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BR*N Spelling of surname (Sos) Interchangeable


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Surnames BR*N are interchangeable; antique ancestors with any of a large variety of surnames will probably have more than one spelling of the last name over the course of a life-span.    



Table of Contents:  
Curiosity led to Lists, Records, Locations, Questions, and more... 
Realizing there are multitudes of "mix*spaelle(d)" surnames led to studying just one ancestor line, adopting the abbreviation BR*N, and having some fun along-the-way.



7a.  Topic Index 
Linking BR*N Spelling of surname (Sos) 
via Births, Marriages, Deaths, Land Grants, Occupant Enterer, Deeds, Census, Wills, Probate, Cemeteries, etc., via records.



7b.  Sub-topic Index 
This file is an index for locations and questions. 
Both, the Topic Index (above), and this Sub-topic Index link the Table of Contents (top).



7.  Genealogy vs. Family History 
This one genealogy reflects other ancestor lines, such that Sos (Spelling of surname) confounds researching all early BR*N families.  For definitions Family History vs. Genealogy.




Keywords: BREEDAN, BREEDEN, BREEDON, BREENDON, BRETAIN, BRETTEN, BRITAIN, BRITAN, BRITTAIN, BRITTAN, BRITTAIN, BRITTAN, BRITTIAN, BRITTIN, BRITTON, William, William C., Wm, Marquis Lafayette, John, George W., not George Washington, Marcus Fletcher, Bert, Hubbard Mainard, Birt, Hubbert, Catharine Hensley, Southern Pronunciation, Accents, locatedgrtgm, Hernames, Marquis Lafayette, Migration, NC, North Carolina, TN, North East Tennessee, Washington County, Greene County, The Great Hiwassee District, Roane County, McMinn County, Monroe County, Co., Calhoun, Athens, Mayfield Road, Hiwassee Road, MO, Missouri, Greene County, Republic, Springfield, Cherokee, Trail of Tears, Ministers, Circuit Riders, Early Methodists, M. E. Church, Britton M. E. Church, B.GaiL.

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