. They were married after they arrived in Sydney at St. Mary's Cathedral in 1855. We have not yet been able to establish where my father's other ancestors came from prior to landing in Australia.

My mother's grand parents were mostly born in London, England.

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Both of us are followers of Jesus. We are part of a small community called Water2wine. If you would like details you can locate them at our website.

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