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Samuel Biggerstaff Family Tree

Briefly, Samuel Biggerstaff Senior was born in Washington or what is now Athens County, Ohio in 1806. His parents are probably John and Mary Lewis Biggerstaff.

Samuel married Eliza Leezan (daughter of Calvin and Clarinda Leezen) on 30 June 1828 in Sandusky County, OH. The couple had eight children between 1832 and 1849. Eliza died 5 May 1862 in Wood County, Ohio. She is buried in Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, Scott Township, Sandusky County.

The Civil War had a direct impact on the family. Samuel's son, Elisha, enlisted and served with Union forces from 1861 to 1866. After the Civil War, Elisha married Theodocia Loveland and Samuel married Theodocia's mother, Ann.

The passage of the Homestead Act in 1862 and the expansion of the railroad enticed settlers to relocate in Saunders County, Nebraska. Samuel, some of his neighbors and children began moving west in the late 1860's and 1870. Samuel and Ann, his son and daughter-in-law John and Mary, daughter and son-in-law Mary and Jesse Smith, son and daughter-in-law Samuel and Jane, and daughter and son-in-law Clarinda and Peter Keiser all filed homesteads. Other children, Elisha and Minerva, eventually moved to Saunders County as well.

Samuel Biggerstaff and his family endured all of the hardships of pioneer life. They relied on each other and took opportunities to celebrate as well. The farms were eventually sold, but a portion of the homestead of Jesse and Mary Smith remained in the family for over one hundred years.

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Samuel Biggerstaff b. 1806 in OH or MD; m. 1. Eliza Leegen b. 1813 in West Virginia, m. 30 June 1828 in Fremont, OH, d. 5 May 1862 in Wood Co., OH; m. 2. 26 August 1868 Anne E. Orr Loveland in OH; d. 30 Jan. 1889, Saunders Co., NE; Children:

  1. William, b. 1832, Wood Co., OH, d. 9 Ap. 1866 in Richland Co., IL; m. 4 Nov. 1858 in Richland Co., IL, Lucinda Glathart, b. 9 Aug. 1836 in OH, d. 18 Apr. 1926 in Cottonwood Co., MN; Children:
    1. William, b. Dec. 1858 in Richland Co., IL, d. 31 Mar. 1861 in Richland Co., IL.
    2. Eliza, b. Apr. 1863 in IL; m. 18 Mar. 1884 Horace Thompson; Children:
      1. William L. Thompson b. Sep. 1886 in IL.
      2. Nellie Thompson b. Sep. 1890 in IL.
      3. James Milo Thompson b. Sep. 1894 in IL.
      4. Frank M. Thompson b. Oct. 1896 in IL.
      5. Infant Thompson
      6. Infant Thompson
      7. Infant Thompson
      8. Anna Thompson
    3. John H., b. 5 Aug. 1864 in Olney, IL; m. 21 Sep 1894 Jesse Maude Richards in IL; d. 8 Apr. 1915 in Saunders Co., NE; Children:
      1. Inez, b. July 1895 in IL.
      2. Everett, b. Feb. 1898 in IL.
      3. Frederic, b. 15 July 1903.
      4. Dorothy, b. 1905 in NE.
      5. Gladys, b. 26 Mar. 1909 in NE.
    4. Ida M., b. Sep. 1865 in IL; m. 19 Mar. 1889 Thomas Richards; Children:
      1. Lela M. Richards, b. Jan. 1890 in IL.
      2. Russell J. Richards, b. Nov. 1891 in IL.
      3. Gladys M. Richards, b. May 1894 in IL.
      4. Lula E. Richards, b. Aug. 1897 in IL.
      5. Hazel F. Richards, b. Aug. 1899 in IL.
  2. Minerva, b. 1836, Bradner, OH; d. 8 May 1896 in Saunders Co., NE; m. 21 September 1854 in Wood Co., OH, William Henry Miller, b. 1832, OH, d. 9 Nov. 1884, Dickinson Co., KS. Children:
    1. Sina Minerva Miller, b. 25 Nov. 1852 in OH; d. 1888 in Saunders Co., NE; m.1 June 1873 in OH Louis Powers, b. 28 Dec. 1850, d. 5 Jan. 1904 in Saunders Co., NE. Children:
      1. Ruth Powers, b. 1875 in OH.
      2. Samuel L. Powers, b.13 June 1877 in OH; d. Feb. 1940 in Saunders Co., NE; m. 1903 Mary Houzvick, b. 2 Nov. 1884, NE; d. Oct. 1962. Children:
        1. Clarence Powers, b. 29 Feb. 1904 in NE; d. 30 Dec. 1982 in CA.
        2. Roy E. Powers, b. 1909 in NE.
        3. Gilbert W. Powers, b. 1911 in NE.
        4. Carl Powers, b. Mar. 1916 in NE.
        5. Omer Powers, b. 1918 in NE; d. 1918 in NE.
        6. Loyd R. Powers, b. 15 Jan. 1923 in NE; d. 28 Sept. 2007 in WI.
      3. Menurva Powers, b. 17 Dec. 1878 in Saunders Co., NE; d. 14 Apr. 1947 in Omaha, NE; m. 23 Aug. 1893, Paul Curtis Rudiger, b. 16 Oct. 1875 in Germany; d. 16 Oct. 1949 in NE. Children:
        1. Gladys L. Rudiger
        2. Lawrence Arthur Rudiger
        3. Glenn Curtis Rudiger
        4. Charles Henry Rudiger
        5. Irene May Rudiger
        6. Lucille Francis Rudiger
        7. Evelyn Alpha Rudiger
        8. James Albert Rudiger
        9. Georgia Alberta Rudiger
        10. Donald Hugo Rudiger
      4. Altaney Powers, b. 28 Feb. 1883 in NE; d. 24 Aug. 1934 in Nez Perce Co., ID; m. 5 May 1906 in ID, John P. Lundeby, b. 21 Nov. 1865 in Norway; d. 26 Nov. 1941 in ID. Children:
        1. John Albert Lundeby, b. 1909 in ID.
        2. Herman Patton Lundeby, b. 16 June 1910 in ID.
        3. Mable S. Lundeby, b. 1914 in ID.
        4. Floyd Lundeby, b. 1 Nov. 1915 in ID.
        5. Norman Lundeby, b. 4 Oct. 1919 in ID.
      5. Mary (Mollie) Powers, b. 8 June 1886 in NE; d. 15 Apr. 1935 in Nez Perce Co., ID; m. 22 May 1904 in ID, Philip Lehr, b. 29 June 1871 in Germany; d. 1940 in ID. Children:
        1. Bertha Lehr, b. 1906.
        2. Alma Lomine, b. 1907.
        3. Philip, b. 1909.
        4. Hazel, b. 1911.
        5. Dortha, b. 1914.
        6. Robert, b. 1918.
        7. Lawrence, b. 1920.
        8. Arlene, b. 29 Oct. 1928.
        9. Mary L., b. 1929.
      6. James Frank Miller, b. 10 July 1858, Wood Co., OH; d. 5 June 1920 in Findlay, Hancock Co., OH and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery; m. Ella Bawkey; Their children are:
        1. Maggie/Myrtle Miller, b. Feb. 1880, Wood Co., OH; m. 1897, Henry Andrew Dauterman, b. 25 June 1874, Portage Twp., Wood Co., OH; d. 8 Jan. 1951, Weston, Wood Co., OH and buried in East Portage Cemetery.
        2. Minerva Miller, b. abt. 1883 in Wood Co., OH; m. 1901, John C. Hoctel, b. 25 Sept. 1871, Lakeville, Ind.; d. 28 Sept. 1933, Findlay, OH and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery .
      7. Caroline T. (Tracy) Miller, b. about 1860; m. John VanDyke; d. 23 Nov. 1884, Dickinson Co., KS; Children:
        1. Nora VanDyke b. 1879 in OH.
        2. William VanDyke b. 1882 in OH.
        3. Mable VanDyke b. 1884 in OH.
      8. Louisa Eliza Miller, b. July 1868 in OH; d. 25 May 1940 in NE; m. 26 Jan. 1886 in KS, Dean Kelley, b. Apr. 1863 in OH; d. 4 Apr. 1942 in NE. Children:
        1. Lawrence Kelley, b. July 1883 in OH; d. 3 Apr. 1933 in NE.
        2. Emory B. Kelley, b. Feb. 1887 in KS; d. June 1979 in OH.
        3. Samuel B. Kelley, b. June 1890 in NE.
      9. Simon (Dorsey) Miller, b. 30 Nov. 1870 in OH; d. 23 Nov. 1884 in Dickinson County, KS.
      10. Neoma Miller, b. 15 Apr. 1873, OH; m. 4 Nov. 1890, William Mitchell; d. 2 Nov. 1957 in ID; Children:
        1. Archie Mitchell, b. 8 Sept. 1891 in WA.
        2. Myrtle Joy Mitchell, b. 27 Mar. 1894 in WA.
        3. Otis Lewis Mitchell, b. 7 Apr. 1905.
      11. Ruth Ann Miller, b. 9 Oct. 1874, Bradner, OH; m. 1. John H. VanDyke, 22 Jan. 1890, Dickinson Co., KS, divorced; m. 2. James H. Teachman, 14 Apr. 1895, Saunders Co., NE; d. 7 Sep. 1942 in Lancaster Co., NE; Children:
        1. Hazel Blanch VanDyke, b. 6 Mar. 1891 in KS.
        2. William Allen Teachman, b. 22 Mar. 1896 in Saunders Co., NE.
        3. Florence Teachman, b. 4 May 1898 in Saunders Co., NE.
        4. Mina Teachman, b. 28 Nov. 1899 in Saunders Co., NE.
        5. Inez Teachman, b. 19 Nov. 1904 in Saunders Co., NE.
        6. Merle Teachman, b. 9 Feb. 1906 in Saunders Co., NE.
        7. Willard Teachman, b. 18 Nov.1913 in NE.
        8. Fern Teachman, b. 27 Jan. 1915 in NE.
    2. Elisha, b. 1837, Sandusky Co., OH; m. 22 Sep. 1866, Theodocia Loveland in Sandusky Co., OH; d. 8 Mar. 1918, Saunders Co., NE; Children:
      1. Inez, b. 14 Oct. 1867 in OH; m. 21 Oct. 1891 Tristram Roberts in Saunders Co., NE; d. 18 May 1937 in Lincoln Co., NE; Children:
        1. Vernon Roberts, b. 28 Aug. 1898 in NE.
        2. Lloyd Roberts, b. 16 Jan. 1895 in NE.
        3. Forest Roberts, b. 1901 in NE.
        4. Merle Roberts, b. 1906 in NE.
        5. Theodocia Roberts, b. 1906 in NE.
      2. Blanche, b. 27 Oct. 1869 in OH; m. 4 Feb. 1892 William Desnay in Saunders Co., NE; d. 5 May 1953 in Saunders Co., NE; Children:
        1. Gladys Desnay, b. 1896 in NE.
        2. Lulu Desnay, b. 1898.
        3. Infant Desnay.
      3. Anna Grace, b. 24 Aug. 1871 in OH; m. 28 Feb. 1865 David D. Folsom; d. 12 Jan. 1962 in NE; Children:
        1. Lulu Folsom, b. 23 Nov. 1892 in NE.
        2. Lelia Folsom, b. 15 June 1894 in NE.
        3. Joseph Folsom, b. Jan. 1896.
        4. James Folsom, b. June 1898.
        5. Harry Folsom, b. Feb. 1900.
        6. Clarence Folsom, b. 1901 in NE.
        7. Ernest Folsom, b. 1906 in NE.
      4. Samuel Lewis, b. 15 Apr. 1874 in OH; m. 1. 17 Apr. 1895 Della K. Folsom who died 20 August 1901; m. 2. 20 April 1905 Josephine Carter in Saunders Co., NE; d. 25 Jan. 1966 in WA; Children:
        1. Myra, b. 12 July 1907 in NE.
        2. John W., b. 4 Nov. 1908 in NE.
      5. William A., b. 25 May 1876 in OH; m. 1920 Emily Safranek; d. 27 Oct. 1938 in IL.
      6. George Wadsworth, b. 10 Apr. 1880 in OH; d. 17 Mar. 1919 in IL.
      7. John C. Biggerstaff, b. 29 June 1881 in OH; m. 14 June 1910 Hattie Mehlberg; d. 23 July 1932 in NE; Children:
        1. Eileen, b. 1912 in NE.
        2. Carl W., b. 8 Oct. 1914 in NE.
        3. Dale J., b. 8 Aug. 1918 in NE.
        4. Infant twin.
        5. Infant twin.
      8. Edward I., b. 25 Jan. 1885 in NE; m. Martha Johnson; d. 24 July 1955 in NE; Children:
        1. Lester, b. 2 Apr. 1913 in NE.
        2. Still living.
        3. Helen, b. 28 Nov. 1921 in NE.
    3. John, b. 1839 in OH; m. 2 Aug. 1863 Mary Keiser in OH; d. 18 June 1888 in NE; Children:
      1. Delila, b. 1864 in OH; m. 6 Feb. 1887 Elmer Brooks in NE; d. before 1900 in MI; Children:
        1. Mary Brooks, b. Aug. 1888 in NE.
        2. Lucy Brooks, b. Aug. 1889 in MI.
        3. Calvin Brooks, b. Aug. 1891 in NE.
      2. Susana, b. 30 Dec. 1865 in OH; m. 25 Mar. 1888 Leopold Schroeder/Schroder in NE; d. 27 Oct. 1911 in NE; Children:
        1. John Schroder, b. Jan. 1889 in NE.
        2. Thomas Schroder, b. Apr. 1890 in NE.
        3. Paul Schroder, b. Apr. 1893 in NE.
        4. Philip Schroder, b. Apr. 1894 in NE.
        5. Guy Schroder, b. 1898 in NE.
        6. Joe Schroder, b. 1901 in NE.
      3. Friend, b. 1868 in OH.
      4. Peter, b. Sept. 1870 in OH; m. Jan. 1892 Amelia Mailander; d. 30 Nov. 1953 in NE; Children:
        1. Ralph Oren, b. 4 July 1893 in NE.
        2. William F., b. Mar. 1895 in NE.
        3. Thurman L., b. 1903 in NE.
      5. Elisah, b. 1872 in NE; m. 23 Feb. 1898 Alice McCleary; d. 1949; Children:
        1. Ray, b. 1899 in OK.
        2. Vera, b. 1901.
        3. Amelia, b. 1904 in OK.
        4. Florence, b. 1909 in OK.
        5. Phyllis, b. 1920 in OK.
      6. Orean Pierce, b. Feb. 1875 in NE; m. 10 Feb. 1898 Minnie Buhrkuhl; d. 1959; Children:
        1. William F., b. 17 May 1898 in NE.
        2. Gladys L., b. 24 May 1900 in NE.
        3. John Calvin, b. 1903.
        4. Orean Peter, b. 20 Apr. 1905 in NE.
        5. Charles, b. 29 Apr. 1907 in IA.
        6. Alice, b. 27 Aug. 1910 in IA.
      7. William, b. 18 Feb. 1877 in NE; m. Ethel M.; d. 1 Nov. 1920 in NE; Children:
        1. Doris, b. 1903 in NE.
        2. Clifford, b. 1904 in NE.
        3. Clyde, b. 12 Oct. 1905 in NE.
        4. Ava, b. 1907 in NE.
        5. Mariel, b. 1912 in NE.
        6. William, b. 1917 in NE.
        7. Marian, b. 1920 in NE.
      8. Thomas, b. 1879 in NE; d. 24 Feb. 1896 in NE.
      9. Eliza, b. Apr. 1882 in NE; m. 6 Oct. 1900 Milo Benson; d. 1925; Children:
        1. Ester Benson, b. 1901 in NE.
        2. Bessie Benson, b. 1903 in NE.
        3. Nolia Benson, b. 1906 in NE.
        4. Clara Benson, b. 1908 in NE.
        5. William Benson, b. 1912 in NE.
        6. Gurdland Benson, b. Jan. 1916 in NE.
        7. Burnice Benson, b. 1917 in NE.
      10. Mary, b. 5 Oct. 1884 in NE; m. Roscoe Whitney; d. 14 Aug. 1922 in NE; Children:
        1. Wanda Whitney, b 1904 in OH.
        2. Francis Whitney, b. 13 Feb. 1906 in OH.
        3. Cynthia Whitney, b. 1908 in NE.
        4. John Whitney, b. 1910 in CO.
        5. Mary Whitney, b. 1913 in NE.
        6. Rosco Whitney Jr., b. 1915 in NE.
        7. Patricia Whitney, b. 1918 in NE.
    4. Mary, b. 28 Mar. 1841 in OH; m. 27 Dec. 1860 Jesse Smith in OH; Children:
      1. Rosa Smith, b. 30 Sep. 1865 in OH; m. 20 Jan. 1887 Samuel Loder in NE; d. 2 July 1928 in NE.
      2. Zoe Smith, b. 25 Apr. 1870 in OH; m. 17 July 1887 Phillip Meilander in NE; d. 27 Dec. 1939 in NE; Children:
        1. Jesse Meilander, b. 17 June 1889.
        2. Louis Meilander, b. 20 Aug. 1891 in NE.
        3. John E. Meilander, b. 1903 in NE.
      3. Samuel Smith, b. 26 Aug. 1874; d. 2 Nov. 1884 in NE.
      4. Florance Smith, b. 15 Sep. 1875 in NE; m. James Fuller; d. 1 May 1946 in Norfolk, NE; Child:
        1. Mary Fuller, b. 1908
      5. Charles Smith, b. 1879 in NE; m. Anna M.; died 16 Mar. 1952; Children
        1. Jesse E. Smith, b. 20 July 1903 in NE.
        2. Opal Smith, b. 12 Dec. 1905.
        3. Eva Smith, b. 16 Mar. 1908 in NE.
        4. Clayton C. Smith, b. 18 Jan. 1914 in NE.
        5. Stanley G. Smith, b. 5 Dec. 1922.
      6. E. Albertina Smith, b. Oct. 1880 in NE; m. J.N. Fuller; d. 11 Sep. 1903 in Saunders Co., NE.
    5. Eliza, b. 18 July 1843 in Ohio; m. 8 June 1861 Simon C. Edmonds in OH; d. 24 Aug. 1862 in Wood Co., OH.
    6. Samuel, b. 15 May 1846, OH; m. 8 Mar. 1866 Jane Wilson in OH, d. 18 Jan. 1924 in Denver, CO; Children:
      1. Emma, b. 22 Feb. 1869 in OH; m. James H. Teachman, 21 Mar. 1886, Saunders Co., NE; d. 19 Aug. 1893, Saunders Co., NE; Child:
        1. Grace Jane Teachman, b. 29 Jan. 1889, Saunders Co., NE.
      2. Henry Howard, b. 1873 in NE; m. 30 Jan. 1895 Alice C. Marshall in NE; divorced; d. 7 Nov. 1955 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH; Children:
        1. Martha Jane, b. 19 Nov. 1895 in NE.
        2. Frank A., b. Nov. 1896.
        3. Robert Lee, b. 18 July 1900.
        4. Nora A., b. 1903
        5. Mary
      3. John Ira, b. 4 June 1875 in Ceresco, Saunders Co., NE; m. 2 July 1896 Mary Etta Mahang in NE; d. 21 Feb. 1944, Huron, Beadle Co., SD; Children:
        1. Harold Martin, b. 13 July 1897 in Ashland, Saunders Co., NE.
        2. Charles Elmer, b. 25 Aug. 1899 in NE.
        3. Geoffrey Dale, b. 8 July 1902 in Ceresco, Saunders Co., NE.
        4. Samuel J., b. 29 Dec. 1903 in Ceresco, Saunders Co., NE.
        5. Ira R., b. 8 July 1906 in SD.
        6. Dorsey A., b. 10 July 1911.
        7. Maxine, b. 1912 in NE.
      4. Charles D., b. 1879 in Saunders Co., NE; m. Fairy; Child:
        1. Margaret
      5. Mary, b. 1882, Saunders Co., NE.
    7. Clarinda, b. 1849 in Wood County, OH; m. 1866 Peter Keiser in OH; d. 2 July 1885 in Saunders Co., NE; Children:
      1. Jennie M. Keiser, b. 22 Mar. 1868 in OH; m. 22 Nov. 1888 Arthur Winget in Saunders Co., NE; d. 10 Feb. 1951 in Cushing, Payne Co., OK; Children:
        1. Rex Horace Winget b. 5 Oct. 1889 in Weston, Saunders Co., NE.
        2. Max A. Winget b. 20 Oct. 1890 in Morse Bluff, Saunders Co., NE.
        3. Lamoine Winget b. 9 Mar. 1896 in Valparaiso, Saunders Co., NE.
        4. Martha Winget, b. 6 Oct. 1897 in Ithaca, Saunders Co., NE.
        5. Alberta Lowene Winget, b. 6 Oct. 1899 in Valparaiso, Saunders Co., NE.
      2. John Keiser, b. June 1869 in NE.
      3. Eliza Keiser, b. Nov. 1870 in Saunders Co., NE; m. 11 Dec. 1890 Alva Milburn Davis in Saunders Co., NE; Children:
        1. Arthur Davis, b. May 1890 in NE.
        2. Herbert Davis, b. July 1892 in NE.
        3. Lucien Davis, b. June 1894 in NE.
        4. Harriett Davis, b. July 1896 in NE.
        5. Jenny Davis, b. Nov. 1898 in NE.
        6. Truman Davis, b. 1901 in OK.
        7. Willie Davis, b. 1905 in NE.
        8. Mattie Belle Davis, b. 1909 in OK.
      4. Mary Keiser, b. 21 Mar. 1872 in Saunders Co., NE; m. 17 Dec. 1890 James N. Davis in NE; d. 15 May 1949 in Hillsboro, OR; Children:
        1. Rena Davis, b. 5 Mar. 1895 in York, NE.
        2. John Vernon Davis, b. 16 Mar. 1898 in York, NE.
        3. Vera Francis Davis, b. 15 Aug. 1900 in York, NE.
        4. Minnie Clara Davis, b. 27 Sep. 1902 in York, NE.
        5. Wilbur John Davis, b. 11 May 1905 in OK.
        6. Luciel N. Davis, b. 21 Feb. 1908.
        7. Josephine Annabelle Davis, b. 4 June 1910 in Sherwood, OR.
        8. Prentice Davis, b. 1912 in Sherwood, OR.
        9. Child Davis, b. 1914 in OR.
      5. Emma Keiser, b. Aug. 1874 in NE.
      6. Samuel Keiser, b. 1876 in NE.
      7. Hattie Keiser, b. Apr. 1878 in NE.
      8. Menerva Keiser, b. Oct. 1879 in NE; m. 7 Jan. 1898 L.E. Hart in NE; Children:
        1. Ivan Hart, b. 26 Sep. 1899 in NE.
        2. Paul Hart, b. 1901 in NE.
        3. Harriet Hart, b. 1903 in NE.
        4. Harry Hart, b. 1903 in NE.
        5. Myrtle Hart, b. 1909 in NE.
        6. Eliza Hart, b. 1910 in NE.
      9. Thomas Keiser, b. July 1880 in NE.
      10. Benjamin Keiser, b. Jan. 1882 in NE.
      11. Nellie Keiser, b. 10 Feb. 1883 in NE.

    Early Ohio Census Records

    1830 U.S. Federal Census
    P. 21, State of Ohio, Sandusky County, Jackson Township, Line 8:
    Bukerstaff, Samuel: 1 - Male, 20-30; 1 - Female, 15-20.

    1840 U.S. Federal Census
    State of Ohio, Wood County, Montgomery Township, Line 9:
    Bickerstaff, Samuel: 2 - Males under 5; 2 - Males 5-10; 1 - Male 30-40; 1 - Female, 5-10; 1 - Female, 20-30.

    1850 U.S. Federal Census
    State of Ohio; Wood County; Dwelling 1362; Family 1390:
    Name Age Sex Place of Birth
    Samuel Biggerstaff 44 m Maryland
    Eliza Biggerstaff 37 f New York
    William Biggerstaff 18 m Ohio
    Minerva Biggerstaff 15 f Ohio
    Elizha Biggerstaff 13 m Ohio
    John Biggerstaff 11 m Ohio
    Mary Biggerstaff 9 f Ohio
    Eliza Biggerstaff 7 f Ohio
    Samuel Biggerstaff 4 m Ohio
    Clarinda Biggerstaff 1 f Ohio

    Land Records - Ohio

    Friend Biggerstaff
    Date: 9 April 1822
    Document No.: 1011
    Serial No.: OH0730_.488
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 6 S, Ranger 15 E, Section 21

    William Biggerstaff
    Date: 11 April 1827
    Document No.: 3342
    Serial No.: OH0780_.268
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 6 S, Range 15 E, Section 20

    Samuel Biggerstaff
    Date: 16 Sept. 1834
    Document No.: 6518
    Serial No.: OH0840_.389
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 4 N, Range 13 E, Section 15

    Samuel Biggerstaff
    Date: 14 Dec. 1835
    Document No.: 8207
    Serial No.: OH0880_.068
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 4 N, Range 13 E, Section 11

    Samuel Biggerstaff
    Date: 18 Apr. 1837
    Document No.: 14808
    Serial No.: OH1010_.203
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 4 N, Range 12 E, Section 1

    William Biggerstaff
    Date: 5 Aug. 1837
    Document No.: 5556
    Serial No.: OH1180_.436
    Meridian or Watershed: Ohio River Survey
    Parcel: Township 11 N, Range 17 W, Section 8

    Samuel Biggerstaff
    Date: 1 Sept. 1853
    Document No.: 17951
    Serial No.: OH1860_.248
    Meridian or Watershed: 1st Principal
    Parcel: Township 5 N, Range 12 E, Section 36

    Biggerstaff Land Patents & Deeds in
    Saunders County, Nebraska

    Samuel Biggerstaff, sr.
    Filed For Record: Sept. 1, 1879
    Homestead Certificate No. 6689
    Application 6170
    Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Lincoln, Nebraska

    ...the claim of Samuel Biggerstaff senior has been established and duly consumated in conformity to law for the East Half of the North West Quarter of Section Twenty in Township Thirteen North of Range Eight East in the District of Lands subject to sale at Lincoln, Nebraska containing Eighty acres.

    Final Homestead Proof: We, J. C. Biggerstaff and O. Nash, do solemnly swear that we have known Samuel Biggerstaff Sen. for 7 years last past; that he is head of a familiy consisting of wife and 6 children a citizen of the United States; that he is an inhabitant of the East 1/2 North West 1/4 of Section No. 20 in Township No. 13 N of Range No. 8 East, and that no other person resided upon the said land entitled to the right of Homestead or Pre-emption. That the said Samuel Biggerstaff Sen. entered upon and made settlement on said land on the 21st day of October, 1870, and has built a house thereon 14 by 18 feet with three doors and five windows and has lived in the said house and made it his exclusive home from the 21st day of October 1870, to the present time, and that he has, since said settlement, plowed and cultivated about 76 acred of said land, and has made the following improvements thereon, to wit: built granery 12x18 ft., set out two acres of forrest trees and three acres of fruit trees, well 60 ft. deep.

    Samuel Biggerstaff, Junior
    Filed For Record: Oct. 23, 1879
    Homestead Certificate No. 6852
    Application 6764
    Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Lincoln, Nebraska

    ...the claim of Samuel Biggerstaff Junior has been established and duly consumated in conformity to law for the South half of the North East Quarter of Section twenty in township thirteen North of Range Eight-east in the District of Lands Subject to Sale at Lincoln, Nebraska containing Eighty acres.

    Final Homestead Proof: We, H.H. Wilson and Jane Biggerstaff, do solemnly swear that we have known Samuel Biggerstaff Jr. for ?? years last past; that he is the head of a family consisting of a wife and three children a citizen of the United States; that he is an inhabitant of the South 1/2 of N.E. 1/4 of Section No. Twenty in Township No. Thirteen of Range No. 8 East, and that no other person resided upon the said land entitled to the right of Homestead or Pre-emption. That the said Samuel Biggerstaff Jr. entered upon and made settlement on said land on the Fifth day of July, 1871, and has built a house thereon 14-18 feet with one door and five windows and has lived in the said house and made it his exclusive home from the Fifth day of July, 1871, to the present time, and that he has, since said settlement, plowed and cultivated about 37 1/2 acres of said land, and has made the following improvements thereon, to wit: One house, one well, granary & stable and five acres of forrest trees and two acres of fruit trees.

    Birth Records
    Ohio, County Births, 1841-2003
    Wood County
    Vol. 1, P. 32, No. 296; 27 October 1869; Blanch to Elisha and Theodocia Biggerstaff.
    Vol. 1, P. 54, No. 232; 11 January 1871; Simon to William H. and Minerva Miller.
    Vol. 1, P. 72, No. 1; 27 August 1871; Anna G. to Elisha and Theodocia Biggerstaff.
    Vol. 1, P. 150, No. 583; 16 April 1873; Neoma to Wm. H. and Minerva Miller.
    Vol. 1, P. 172, No. 373; 9 October 1874; Ruth to William H. and Margaret (sic) Miller.
    Vol. 1, P. 226, No. 39; 25 May 1876; William A. to Elisha and Theodocia Biggerstaff.
    Vol. 1, P. 288, No. 570; 9 May 1877; Nannie May to William H. and Minerva Miller.

    Marriage Records
    Ohio Index To Marriages, 1820-1866

    Book A, P. 30: The State of Ohio, Sandusky County; June 30th, 1828; I do hereby Certify that Mr. Samuel Biggerstaff and wife Eliza Leezen were joined in Marriage by me on the day and year above written. Isaac Knapp, Justice of the Peace for Sandusky Township.

    Book E, P. 100: State of Ohio, Sandusky County; I certify that on the 2nd day of August 1863 Mr. John Biggerstaff and Miss Mary Keizer were by me legally joined in marriage. Daniel Smith, J.P.

    Book E, P. 192: The State of Ohio, Sandusky County; I do hereby Certify that Mr. Samuel Biggerstaff and Miss Jane Wilson were joined in marriage by me on the 8th day of March 1866. Noah Henricks, M.G. (Minister of the Gospel)

    Vol. 8E, P. 218: 20 September 1866, Elisha Biggerstaff and Theodotia M. Loveland.

    Vol. F-10, P. 10: 10 August 1867: Clara Biggerstaff and Peter Keiser.

    Wood Co., OH

    Vol. 4, P. 135: 24 December 1860, Mary Biggerstaff and Jesse Smith.

    Vol. 4, P. 147: 6 June 1861, Eliza Biggerstaff and Simon Edwards.

    Vol. 4B, P. 48: 21 September 1854, M. Biggerstaff and William Miller.

    Vol. 6, P. 287, No. 859: 15 April 1877, James Miller and Zerelza Aller.

    Vol. 6, P. 382, No. 1145: 3 May 187i, C.T. Miller and John VanDyke.

    Selected Estate Documents

    (Information on Samuel Biggerstaff Senior's Estate was found in a box incorrectly labled Samuel Biggerstaff Junior at the Saunders County Courthouse. According to newspaper information found in the Saunders County Museum, Samuel Junior died at the home of his son in Denver, Colorado - Joan)

    Samuel Biggerstaff Senior

    To the County Court of the County of Saunders County
    The Petition of Ann E. Biggerstaff of the Precinct of Green in the County of Saunders respectfully showeth: That Samuel L. Biggerstaff of the Precinct of Green in the said County of Saunders died in the said Precinct of Green on or about the thirtieth day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and eighty nine.
    That at the time of his death he was an inhabitant of the County of Saunders
    That he left no will, as far as your petitioner has heard or been able to discover.
    That he left: no personal property except some house hold furniture not exceeding in value $200 and porbably worth much less -
    That he left real estate... not exceed $350.00.
    That he left him surviving your petitioner who is his widow; John Biggerstaff, son; Samuel Biggerstaff, son; Elisha Biggerstaff, son; Mary Smith, daughter; all of said county; and the heirs of Clara Keiser, daughter, deceased; and Minerva Miller, daughter, of Kansas; and the minor heirs of William Biggerstaff, deceased, of Illinois.
    ...and your petitioner prays that Letters of Administration of the good, chattels, and credits of the said deceased may be granted by the said court to your petitioner.
    Anne E. Biggerstaff
    March 4th, 1889

    In the Matter of Assigning Dower and
    Homestead to Ann E. Biggerstaff,
    the Widow of Samuel L. Biggerstaff, Deceased

    Now comes the above named Ann E. Biggerstaff and for cause of action respectfully states to the court.
    FIRST. That Samuel L. Biggerstaff, deceased, died on the 30th day of January 1889; that his domicile at the time of his death was in the Precinct of Green, in said County of Saunders; that he died seized of the following described lands, situated in this state, to-wit: The East Half of the North West Quarter of Section Twenty and the South East Fourth of the South West Quarter of Section Seventeen, all in said Precinct of Green in Town 13, Range 8 in said County.
    SECOND. That this petitioner is the widow of said deceased; that her age is sixty-five years on March 6th, 1889, and she resides on the land in Section Twenty above described.
    THIRD. That the heirs of said deceased, and all the persons interested in said lands are: Minerva Miller of Kansas; Mary Smith of said Precinct of Green; John Biggerstaff of Green Precinct aforesaid; Samuel Biggerstaff of said Green Precinct; and Elisha Biggerstaff of Stocking precinct in said Saunders County; children of said deceased; Jennie Winget, Eliza Davis, Mary Keiser, and Minnie Keiser, children of Clara Keiser deceased daughter of the said deceased. Said Minnie Keiser is under the age of fourteen years. Three children of William Biggerstaff a deceased son of said deceased, who reside in Illinois or in places unknown to petitioner.
    FOURTH. That the title to the land in Section 17 was that of a railroad contract and that in 1883, it was by him said deceased fraudulently assigned to his son Samuel Biggerstaff, but in no manner disposed of by this petitioner. That the said deceased with his family have resided on the land above described for many years and occupied the same as their home stead under and by virtue of the laws of the State.
    FIFTH. That she is entitled to a homestead right in and to the said described lands and if there be any more land than enough to fill out such homestead right then she is entitled to dower in all of the remainder of said lands...

    Biggerstaff Marriages in Saunders County, Nebraska

    Marriage records are located at the Saunders County Museum in Wahoo, Nebraska.

    Date of Marriage Groom Bride Groom's Father Groom's Mother Bride's Father Bride's Mother Place of Marriage
    21 March 1886 James H. Teachman Emma Biggerstaff Green Precinct
    20 January 1887 Samuel S. Loder Rosy A. Smith Geo. R. Loder Margaret J. Beck Jess Smith Mary Biggerstaff Bride's father's home
    6 February 1887 Elmer Brooks Deliah Biggerstaff Wm. Brooks M. Caner J. Biggerstaff Bride's parent's home
    17 July 1887 Phillip H. Meilander Zoie Smith G. Meilander M. Robbera Heime J. Smith M. Biggerstaff Bride's parents
    25 March 1888 Leopole W. Schroeder Susie Biggerstaff F. Schroeder Bertha Schroeder John Biggerstaff Mary Kiser Residence of John Biggerstaff
    22 November 1888 Arthur Winget Jennie M. Keiser James C. Weinget Martha A. Sheldon Peter Keiser Clarinda Biggerstaff Ithaca, NE
    7 December 1890 James N. Davis Mollie Keiser J.B. Davis Lyda Shafer Peter Keiser Sarah (sic) Biggerstaff Edwin Cox
    21 October 1891 David Folsom Annie Biggerstaff Ed. P. Folsom Sophia Durgen Elisha Biggerstaff Docia Loveland Wahoo
    21 October 1891 Tristram Roberts Inez Biggerstaff John A. Roberts Eliza Downs Elisha Biggerstaff Teadore Loveland Wahoo
    4 February 1892 Wm Desnay Blanche Belle Biggerstaff Wm. Desnay Barbara Wyman E. Biggerstaff Theodcia Loveland Wahoo
    30 January 1895 Henry H. Biggerstaff Alice C. Marshall Samuel Biggerstaff Jane Wilson G. Marshall M. Moore Ashland
    14 April 1895 Jas. H. Teachman Ruth VanDyke Luke M. Teachman Margaret Jenkins Minerva Biggerstaff Ceresco
    17 April 1895 Lewis Biggerstaff Della Folsom E. Biggerstaff T. Loveland Ed. Folsom J. Durgan Ashland
    2 July 1896 Ira Biggerstaff Etta Maharg S. Biggerstaff Jane Wilson John Maharg E.A. Levy Ceresco
    7 January 1898 L.E. Hart Minnie Keiser S.M. Hart Emma Jolley P. Keiser ... Biggerstaff S.M. Hart
    3 August 1898 Paul Rudiger Minerva Powers Hermann Rudiger Annie Reim Albert Powers Li? Miller Ashland
    July 1902 Chas. D. Smith Anna M. Patzlaff Jesse Smith Mary Biggerstaff Aug. Patzlaff Lena Basil
    19 July 1905 Lewis Biggerstaff Josephine Carter Ithaca
    15 August 1906 Chas. W. Clark Grace J. Teachman D.E. Clark Susie Stuart J.H. Teachman Emma Biggerstaff Ceresco
    14 June 1910 John C. Biggerstaff Hattie Mehlberg E.E. Biggerstaff Theodosia Loveland Wm. Mehlberg Wilhelmina Nagel Wahoo
    18 September 1912 Ralph O. Biggerstaff Alta Clark P.K. Biggerstaff Amelia Milander John W. Clark Grace Chapin Wahoo
    22 September 1915 Cecil L. Howe Gladys May Desnay Frank Howe Ida M. Jackson Wm. Desnay Blanche Biggerstaff Wahoo
    18 July 1917 William F. Biggerstaff Ethel I. Baker Peter Biggerstaff Amelia Mailander Sylvinus Baker Mabel Green Wahoo
    3 April 1920 Frank Biggerstaff Lena Sellers H.H. Biggerstaff Alice Marshal John McInnery Lena Baesil Wahoo
    28 January 1924 Thurman Biggerstaff Tilly Wondra Peter Biggerstaff Emily Milander Joe Wondra Frances Mathika Wahoo

    Biggerstaff's Buried in Saunders County, Nebraska

    For more complete information go to the Saunders County GenWeb Cemetery Website. This is an excellent website and there may be family members I missed. Volunteers of the Saunders County Historical Society are indexing death notices and obituaries from the local papers. For more information, contact the museum staff.

    Name Cemetery Information
    Della K. Biggerstaff Ashland d. 20 Aug. 1902
    Dorsey A. Biggerstaff Ashland d. 17 Aug. 1913
    William Biggerstaff Indian Mound d. 1920
    Doris Biggerstaff Indian Mound d. 1903
    Clifford Biggerstaff Indian Mound b. & d. 1904
    Manerva J. wife of Wm. H. Miller Indian Mound d. 3 May 1896
    Anna E. Biggerstaff Indian Mound d. 22 July 1891 68 years 3 months 16 days
    Mary Smith Indian Mound d. 2 July 1928 87 years 3 months 8 days
    Jesse Smith Indian Mound d. 1 Oct. 1889 53 years 1 month 9 days
    J.H. Biggerstaff North Pleasant Hill d. 6 April 1915
    Thomas Biggerstaff North Pleasant Hill d. 24 Feb. 1896
    Mary, wife of J.C. Biggerstaff North Pleasant Hill d. 18 June 1888
    Jane Biggerstaff South Pleasant Hill d. 23 Oct. 1903
    S. Biggerstaff South Pleasant Hill d. 18 Jan. 1924
    Emma, wife of J.H. Teachman South Pleasant Hill d. 19 Aug. 1893
    Mary E., dau. of S & J Biggerstaff South Pleasant Hill d. 20 Oct. 1882
    Martha Jane, dau. of H.H. & A.C. Biggerstaff South Pleasant Hill d. 10 Mar. 1896
    Amelia Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 1953
    Peter K. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 1953
    Thurman Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 1932
    John C. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 23 July 1932
    Hattie W. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 24 June 1960
    Carl W. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 1 Nov. 1934
    Dale J. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 31 Dec. 1963
    Elisha Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 8 Mar. 1918
    Theodocia Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 8 Dec. 1922
    George W. Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 17 Mar. 1919
    Lester Biggerstaff Sunrise d. 1970


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