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I am descended from Luke Nicholas Teachman (Left), born in Orange County, New York possibly between 1815 and 1820. This branch of descendants is fairly complete. How he fits in with the rest of the family... I'm not sure. The story I heard growing up was that two brothers came over at the same time. One (our branch) was a stowaway who married a halfbreed Indian girl. Photo of Margaret A. Teachman compliments of the Ada Teachman Duggan family. If you can help, feel free to email me.

Family Tree
How We Got Here? - The Early Years. This includes a letter from Inez Teachman Tecker telling of her family and the early Teachman's.
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Family Tree

Teachman Brothers

  1. Luke N. Teachman, b. ca 1818 in NY; d. 12 Jan. 1894 in Lincoln, NE and buried at Wyuka Cemetery; m. ca 1842 in Orange Co., NY, Margaret Ann Jenkins, b. 14 Sept. 1826 in NJ; d. 2 Mar. 1905, Grant Co., OK and buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. Their children are:
    1. Leander Teachman, b. 17 May 1844 in Orange Co., NY; d. 10 May 1870 in Liberty, Clay Co., MO.
    2. Joseph W. Teachman, b. 22 April 1846 in Orange Co., NY; d. 21 Mar. 1884 in Ceresco, Saunders Co., NE and buried in Pleasant Hill (north) Cemetery; m. 28 Jan. 1868 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY, Sarah Linderman, d. 1883 in Saunders Co., NE and buried in Pleasant Hill (north) Cemetery.
    3. Mary Adelia Teachman b. 30 Sept. 1847 in Orange Co., NY; d. 1908 in Kent Co., MI and buried in Cemetery (G.R. 75) Solon Town; m. 1865, John Mackey, b. Mar. 1828 in NY; d. 1904, Kent Co., MI and buried in Cemetery (G.R. 75) Solon Town. Their children are:
      1. Della R. (Dolly) Mackey b. 25 Oct. 1869, Jackson, MI; m. 16 May 1914 at Grand Rapids, MI, Harry P. Ellis, b. 28 Sept. 1872 in Milwaukee, WI; d. 4 Mar. 1923 in Cleveland, OH. Their child is:
        1. John F.
      2. Hattie (Harriet) E. Mackey b. Mar. 1876 in Cedar Spring, MI; m. 29 Nov. 1894, Marten L. Crawford, b. Dec. 1876 in Lansing, MI.
    4. Hannah Maria Teachman, b. Mar. 1849, Broome Co., NY; d. 6 Mar. 1911, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY and buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery; m. 9 July 1865, in NY, George Rhodes, b. 1820; d. 26 Sept. 1895 in NY and buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Their children are:
      1. Helen Rhodes b. Nov. 1866 in NY; m. 31 Oct. 1883 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY, Ozmun Chevalier.
      2. Marilda Rhodes b. 1867 in NY; m. 24 Sept. 1890 in Ithaca, Milo Ellsworth Jones.
    5. James Henry Teachman, b. 22 Apr. 1856 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY; d. 18 July 1933 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE and buried in Havelock Cemetery; m. 1. Emma Biggerstaff, b. 22 Feb. 1869 in OH; d. 19 Aug. 1893 in Saunders Co., NE and buried in Pleasant Hill (south) Cemetery. Their child is:
      1. Grace Jane Teachman, b. 21 June 1889 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 9 July 1915 in Lancaster Co., NE and buried in Pleasant Hill (south) Cemetery; m. 15 Aug. 1906, Charles Clark. Their children are:
        1. Roy Lavern Clark, b. 21 Oct. 1909 in Lancaster Co., NE; d. 26 July 1916 in Lancaster Co., NE and buried in Wyuka Cemetery.
        2. Verneil Clark, b. 1908 in NE; d. 4 Nov. 1984 in Waco, TX; m. Dromgoole.
      m. 2. Ruth Ann Miller, b. 9 Oct. 1874 in Bradner, OH; d. 9 Sept. 1942 in Lincoln, NE and buried in Havelock Cemetery; m. 1. John H. VanDyke. Their child is:
      1. Hazel VanDyke 1891-1992, m. 1. Everett Johnson; m. 2. Otis Bemon.
        The children of James and Ruth are:
      2. William Allen Teachman, b. 22 Mar. 1896 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 23 Jan. 1953 in Lincoln, NE and buried in Havelock Cemetery; m. 2 Dec. 1918 in Jacksonville, FL, Elizabeth Clementine Mann, b. 6 Oct. 1892 in Washington Boro, Lancaster Co., PA; d. July 1987 in Omaha, NE and buried in Havelock Cemetery. Their children are:
        1. Dorothy Elizabeth Teachman, b. 28 Nov. 1920 in Lincoln, NE; d. 19 April 1997 in Bellevue, NE and buried in St. John's Cemetery; m. May 1946, in Lincoln, NE, Carl John Bachenberg.
        2. William Allen Teachman Jr., b. 5 Jan. 1923 in Lincoln, NE; d. 19 Apr. 2002 in Omaha, NE; m. Feb. 1949 in Lincoln, NE, Darlene Beverly Becker.
        3. Mary Ann Teachman

        William Allen (in uniform) with his parents
        Ruth and James Teachman.

      3. Florence Margaret Teachman, b. 4 May 1898 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 21 May 1925 in Lancaster Co., NE; m. 17 May 1920 in Keith Co., NE, Charles David Wood, b. 1 Feb. 1898 in Sutherland, NE.
        1. David Keith Wood
      4. Mina May Teachman, b. 28 Nov. 1899 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 8 July 1995 in Rawlins, WY; m. 29 Aug. 1922, Everett H. Woodhouse, b. 5 Sept. 1897 in Fairfax, MO; d. 20 Aug. 1973. Their children are:
        1. Ruthann Woodhouse
        2. Robert Lee Woodhouse
        3. Elizabeth Jean Woodhouse
      5. Inez Naomi Teachman, b. 19 Nov. 1904 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 14 July 2002 in Wray, CO; m. 30 May 1931 in Parks, Dundy Co., NE, Ned Dudley Tecker, b. 5 Jan. 1900 in Parks, Dundy Co., NE; d. 30 Sept. 1988, NE. Their child is:
        1. Hal Dudley Tecker, b. 13 Aug. 1936 in Lincoln, NE; d. 24 Aug. 2008 in Wray, CO.
      6. Merle Amanda Teachman, b. 9 Feb. 1906 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 4 Nov. 1921 in Lancaster Co., NE.
      7. Willard Harlen Teachman, b. 18 Nov. 1913 in Lancaster Co., NE; d. 10 Jan. 1972 in Lancaster Co., NE; m. 16 June 1935, Edith Elenore Meyer, b. 21 Sept. 1914; d. 9 May 2000 in Lancaster Co., NE. Their children are:
        1. Carol Sue Teachman
        2. David Teachman
        3. John Teachman
      8. Fern Emily Teachman, b. 27 Jan. 1915 in Lancaster Co., NE; d. Mar. 1994 in El Paso, TX; m. 7 May 1934, Harold Robert Harrison. Their children are:
        1. Diana K. Harrison
        2. Marilyn Jean Harrison
    6. George Teachman, b. 1857 in NY; d. 4 July 1884 in Lancaster Co., NE.

      Front row girls, Genevieve Teachman and Fern Teachman. Front seated, (l. to r.) Edward Teachman, Charles Teachman, Lawrence Teachman, E.H. Teachman, Samuel William Teachman. Standing (l. to r.) Luke Teachman, James H. Teachman, Albert Teachman, Hannah Teachman Zumwalt, Mary Etta Teachman, Mary's sister, Roy Teachman. Two boys in back are E.H.'s cousin and brother.

    7. Luke Teachman, b. Nov. 1858 in NY; d. Apr. 1944 in Grant Co., OK; m. 22 May 1885 in Rooks Co., KS, Mary Etta Marsh, b. Oct. 1868, d. 1948. Their children are:
      1. Edward Henry Teachman, b. 1 May 1886 in Stockton, KS, d. June 1956 in OK; m. 1. Hester Mae Miner d. 1920
        1. Lawrence E. Teachman, b. 21 Dec. 1912; d. Dec. 1994 in Maricopa, AZ.
        2. Genev Hester Teachman, b. 1914; m. McNally; d. 1991
        3. Edward H. Teachman Jr., b. 1916
        m. 2. Neva Mae Cowen, b. 3 Oct. 1898 in OK; d. 24 Dec. 1971 in Wichita, KS. Their children are:
        1. Carl O. Teachman, b. 1925
        2. Harold Roger Teachman Sr., b. 9 May 1927; d. Sept. 1999 in KS
        3. Ernest Blaine Teachman Sr., b. 26 Jan. 1930 in Lamont, Grant Co., OK; d. 20 June 2003 in Mt. Vernon, WA
        4. George R. Teachman, b. 1931
        5. Wanda Nell Teachman, b. 1933
        6. Twylah Mae Teachman, b. 1935
        7. Lora Jane Teachman, b. 1936; d. 1985
        8. Douglas Delano Teachman, b. 1937
        9. Edrie La Von Teachman, b. 1940
      2. Albert Vernon Teachman, b. 8 July 1888 in KS; d. Jan. 1957 and buried in Lamont Cemetery, Lamont, OK; m. 24 Dec. 1925 in Perry, OK, Dovie C. Kilgore, b. 23 Dec. 1908 in Tonkawa, OK; d. 19 July 2003 in Tonkawa, OK and buried in Lamont Cemetery, Grant Co., OK. Their children are:
        1. Calvin William Teachman, b. 7 Oct. 1927 in OK; d. 27 May 1995; m. Lily M. Lodrgue
        2. Melvin Teachman, b. July 1929
        3. Luther Don Teachman 1930
        4. Mary Ellen Teachman
      3. Hannah Teachman, b. 22 Sept. 1890 in KS; d. 1958; m. 1. Bert Woodring; m. 2. Waldo Zumwalt
      4. Roy Andrue Teachman, b. 7 June 1893 in KS; d. 29 Jan. 1969 in OK.
      5. Ada Vera Teachman, b. 15 June 1898 in Alfalfa Town., Grant Co., OK; d. July 1979 in Enid, OK; m. 1916, J.C. Duggan, b. 7 May 1895; d. Jan. 1980 in Enid, OK. Their children are:
        1. Albert Duggan, b. 1918; d. 1995
        2. Calvin Leroy (Tiny) Duggan, b. 1923; d. 2001; m. Ruth. The couple had two children including:
          1. John Wellington Duggan, b. 26 June 1951; d. 23 May 2008.
        3. Nelma June Duggan, b. Oct. 1927, d. 1984
      6. Charles C. Teachman, b. 16 Feb. 1901 in Alfalfa Town., Grant Co., OK; d. 1971 ; m. Iva Skidmore. Their children are:
        1. Robert Luke Teachman, b. 1934; d. 1996
        2. Etta Mae Teachman, b. 1935
        3. Dorothy Ann Teachman, b. 1937
        4. Charles Allen Teachman, b. 1940
    8. Samuel William Teachman, b. June 1861 in NY; d. 1955 in OK and buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery; m. 1905, Mary Boyd

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A Letter From James H. Teachman

To His Nephew

Havelock, Nebr.

Feb. 20, 1931

Dear Nephew and Family, your letter of the 16th at hand in reply to the Family History of the Teachman's, will start with my Father and Mother and give all information I have. They were married in New Jersey where Leander and Joseph was born. Moving from there to Hancock, N.Y., Delaware Co. When Civil War broke out Father and Leander voluntered to enter war in the 50th N.Y. Engineers Corp. Father being discharged a year or so after for disability, while brother remained in Army all through the war. Joseph enlisted at 17 years old and served about one year when war ended. At that time the Railroads being built west of Chicago was circulating the news the great inducement for free homes in Iowa and Nebr. Leander being Mechanic in a Railroads employement wrote home advising to come to Nebr.

At that time we were living near Ithaca, N.Y. having moved from Hancock, N.Y. So May 1870 we sold out and came to Nebr. near Lincoln and took homesteads. Sister Mary had married John Mackey and gone to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also Hannah was married to George Rhodes but came west only on visits (all have died) only ones left are myself, Luke and Sam.

Father Luke N. and Mother Margaret Ann, both born and raised near Orange, New Jersey. Mother in 1884 was visiting her brothers in New Jersey and the Teachman Estate still retained its name. I am enclosing a copy from Idaho, given me by Miss Corabelle Teachman. Ruth's (wife) relation being there got us in touch with each other which speaks for itself.

Hoping this answers your requests will close

James H. Teachman

From George R. Teachman records:

John, David, Luke, Abraham, Sara, Betsy, Maria, & Andrew

David Teachman, Son of Great-Great Grandfather - Luke N. Teachman Sr. married Sarah last name unknown.

Luke N. married Margaret Ann Jenkins. Their children are Leander, Joseph, Mary Adelia, Hannah Maria, James, George, Luke and Samuel

Leander borned May 17, 1844 in Orange Co. N.Y. Murdered at Liberty, MO. and buried there. Died May 10, 1870. Civil War Veteran.

Joseph W. married Sarah Linderman. He was borned April 22, 1846 in Orange Co. N.Y. Died May 21, 1884 age 38 years. Buried at Ceresco, Nebr. Cemetery.

Mary Adelia married John Mackey. She was born Sept. 1, 1848 in Orange Co., N.Y. Died - She had one child.

Hannah Maria married H.M. Rhodes. She was born Mar. 1, 1849. Died - . Her children are Helen & May.

James Henry married in 1886 to Emma Biggerstaff. James H. was born Apr. 22, 1856 in Orange Co., N.Y. Died July 14, 1933. Their child was Grace Teachman.

James later married Ruth A. Miller on Apr. 9, 1895. She was 1st cousin to his first wife who died Mar. 19, 1893. James & Ruth had William Allen, Florence Margaret, Mina May, Inez, Merle Amanda, Willard Henry, Fern.

George born Dec. 25, 1859 in Orange Co. NY. Died July 4, 1885 ___ at Stockton, Kans., Kerwin, Kans. or Ceresco, Nebr.

Luke mrried Mary Etta Marsh June 22, 1885 at Stockton, Kansas at home of Mary parents, Charles and Sarah Marsh. Luke was born in Orange Co. New York on Dec. 4, 1860. Died April 7, 1944 at Lamont, Okla. They were both buried in the Lamont Cemetery. They had 6 children Edward Henry, Albert Verma, Hannh Ellen, Roy Anderson, Ada Vera, Charly Clarence.

Samuel William. Born July 27, 1862 in Ithaca, New York. Died June 26, 1955 buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery near Salt Fork, Okla. beside his mother. Samuel was married to Mary Boyd. She had three children, but they separated and she went back to Arkansas. The children's names are unknown.


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