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Ancestors of Lester L. Noll

God Bless America

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Favorite Sites

Surname Websites  is my home page on Rootsweb.  This is probably the site your are currently viewing. is a link to my home page on the Family Origins website.  This is the genealogy software I happily used before RootsMagic appeared on the sceen.   is the Noll Family Genealogy Forum at
Zellers Family Website Zeller Family Website is the Zellers Family Website on This website is very active but it is by-invitation only. It you need an invitation, email me.  is the Zeller Genealogy Forum at 
Zellers Family History Zellers Family History  is the Zellers Family History board on


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Genealogy Search Websites

Title Description
LDS familysearch is the LDS search engine. is's search engine. Bring your check book.
NW Indiana Gen Soc is the Northwest Indiana Genealogy Society's Website.
Berks Co - Montgomery is Morton L. Montgomery's Historical And Biographical Annals of Berks County Pennsylvania. This was originally published in 1909 and catalogs the families of Berks County prior to that time.
Genealogical Glossary is a Glossary of genealogical terms.


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Genealogy Utilities Websites

RootsMagic is RootsMagic, the genealogy software I now happily use. It is the successor to Parson's Family Origins, which I previously, also happily, used.
GEDCOM Explorer is GEDCOM Explorer, Gary Bonham's most excellent genealogy utility. I'd even go so far as to call it awesome, using the actual definition of inspiring awe, not the current throw-away superlative. It reads in a GEDCOM file and produces pedigree, family group and individual pages, ancestor and descendent charts and wall charts. Previous times I tried to access the website, it could not be found. Now it is one of those, 'I own the name you want -- pay me' sites. Hopefully, Gary has not become a statistic in his own hobby.
FreePages is RootsWeb, the website that hosts my web page. It is free (although they do insert some annoying banners and popups), plus they have many tools to help you create and augment your web pages. Unlimited space, too.
CindisList is Cyndi's website construction kit, a list of everything you'll need to build your own genealogy website. I probably should have studied this more closely.
NGSGenealogy is the National Genealogical Society's Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet.
SausageTools HotDog PageWiz  is the HTML page editor I used at one point in this website's life.


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Fun Websites

Fox Trot shows a Fox Trot comic. Probably the best comic around.
Mallard shows a Mallard Fillmore comic. A conservative duck? Imposssssible!
Mercury Theater is a website that has 80 or so downloadable audio files containing Orsen Wells' hour-long radio dramas. Warning: download times are extremely long -- be patient. Warning #2: avoid the Real Audio files unless you already have Real Player installed and don't mind the trash it attracts.
Those Were The Days Listen in to Chuck Shaden's Those Were The Days old time radio show on Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM Central time. It is currently broadcast from the College of DuPage, on the north side of Chicago.
Radio Lovers is a site that contains many old time radio programs in MP3 format.
Old Time Radio Catalog Wow! Old Time Radio Show Catalog might be the largest online reservoir of old time radio shows. It certainly has a number of my favorites. is another site that contains not only old time radio audio but poetry and whole books in MP3 format. Also, check out the Beatles videos. Looks like Barry lost his hosting privileges.
Guttenberg Project is the Guttenberg Project website, the Internet's oldest producer of free electronic books.
Google Tool Bar The Google Tool Bar is another handy thing to have. It slices, it dices and it's free, too. Oh, yea, it plays interference against those pop-ups that are probably attacking you right now.


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